Mikhail Bakunin


Mikhail Bakunin was one of the intellectual founding fathers of Anarchism. He is often considered to be Marx's historical rival. When Marx headed toward State-run Socialism, Bakunin argued for the abolition of the State as the most fundamental goal for those who want to guarantee freedom.

Ethics: Morality of the State - "Crime is the necessary condition for the very existence of the State."
Stateless Socialism: Anarchism - "...we speak of justice based upon human conscience...expressed in a single word: equity."
An essay regarding the Founding of the Worker's International.
What is Authority? - Laws of nature vs. men of privilege.
Capitalism and the State - The capitalist system and productive labor.
God and the State - Evolution of religion, symbiosis of State and Religion.
Essay on Equal Opportunity in Education from Egalite, July 31, 1869.
Another Essay on Equal Opportunity in Education from Egalite, August 14, 1869.
Notes on the Paris Commune and the Idea of the State
Marxism Freedom and The State Anarchism as opposed to State Socialism or Authoritarian Communism.

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