News stories and in-depth features from around Ireland. Working Class Resistance is published once every two months and is available online in PDF and plain text format.
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The women's commission (open to everyone) exists to deal with the subordination of women in Irish society and has organised a number of events. More here.

To resist the prison system is to resist the states social control, racism, sexism, homophobia and capitalist exploitation of labour and the enviroment. Members of Organise are also involved in Anarchist Prisoner Support.

A new initiative by members of Organise! Aiming to build an educational workers network. This sections focuses on educational articles, struggle in the educational workplace and news. More here.


Classical anarchist texts, analysis of capitalism and more. Compiled by members of Organise for visitors to this site. Access the Library here

Posters, leaflets and assorted propaganda in .pdf and .doc formats for you to download and print off. More here.

Pop over to our forum on and have a chat with members of organise or just join in on a debate on the forums. Access the forum here

Irish anarchist, activist and libertarian news and resources site..
Irish anarchist directory, open to users to post to. Free advertising.
Lots of information on prisoner behind bars and how to support them.
Main Irish anarchist email list, lots of discussion and lots of heavy traffic!

Library Categories

The Organise! Library contains everything from classical anarchist texts and analysis of capitalism to in depth analysis of nationalism and the national question. Compiled by members of Organise! for visitors to this site the Organise! Library should be the first stop for anyone interested in anarchism or anarcho-syndicalism.

For ease of use the Organise Library is broken down into categories (which can be accessed from the top of this page).

Articles in Library: 505 (Approx. 25 May 2004)

The views expressed by the authors of the articles contained within the library do not necessarily represent the collective views of Organise! itself.

Some articles are compiled from other organisations websites/publications/periodicals etc and where this is the case this is clearly stated.