The Atlantic Anarchist Circle (AAC) is a regional network of individuals and groups which facilitates communication and solidarity among anarchists in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. We aim to strengthen the anarchist movement by offering a network of support for anarchists and creating a more visible anarchist presence.

Our network covers a large, densely populated geographic area, making it difficult for like-minded people to know what others are doing. The Atlantic Anarchist Circle works to communicate and share our experiences, projects, ideas, and strategies through our newsletters, regular meetings, electronic communications and resource/skills exchanges. This includes education and the development of strategies that reflect our principles of federalism, mutual aid, self-organization, and anti-authoritarian democratic process. We oppose capitalism and the state and work towards a moral economy.

Our solidarity is expressed through a network in which people with differing perspectives on anarchism can respect and support each other's activities morally, intellectually, and materially.

The Atlantic Anarchist Circle has set up an electronic mailing list.
To subscribe send a mail to with the words "subscribe aac" in the body of the message.

For more information please contact:

Atlantic Anarchist Circle
339 Lafayette St. Rm 202
New York, NY 10012
tlf: 212-979 8353

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