Welcome to anarchy. I've designed this site to provide information to people about what the theory of anarchy is all about and to clear up many of the myths involved.

I hope you take time to look around, read and think about the ideas presented here for yourself and to act on them with the knowledge that the greatest of all things is at stake here and is in your hands - your own life.

Anarchy is quite a simple ideal - a world without authority. It is an ideal that aims for a condition of freedom for all humanity and autonomy for the individual. Simplistic as it may be, it seems to be at the very heart of solving most of the worlds most pertinent issues and increasing the fulfillment of every individual.

It is about claiming our lives back and taking control of where we, as individuals and collectively, want to go.

I have written a draft version of what anarchy is to me. Click here to read it.

While anarchy is based on a simple ideal it is very complex in its application - just as any theory about living things should be. I hope to add here various essays of my own about anarchy, its applications and related topics so that others can read them and I can get critical feedback.

I also will post here essays by other people that I think are important or interesting to give some backing to what I have said and to present alternative viewpoints.

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Quote of the Week
It's sadly predictable that the only way you can come up with a way to celebrate the liberation you feel at leaving the old system behind is by coming up with a "system of liberation", as if such a thing could exist - but that's what we can expect from those who have never known anything other than systems and systematizing, I guess.
- Mao Tse-Tung's Mistress (written shortly after the cultural revolution)

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23/04/03 'A Class War Everybody Can Fight In' added.
23/04/03 '"US" Versus "THEM": The Eternal Myth and Paradox' added.
23/04/03 'Product is the Excrement of Action' added.
23/04/03 'AlieNation: The Map of Despair' added.
12/04/03 'Writings' reorganized by topic.
10/04/03 'Why Civilization?' added.

There are many conflicting views of what anarchy is, thanks to the media, and this is reflected in the variety of information available on the web.

I've included a section of links to help people get started with anarchy on the web without having to deal with some of the weirder ideas.

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About Me
My name is Torrance Hodgson, I'm 18 years old and I live in beautiful New Zealand. I am currently involved with a variety of anarchist projects. Other areas of interest include science, philosophy, history, tennis, squash, running, and I also play the violin.

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