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LATEST ISSUE IN PRINT AND ONLINE: Organise #73, Winter 2009 TIME FOR A CHARM OFFENSIVE? Articles include: Policing after the G20 protests, G20 & the New Capitalism, Occupations - a brief history, Anarchist Movement Conference report, China 'the Harmonious Society', Surrealism today, Book reviews: Mutual Aid; Anarchism & Homosexuality in the US; Anarchist seeds beneath the Snow. Film review: Fish Tank.

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About Organise!

ORGANISE! is the magazine of the Anarchist Federation, published in order to develop anarchist communist ideas. It aims to give a clear anarchist viewpoint on contemporary issues, and initiate debates on areas not normally covered by agitational journals. All articles in the magazine are by AF members unless signed. Some reflect AF policy and others open up debate in undiscussed areas, helping us to develop our ideas further.

We welcome contributions of articles to Organise! Deadline for the next issue is 18th September 2009. As long as they don't conflict with our Aims and Principles we will endeavour to publish them. Letters, of course, need not agree with our A&Ps at all.

Try ONLINE ORDERING of Organise! using Paypal (both UK and overseas orders).

Otherwise, send £3.00 to obtain the latest issue in print to a UK address fully inclusive of postage and packing (or £3.50 for non-UK orders) to: BM ANARFED, London, WC1N 3XX, England, UK.

Read back issues online. Printed back issues cost £1.50 (UK) / £2.00 (non-UK) each inclusive of postage. Most recent back issues are available. For others, please ask.

Online back issues - the Organise! archive

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Last 10 back issues - click on cover for full contents - scroll down for other back issues:

Organise! magazine 72 Organise! magazine 71 Organise! magazine 70 Organise! magazine 69 Organise! magazine 68 Organise! magazine 67 Organise! magazine 66 Organise! magazine 65 Organise! magazine 64 Organise! magazine 63

All online back issues:

  • Issue 72, Summer 2009, SEXUALITY AND GENDER SPECIAL. Articles include: Sex trade/work, 'Gay rights' business, Neuromyths & neurosexism, Language of Ursula Le Guin novels, Second Life & gender, Anarchism & Art, The Left's authoritarian messiahs, Harold Thompson obituary & 4 book reviews. Read HTML version online
  • Issue 71, Winter 2008, NO GODS, NO MASTERS - RELIGION SPECIAL ISSUE. Articles include: Is there anybody out there?, Mega-churches, Taliban & Falangists, Fan controlled football clubs, Credit crunch, Oaxaca struggle, The Schlurfs, IAF-IFA congress, John Dos Passos, 3 book reviews. Read HTML version online
  • Issue 70, Summer 2008, PDF format, DON'T SWALLOW THE POISON! AN ANTI-FASCIST SPECIAL. Articles include: Bash the Fash, Fascism & Democracy, Brainwashing, Social Centre history, Balkan/Bulgarian nationalism, May 1968, Russian Constructivists & Reviews (Abolishing the Borders from Below, Black Flag, Past Tense pamphlets on Ranters & Kett’s Rebellion, Novels in Three Lines, Beer & Revolution, Where Vultures Feast). Read HTML version online.
  • Issue 69, Winter 2007-2008, PDF format, BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE: opposing Academy schools; Common Ground community garden; Defy-ID & No Borders; Green Capitalism; NYC bookfair; Margaret Michaelis - Spanish revolution photographer, Book reviews (What's Left, Bakunin, Italian anarchist volunteers). Read HTML version online
  • Issue 68, Spring/Summer 2007, PDF format part 1, poster & part 2, SIGNS OF A SOCIAL QUICKENING - BRIGHTER PROSPECTS FOR RADICAL CHANGE: Signs of Life? Hope for growth of radicalism, AF's activities in 2006, Anarchism & Nationalism in Armenia, Neighbourhood communities, Psychology of Uniforms, The anarchism of Albert Camus, Anarchist vision of Flores Magon, portrait of Georg Elser "The man who tried to kill Hitler", 1 book, 1 mag & 4 'Past Tense' pamphlet reviews, Letter on slavery 'abolition'. Read HTML version.
  • Issue 67, Autumn 2006, PDF format, 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: Hungary '56; The 1926 General Strike in Britain; Economic growth & 'decroissance'; Surveillance & repression; Belarus anarchists interview; Situation in Swaziland; 20th year retrospectives & open letter; Erich Muesham portrait. Read HTML version online
  • Issue 66, Spring 2006, PDF format, DEFENDING ANONYMITY: ID cards Act; Spanish revolution 70th anniversary, Spanish artist Ramón Acín Aquilué; Environmental struggles in West Ireland & USA; Venezuelan anarchists interview; Anarchists and Media; Prisoner Support; Tom Bell & Louisa Sarah Bevington portrait. Read HTML version online
  • Issue 65, Winter 2005, PDF format, SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL ISSUE: Anarchism in Belarus; New China growth & unrest; Croatia; Anarchist Resistance to Nazism; Melbourne anarchist communists; IAF-IFA; Alfonso Nicolazzi obituary. Read HTML version online.
  • Issue 64, Spring 2005, PDF format, WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT THE G8?: Anti-G8 protests, ID cards and databases & RFID, Casualisation, Water wars, Women in Iraq; Potemkin mutineer portrait. Read HTML version online.
  • Issue 63, Winter 2004, PDF format, THE EMERGING MOVEMENT: The Anarchist Movement in Argentina; Resistance in Iraq; Nanotechnology; Interview with Irish Anarchists; Schooling or education?; In the Tradition pt 5 (Miners' Strike, Class War, Social Ecology & Greens, COBAS); Marinus van der Lubbe portrait. Read HTML version online.
  • Issue 62, Summer 2004, PDF format, Critique of Participatory economics (Parecon); Racism in Northern Ireland; Argentina; Class war in South America; Anarchism in Siberia; Camille Pissarro. In the Tradition pt 4 (New Left, Platformism, Wildcat); Simon Radowitzky portrait. Read HTML version online.
  • Issue 61, Winter 2003, HTML format, Anti-war action in Britain & Ireland; Argentina autonomous movement; New Economy; Airline strike; Punk Rock; Kropotkin and the Paris Commune; Prison Human Rights; Iosif Solomonovich Bleikhman portrait.
  • Issue 60, Summer 2003, PDF format, Iraq War; Firefighters strike; Argentina; White Boys in Ireland; Fatherhood; Yelenski's fable - ABC history; Reviews incl. History of anarchist organisation & Victor Serge biography; Michael McLaughlin obituary; Senna Hoy portrait.
  • Issue 59, Winter 2002, PDF format, Anarchism and Sex; Anarchist dominatrix interview; Sex workers; Class Struggle in China; Arditi del Popolo; Scottish Nationalism; Prison Industry; Zazous in Vichy France; Ito Noe portrait.
  • Issue 58, Summer 2002, PDF format, Argentina: growing resistance; Paganism; Immigrant labour; Louisiana prison: free the Angola 3; Two US anarchist poets; Yellow House youth organisation in Liverpool; Belfast postman shooting; David Edelstadt portrait.
  • Issue 57, PDF format, The War on Terror - Oil and Afghanistan; Class war in Argentina; Attention Deficit Disorder; Primitivism & Deep Ecology; Christmas and consumerism; A prisoner speaks from jail; The 43 Group; Anarchist song in Italy; Internet anarchy; Carl Einstein & Sail Mohammed portraits.
  • Issue 56, PDF format, Anti-globalisation movement & the Black Bloc; Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism, Riots in Oldham; Prison racism; Reviews: Bookchin biography & insurrectionist pamphlets, Anarchist song in France incl. chanson of the Situationists and punk, Paul Roussenq portrait.
  • Issue 55, Summer 2001, Land and ecology; Kropotkin and tribal society; Mental illness; In the tradition pt3 (up to France '68); NEFAC 3rd congress report; Harold Thompson; Anarchists in Turkish prisons; Anatoli Zhelezniakov portrait.
  • Issue 54, Winter 2000-2001, Civil war in Colombia - a libertarian perpective; Humans and animals; More workplace notes; Give up activism - J18 reflections; Mark Barnley, Paul Signac artist; Dissent & protest; Kurt Gustav Wilckins portrait.
  • Issue 53, Summer 2000, Mass Direct Action (Battle of Seattle N30); East Timor; Youth resistance to the Nazis; Workplace Notes; In the tradition pt 2 (WW2 and after); Fred Charles portrait.
  • Issue 52, Winter 1999-2000, East Timor slaughter; Kosovo - no war but the class war; J18 stop the city; Why did we change our name from ACF?; In the tradition pt 1 (AF's roots & influences, before 1st international & up to Spanish Revolution); Gueorgui Cheitanov portrait.
  • Issue 51, Summer 1999, NATO bombing in Yugoslavia; 'Peace process' in Ireland; Disneyfication; Land rights & riots; Mark Barnsley support; GM Food; Margarita Ortega - Revolutionary Portraits new series.
  • Issue 50, Winter 1998-99, Anarchist organisation in US/Canada; Repression in Italy; French school protests; Ireland; New Deal for the unemployed; Abortion; Land Issues.
  • Issue 49, Summer-Autumn 1998, Mental Health; Bradford May Day 98; BSE; Green Anarchist; May 1968; Italian Anarchists.
  • Issue 48, Spring 1998, Liverpool Dockers; Welfare under Labour; Three Strikes; Syndicalism pt3; French Unemployment.
  • Issue 47, Winter 1997/1998, N.I. Peace Process; Anarchists & Organisation including dissolving of Class War Federation; Anarchism in Europe; Syndicalism pt2.
  • Issue 46, Summer 1997, New Labour; Euromarch; Austria; Internet; Black Autonomy; Crime; Syndicalism pt1.
  • Issue 45, Spring 1997, Welcome to the Free Market; Balkans, Ecology and Industry, Albania
  • Issue 44, Autumn/Winter 1996, Working Class Not Underclass; Surrealism; Eco-fascism
  • Issue 43, Summer 1996, Green Politics; Raving; Road Activists
  • Issue 42, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, Spring 1996, anniversary articles incl. History of Anarchist Communism in Britain, ACF's first decade, Organise!/Virus retrospective, plus JSA, BSE, Yugoslavia carve-up, N.Ireland ceasefire end, Road Protester Diary, Militant Eco-action, IWCA, Cricket, Anarchist organisation
  • Issue 41, RACE SPECIAL ISSUE, Winter 1995/1996., Asylum & Immigration; Merseyside; Postal workers & Ford; Scargill SLP; Green Party; Greece appeal; France Juppe Plan; Dany the Red; Hong Kong; Illegal work & racism; Art as a weapon pt2; Anti-racism.
  • Issue 40, WORK SPECIAL ISSUE, Autumn 1995, Job Seekers' Allowance & Welfare attacks; Libraries & Sheffield strike; Labour turns right; Scapegoating of immigrants and minorities; Tahiti anti-nuclear action; Art as a weapon; Greek anarchist movement; Technology; Work.
  • Twyford Down and the State, Article from Issue 30, Summer 1993.
  • Issue 27, LA Riots; Yugoslavia; Malcolm X. Print only. Copies available. See index below for full article list.
  • Vive la commune!, Article from Organise! issue 22, March-May 1991.
  • Issues 14-23: All articles about the ANTI-POLL TAX STRUGGLE 1988-1991
    Read also our two pamphlets Beating the Poll Tax and The Poll Tax and How to Fight It
  • Issues 14 to 39 : FULL ONLINE INDEX, with page numbers. View selected old covers.
  • Issues 1-13 were called Virus, just so you know!

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