Across the Plains in '64

by Prairie Schooner to Oregon
by Anna Dell Clinkinbeard.

This is the story of my great-great-grandfather, John Kelly Vanderburgh, and his family crossing the plains from Iowa to Oregon in a covered wagon in 1864. John's daughter, Philura told these stories to her daughter, Anna Dell Clinkinbeard. I have transcribed the copy of this book which was given to our family by Anna so that others can enjoy these first-hand accounts of an important and fascinating time in United States history.

Front Cover - Back Cover
Cover Notes - Foreward
Plans - On The Road
Council Bluffs - The Last House
The Daily Train - The Indian
Three Springs - Another Rain
Quicksand - Prickly Pears
Hints of Trouble - An Indian's Breakfast
A Scare - An Antelope
Fort Laramie - The Little Antelope
The Bushwhackers - The Big Sandy
The Desert - The Confederate Flag
Anxious Days - Bushwhackers Again
The Pontoon Bridge - Boise
Indian Ways - The Grande Ronde
A Queer Wagon - More Mountain Road
The End of the Long Trail

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