1964 Dodge Dart GT

This car sat in a garage for 18 years before the owner decided I should have it. I'm the third owner, the first two being mother and daughter. The odometer shows 55,000 miles but the car is so dirty it's anybody's guess. These are the "before" pictures, there will be "after" pictures as soon as I lift a finger to start restoring this beauty.

This Dart was made in the Los Angeles plant and rolled off the line October 26, 1964, the 17,216th Dart made in Los Angeles that year. Options include power steering and AM radio which is still functional.

Rear of car #1 - Rear of car #2
- Engine Compartment #1
Engine Compartment #2 - Front grille
Rear of car #3 - Interior #1
Interior #2

Of course, this car has a Slant-6 225 engine.