from Umanita Nova, Oct. 20, 1996

This piece was originally written for a festival which took place last September 1 called "the Festival for Peace in Kurdistan". It was our purpose to briefly shed some light on the situation in Kurdistan and to confront the crocodile tears which the capitalists and their media have been crying over Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is a land in which the Kurdish people live in a feudal, capitalist system, where the workers, especially women and children suffer from poverty, abuse and oppression at the hands of those in power such as the Kurdish parties (the Kurdish Democratic Party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) and from the North Kurdistan PKK who are doing for Kurdish freedom what Yasser Arafat (that national liberation hero for the last 20 years) has done for the poor Palestinian population.

After the Iranians were forced by the soldiers' uprising and by the poor population to leave southern Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan in March '91, for a brief period these people, united against the government, felt their own power and demonstrated to the world what kind of tempest can be brought forth when the lower strata of society ignite in revolt.

In order to crush and strangle the insurrection as soon as possible, the Iranian government assassins, with the help of allied troops present in the area, formed a holy alliance against the revolt to instill law and order in southern Iraq, massacring unarmed people just like at the Paris Commune.

Meanwhile in Kurdistan, the Kurdish parties, in the name of independent Kurdistan, supported by local landowners, merchants and shopkeepers who all control the movement of the market, installed themselves as the new heads of Kurdistan, crushing all those who question their authority with an iron fist, just like any other authority in the world.

Of course, as anarchists, none of this surprises us; we clearly see a class conflict, we see that all governments mean violence, the murder of and theft from the poor working population.

The Left (among which are idiots and those who are simply confused in the head) have their heads filled up with Leninist ideology; they spend their time criticizing some sector of the government which doesnŐt serve the working class well.

Just like itŐs true that you can't expect a dog to talk or sing for it can only bark, we can only expect the state to act oppressively as it has done throughout history.

Therefore we're saying that it's a big lie, an inexcusable lie, to say to the world through the mass media that the majority of the Kurdish population is suffering because of a lack of authority, because of the lack of a Kurdish state. The truth is that the poor population of Kurdistan is suffering just like the working class in the rest of the world; in many ways this is caused by the brutal force of the capitalist system and its authority.

It is our task as anarchists to tell workers teachers and students about the position of labour in Kurdistan, not to be so stupid as to just change leaders from Turks to Kurds, from Persians to Kurds, from Arabs to Kurds. We have to learn the lessons of our history and the history of the working class and that the solution is anarcho-communist revolution. This is an enormous, bloody event which needs to be prepared illegally, and must be international, otherwise it is a waste of energy.

The flame of revolt is igniting in the hearts and consciousness of the Turkish, Persian and Arab workers, with students and soldiers who want an end to the power of the war machine, the power of poverty and the power of money.

Our mission is to destroy authority, not to reincarnate it in the name of Kurdistan. Kurdistan and the rest of the world should cultivate life without the state.

Long live the Kurdish language and music!

Long live the spirit of revolutionary anarcho-communism in the Middle East and the rest of the world!

Our objective is to abolish religion, the State, racism and money.

-Kurdish Anarchists

(translation inspired by stupid leftist article in "Love and Rage")

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