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     The following index to this translation of "Der Einzige und Sein Eigentum" is intended to help one, after reading the book, to find a passage which he remembers. It is not a concordance to aid in analytical study. Hence the designations of the matter referred to are in a form intended to be recognized by the person who remembers the passage; I have generally preferred, so far as convenience permitted, to use the words of the text itself, being confident that a description of the subject-matter in words more appropriate to the summary form of the index would never help any person to find his passage. If the designations are recognizable, I have permitted them to be rough.
     Of necessity the index has been made hastily, and I hereby confess it to be guilty of all faults that an index can possess , though I hope that the page numbers will prove to be accurate. The faults that I am most ashamed of are the incompleteness which usually omits the shorter occurrences of a given word or idea and the indefiniteness of the "ff." which does not tell the reader how far the reference extends. It has actually not been in my power to avoid either of these faults, and I hope they will not prevent the index from being of very considerable use to those who pay continued attention to the book. These two faults will be found least noticeable in the references to proper names and quotations: therefore the reader who wants to find a passage will do best to remember, if possible, a conspicuous proper name or a quotation whose source is known -- perhaps most often from the Bible -- and look up his passage by that. In the indexing of quotations, however, I have omitted anonymous proverbs, lines of German hymns, and quotations of whose authorship I was (whether pardonably or unpardonably) ignorant.
     The abbreviations are: ftn., "footnote"; f., "and next page"; ff., "and following pages."

S. T. B.

INDEX     492

Age: coming of age, 220.
Alcibiades: 282f.
Alexis, Wilibald: "Cabanis," 291
Algiers: 343.
Alien: the same in German as strange," 47 ftn.
America: citizens presumed respectable, 233.
              duelists how treated, 314.
              Germans sold to, 351.
              kings not valued in, 351.
Ananias and Sapphira: 102.
Anarchism: xxff. (Foreword)
Ancients: 17ff.
              conquered the world, 120ff.
Aristippus: 26.
zoon politicon, 56, 307
Arnim: see Bettina.
Art: support of, 360.
Atahualpa: 448.
Athanasius: "God making men divine," 382.
Athenians: age of popular freedom, 281ff.
Augsburg Confession: Art. 11, 17f.
Authorization: limits
              constitutional legislatures,
              etc., 146f.
Autun and Barrere, bishop of: 131.

Babeuf, Babouvism, 245, 248
Bacon: "clear head," no philosopher, 111.
              no extra reason," 306.
              what is my property, 131.
Bauer, Bruno:
Anekdota," 108.
Denkwürdigkeiten" 6.6-7: 96, 102.
Die gute Sache der Freiheit"
Judenfrage" p. 60: 180, 414
              61: 229
              66: 178
              84: 235
              114: 185
              178, 180, 185, 229, 235, 414.

Lit. Ztg." 5.18: 164
              No. 8: 190ff.
              8.22: 321
       "man just discovered," 8, 180, 326, 467.
       treats Jew question as relating
              to privilege, 271ff.
              who he was, 163 ftn.
Bauer, E.:
Liberale Bestrebungen"
              2.50-94: 299ff.
              2.95ff: 378f.
              2.130: 301
              2.132: 302
Bavaria: its government worth
              more than a man, 345 ftn.
Beasts: how they live, 435, 442f.
Becker, A.:
       Volksphilosophie unserer Tage"
              p. 22f.: 103, 240
              32: 103
       In beehood, 303ff.
       little busy, 442.
       in Feuerbach's philosophy, 453ff.
       same word in German as
              "essence," 41 ftn.
       see also Essence; also Supreme
Bettina: "This book belongs to the King"
       pp. 374-385: 261ff.
       Gen. 22.1-12: 198.

INDEX     493

       Ex. 20.13: 65.
Deut. 5.16: 216, 249.
              32.3: 459
       Ps. 46.3: 121
              99.9: 471
       Prov. 3.2: 216
       Is. 55.8: 338, 456
              55.9: 26
       Jer. 13.16: 459
       Matt. 4.1-11: 464.
              5.18: 125.
              5.22: 56.
              5.48: 321.
              6.11: 426.
              6.13: 181.
              6.24: 279.
              6.34: 166.
              7.7: 449.
              8.22: 19.
              9.11: 70.
              10.16: 22, 422.
              10.35: 114.
              11.27: 122.
              12.30: 259.
              12.45: 102.
              13.25: 213.
              16.24: 215.
              16.26: 36.
              18.3: 466.
              19.21: 102.
              19.24: 481.
              22.21: 359, 422.
              23.24: 297.
              26.53: 282.
       Mark 2.21: 480.
              3.29: 240.
              9.23: 122.
              10.29: 11, 19.
       Luke 5.11: 102.
              6.20: 428.
              10.7: 157.
              11.13: 14.
              14.11: 46, 105.
              17.6: 122.
              23.2: 422
John 1.14: 269
              1.18 Revised Version margin: 34 
              2.4: 114.
              3.4: 304.
              3.6: 34, 35.
              4.24a: 14, 23, 33, 39, ;40, 60, 112, 140, 433, 444, 472
              4.24b: 410.
              6.32-35: 426.
              8.44: 240.
              16.33: 33.
              18.36: 13.
              18.38: 13, 28, 471.
              20.22: 42.
              20.29: 446.
Acts 5.1-2: 102.
              5.4: 398.
              5.29: 11, 215, 444.
              5.39: 459.
Rom. 1.25: 451.
              6.18: 205.
              8.9: 42.
              8.14, 16: 226.
              8.21: 461.
              9.21: 259.
              12.1: 429.
1. Cor. 2.10: 3, 13, 33, 433.
              3.16: ;42.
              8.4: 133.
              15.26, 55: 430.
2 Cor. 5.17: 30.
              6.15: 212.
Gal. 2.20: 66, 93, 427.
              4.26: 19, 205
Phil. 2.9: 170.
1 Thess. 5.21: 468.
2 Tim. 1.10: 430.
Heb. 11.13: 18, 34.
James 1.17: 455.

INDEX     494

              2.12: 206.
1 Pet. 2.16 (?): 205.
              5.2: 399.
1 John 3.10: 226.
              4.8: 4, 51, 61, 74, 382
              4.16: 382.
       different men's relation to,
       quotations from, xx.
Birthright: 248ff.
Blanc, Louis:
"Histoire des Dix Ans"
              I. 138: 139.
Bluntschli: 466.
Body recognized in manhood: 14ff.
Boniface, St.:
       cuts down sacred oak: 218, 478
       risks life as missionary: 77.
Bourgeoisie: see Commonalty.
Burns, Robert: 433.

Caitiff: 398.
       helping men to realize, 383f.
       no calling, one does what he can, 433ff.
Calvinism: puritanical, 120.
       common to all, 434.
       differ, 433f., 438f.
Carriere: "
Kölner Dom," 305.
Catholicism: lets the profane world
       stand, 116ff.
Catholics: had regard for church, 290.
Cause: mine and others, 3ff.
Censorship: more legal than murder, 65.
Chamisso: "Valley of Murder," 247
Charles V: 399ff.
Children: 9ff.
       competent to get a living, 350f.
Chinese: family responsibility, 291.
Chinese ways: 86ff.
Christ: no revolutionist, 422.
       would not call legions of angels, 282.
Christianity: founding of, 422f.
       liberalism completes, 226ff.
Christianizing: 296
       asserting their distinctiveness, 271ff.
       trying to conquer the Spirit, 122ff.
Cicero: 28.
Clericalism: 98ff.
Clootz, Anacharsis: 276
       holds that a man's a man, 129ff.
       magnifies desert, 136.
       see Proudhon, Socialism, Weitling.
       all for society, 412f.
       an advanced feudalism, 415ff.
       not advantageous to all, 410ff.
       runs to regulations, 340.
       useful, 355f.
Competence: 348ff.
       characteristic of
bourgeois society, 344.
       how to abolish, 364f.
       produces poor work, 354.
       restricted by control of
              opportunities, 345ff.
Confidence: breach of, 400ff.

INDEX     495

Conscience In Protestantism, 115.
Consequences are not penalties, 314f.
Constitutional monarchy: 300ff.
Corporeity the modern wish, 485ff.
Cotters: 327f.
       a man's own affair, 317.
       results from the recognition
       of Man and right, 266ff.
       the only way to beat the law, 258.
       treatment as disease, 316f.
       how to make him ashamed, 265
       ill treated, 383.
       made by the State, 261ff.
Cripples: wages to, 358f.
Crispin, St.: 64f.
Critical philosophy: its new morality, 72ff.
       limited by love, 381f.
       makes progress 190ff.
       of Bible, 163 ftn, 381, 448f.
       servile and own, 467ff.
       starts from presuppositions, 467ff.
       victorious, 195.
       what it was, 163 ftn.
Crito: 72.
Culture: its results, 443ff.
Cultured people: 94ff.
Curative means against crime: 316 &theego0.html#156;
Curtius leaps into chasm, 99.
Custom makes earth a heaven, 87ff.

Dähnhardt, Marie: xi.
Cogito, ergo sum,
              "I think, therefore I am," 25, 109f., 112, 173.
Despicable: 401.
Desert, watchword of
bourgeoisie ,136.
Devil, natural objects named after, 467.
Diogenes: 26.
              "Get out of my sunshine," 307.
Directions for life: 432f.
Disgruntlement: 192.
Dissolving: the price of liberty, 188.
Divine: ancient and modern times are
              concerned for the, 486ff.
Dogma: 194f.
              boycotted in America, 314f.
              prohibited by State, 243.
Dupin: 296.

Education: 320f.
Ego: in title of this book, ixf.
       everybody repudiates, 185ff.
       exemplified in God, races, States, etc., 3ff.
       hypocritical, 216f.
       remains under democracy and Socialism, 163ff.
       the enemy of liberalism, 185ff.
       all bodies of men are unjust to, 284.
       have brought peoples to ruin, 277ff.
       involuntary, 46.
Einzige (der ): translation of the word, ixf.
Ends: 78f.

INDEX     496

       allows free press, 374.
       disregards popular turmoil, 297f.
       law-abiding, 254.
       rather than life, as object, 426ff.
Epicureans: 27f.
Equal: who are our equals? 225ff.
       of political rights, 133ff.
       to result from Communism, 154ff.
       essences are spooks, 50ff.
       higher and highest essences, 47ff.
                     See also Supreme Being.
       of man, as supreme, 40f.
       recognized in men, 52ff.
       same as "being," 41 ftn.
Established: 293f.
Estates: previous to Revolution, 134f.
Euripides: "Orestes," 254.
       criticism excludes, 176ff.
       in Jew and Christian, 271ff.

Faith: in morality, 57ff.
       as court judging son, 291.
       depends on piety, 288ff.
       respect for idea of, 113f.
       self must be sacrificed to, 289ff.
Fellow-feeling: 386f.
Feudalism: ended by Revolution, 132ff.
"Anekdota" 60.
       "The Essence of Christianity," 40ff., 74f, 118, 238, 391f., 401f.
       "Principles of the Philosophy of the Future," 453ff.
       humanizing the divine, 227.
       insists on "being" 453ff.
       look "rightly and unbiasedly," 449.
       love a divine power, 391.
       love is the essence of man, 412.
       "man the supreme being," 8, 189.
       opposes Hegel, 453ff.
       religion displaces the human, 320.
       the "divine" exists, 486.
       "theology is anthropology," 74.
       "the world a truth to the ancients," 18, 30.
       his ego is not I, 482.
       on casuistry of lying, 401.
       "The ego is all," 237.
Fixed idea: 55ff.
Forces: man is to exert, 435f.
Fortune: weak point of present society, 158ff.
France: laws about education, 459f.
Francis II (of France): 399f.
Franke: 77.
Frederick the Great:
       his cane, 176.
       tolerant, 230.
       all want freedom, but not same freedom, 208ff.

INDEX     497

       an ignoble cause, 214.
       if given, is a sham, 219ff.
       is riddance, 203ff., 214f.
       of press, 259ff.
       of thought, 455ff.
       thirsting for, 203ff.
Fun prohibited, 259ff.

Galotti, Emilia: 70, 431.
German unity: 303ff.
       a dream, 377.
Germany: millennial anniversary, 284f.
       my God and the God of all, 189f.
       natural objects named after, 467.
God-man; 202, 241.
       "Faust," 108, 112, 215, 250, 252, 480.
"Vanitas! vanitatum vanitas!" 3, 196, 328, 330,
              353, 377, 490.
       "Venetian Epigrams," 46.
       "Humanus the saint's name," 370.
       "The spirit 'tis that builds itself, 110
       poet of bourgeoisie
, 137.
       in lucky circumstances, 433.
Good intentions:
       as pavement (proverbially), 96.
       everybody feels competent for, 356F.
Grandmother: saw spirits, 42.
       intrigue ended their liberty, 282f.
       their philosophy, 19f.
Guerrillas in Spain: 65.
Guizot: 460.
Gustavus Adolphus: 176.
Gutenberg: served mankind, 164.

Habit: see Custom.
Half: see Hypocrisy.
Hartmann, Eduard von: xiiif.
       cultivated by Socrates, 20ff.
       cultivated by the Reformation, 31.
Heartlessness: is crime, 265f.
Heautontimorumenos: 216.
Heaven-storming: 88ff.
       "absolute philosophy," 453ff.
       condemns "opinion" and what is "mine,", 453
       finds his own speculations in Bible, 448
       in Christian party, 311.
       insists on reality, "things," 95
       it is impossible to tell a lie 464.
       personifies thinking, 468.
       philosopher of
bourgeoisie, 137.
       proves philosophy religious, 62.
       puts the idea into everything, 485.
       systematizes religion, 125.
       wants match-making left to parents, 291.
       wants to remain Lutheran, 120.
Henry VII, Emperor: 120.
Ein und zwanzig Bogen," 89, 138, 321.
       "Triarchie", p. 76: 234.

INDEX     498

Hierarchy: 95ff.
Higher world: "introduction of," 43, 91.
Highest: same as "supreme," 41 ftn.
Hinrichs: "
Politische Vorlesungen," 1.280: 345 ftn.
History: as dominant thought, 473, 488f.
Holbach: head of "plot," 57.
Holy: the same in German as "sacred,", 50 ftn.
Holy Spirit: has to be conquered by
       Christians, 122ff.
impavidum ferient ruinae," 121
"nil admirari," 121.
       his philosophy, 28.
       exclusive regard for general human interests, 168ff.
       you are more than human being, 166ff.
       human beings desire democracy, 128.
Humanism: 30.
       labour must relate to, 170ff.
       labourers must be allowed to develop, 157ff.
Hume: "clear head," 111.
Huss: 460.
       half moral and half egoist, 66ff.

       accepted as truth, and fixed, 474ff.
       as object of respect, 112ff.
       see Fixed.
       constitutes religion, 321.
       versus real, 484ff.
Immoral: only class known to moralists
       besides "moral," 69ff.
Imparted feelings: 82ff.
Inca: 448.
Individual: "simple," 344f.
Inequality: see Equality.
Infanticide: 424.
Insurrection: 420ff.
       not made by a hall, 285ff.
       preferred to society, 407.
Interests: ideal and personal, 98ff.
Ireland: suffrage in, 343.

       substantially great indulgences, 116f.
       the end hallows the means," 118ff. 140, 430.
       asserting their distinctiveness, 271ff.
       emancipated, 220f.
       heathen, 29, 123.
       not altogether egoistic or exclusive, 235f.
       unspiritual, 24.
       whether they are men, 116ff.
       will not read this book, 35f.
Judge: Supreme Being as, 432f.
       mechanical, 253.
       what makes them unreliable, 223f.
Juliet: 290.
Justice: a hate commanded by love, 383.
Kaiser: worthless pamphlet, 344
Kant: 176.

INDEX     499

Klopstock: 83.
Körner: 77.
"Kommunisten in der Schweiz" report on, 245, 63, 438.
Kosciusko. 404.
Kotzebue: 64f.
Krummacher: 58, 266, 441.

       fundamental in Communist society, 156ff.
       human vs. unique, 354ff.
       lofty and petty, 174ff.
       must be thoroughly human, 170ff.
       must not be drudgery, 157ff.
       of the right kind develops man, 173ff.
       problem, 149ff.
       too narrow, 163ff.
       wanting higher pay, 336f.
Lais: 80.
Lang, Ritter von: 69.
Lavater: 450.
       common or general law, same word in German as "right," 242 ftn.
       particular law, not same word as "right," 254 ftn.
       how to break, 258.
       is a declaration of will, 255ff.
       is impersonal, 141f.
       paralyses will, 256ff.
       sacred in the State, 313ff.
       to be respected as such, 254ff.
       to be enjoyed humanly, 164f., 172.
       to be enjoyed uniquely, 356.
Lenau: "Three Gypsies," 489.
       "Emilia Galotti," 70, 431.
       "Nathan der Weise," 71.
Level: rascal and honest man on same, 69f.
       completes Christianity, 226ff.
       has made valuable gains, 188f.
       rational, 137f.
       sees only Man in me, 225ff.
Liberals: the most modern moderns, 127.
       individual, does not mean the individual free, 140ff.
       political, means direct subjection to State, 138ff.
       of the people, is not mine, 280ff.
       no objection to its diminution, 408ff.
Lie: 395ff.
       caring for, 425ff.
       should conform to the Supreme Being, 432ff.
       true, 426ff.
"Lit. Ztg.": 166, 173, 185, 186, 190ff.
       see also Bauer.
       as law of our intercourse, 380ff.
       how it goes wrong, 388ff.
       how originated, 388.
       in egoism, 385ff.
Lunatics: see Fixed Idea.
Lusatia: 304.

INDEX     500

       appealed to reason, 460.
       broke his vow, 398.
       demanded safe conduct to Worms, 282.
       did his best, 481.
       "Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise," 78.
       "He who believes is a God," 109.
       not understood at first, 30.
       shows the way to truth, 107ff.
Lutheranism: goes beyond Puritanism,120.

Mackay, John Henry: viif., xi, xiii,163 ftn.
Making something out of us: 320f.
Man (adult male): 14ff.
Man (with capital M):
       by being man we are equal,
       cared for to the disregard of men, 100ff.
       criticism begins to gibe at, 194.
       every labourer must be, 170ff.
       I am not, 41.
       I am the real, 233ff.
       I am true man, 436ff.
       nothing else recognized in me, 225ff.
       takes the place of God in the new morality, 72ff.
              see also Human, Humanity.
Manlius: 99.
Marat: 99.
Marriage: against will of family, 289ff.
Marx: "
Deutche-französische Jahrbücher", 229.
       attacked by criticism, 185ff.
       attacked as "a spiritual being" by, 191ff.
Maxim: as fixed idea, 80f.
Metternich: "path of genuine freedom,"209
Middle class. not idealistic, 96f., 99,102.
Might: stereotyped into right, 366ff.
       in antiquity, 19ff.
       in youth, 11ff.
       same German word as "spirit," 10 ftn.
Mirabeau: 131.
       the people the source of right and power, 131.
       no power may command the nation's representatives, 306.
Misalliance: 239ff.
Moderation: 403.
Moderns: 30ff.
Monarchy: Revolution produced an
       absolute, 132ff.
Money: what we shall do about, 363ff.
Mongolism: 85ff.
Montgelas: 345 ftn.
Moral influence: 105ff.
       a form of faith, and Christian, 57ff.
       becomes a religion when critically completed, 73ff.
       in critical philosophy, 72ff.
       is religious, 59ff.
       did not object to conquering, 369.
       helped himself, 343.
Nationality: 322.
"Nationals" of Germany: 303ff.

INDEX     501

Nauwerk: 307ff.
Negroid age of Caucasian history: 86.
Nero: 68ff.
Nietzsche: viii, xivff.
Ninon: 80.

Oath: 399ff., 402ff.
O'Connell: his motives, 77f.
Old: wages to, 358f.
Opposition ends when completed, 273f.
Opposition party: 66ff.
Order: in State, 293
Orders: must not be given, 141f.
Origen: 71.
       inalienable, 206ff.
       meaning, 203 ftn.
       must be defended against society, 408ff.
       served by union, 410ff.

Pages cited xx.
Parcellation: 327ff.
Party: 310ff.
Paul, Emperor of Russia: 404.
Pauperism a consequence of the State, 333ff.
Penalty: product of right, 266ff.
       general name for societies, 276f.
       German, its thousand years' 284f.
       hound the police on, 318.
       its liberty is not mine, 280ff.
       peoples have filled history, 276ff.
Periclean age: 19ff., 281ff.
Personification: 468f.
Pettifoggery: 282f.
Philanthropism: 100f.
Philanthropy: hates men, 481f.
       Greek, see Ancients.
       modern, 109ff.
       family depends on, 288ff.
       meaning of word, 288 ftn.
Pilate: 13, 28, 471f.
Plowmen: wages for, 359ff.
Plumb-line: xvii.
Poles: oath imposed upon, 404f.
Poor-rates: voting by, 343.
Possession: the how much of, 347f.
       depend on the State, 150ff.
fundamental in bourgeois society, 147 ff.
       inward or spiritual, 324ff., 369ff.
       to be respected, 126f., 323ff.
       coincides with reality, 438ff.
       means thinkableness, 439ff.
Precepts: are Mongoloid, 87ff.
       why not left free, 259ff.
       liberty of, how to get, 371ff.
Presupposition: 199f., 467ff.
Principle: as fixed idea, 80f.
Prison society and intercourse: 286ff.
       criticism has to leave the private free, 178f.
       the private not recognized by liberalism, 168ff.
Privilege: 270ff.
Proletariat: 147ff.
Propaganda: 320.
       civic and egoistic, contrasted,

INDEX     502

       definitions in Roman law, 331ff.
       derived from man through Right,365ff.
       individual, opposed by Socialism, 154ff.
       is what men really want when they say freedom, 204ff.
       mine is what I make my might cover, 338ff.
       Proudhon on, 328ff.
       recognition of under egoism, 369.
              see Possessions.
Proprietors, small: 327ff.
       conscientious, 115ff.
       consecrates everything, 116ff.
"Création de l'Ordre," 60, 162, 302
"Qu'est-ce que la Propriété", 328, 331
       as parson, 466.
       property a fact, 332.
       "property is robbery," 100, 330ff. 419.
       substantially agrees with Stirner, xv.
Provence, Count of: 209.
Punishment: involves sacredness, 315ff.
Pyrrho: 28.

Rabble: 341ff.
Ragamuffin: 152ff.
       going beyond ragamuffinhood, 184
Raphael: 355.
Rational: etymology of "rational" in
       German, 81 ftn.
Reality: versus ideality, 484ff.
Realizing value from self: 335ff., 360f.
Reason: as supreme, 460f.
Reciprocity: 413f.
References to pages: xx.
Reform is Mongoloid, 86ff.
Reformation (the Protestant):
       takes hold of heart, 31.
       alters hierarchy, 107ff.
Regulus: 99.
Reimarus: "Most Notable Truths of Natural Religion," 62f.
Reisach, Count von: 345 ftn.
Relation: of different persons to objects, 447ff.
       is freedom of mind, 62f.
       morality is religious, 59ff.
       of humanity, 229f.
       tolerance in, 229ff.
Republic: 299f.
Revenge: the people's just, 266ff.
Reverence: 92ff.
Revolution (the French):
       began over property, 130.
       equality of rights, 246.
       established absolute government, 132ff.
       immoral, 72.
       its true nature, 143ff.
       made men citizens, 155f.
Revolutionists: is to lie, 396f.
Rid: freedom is being rid, 203ff., 214f.
       absolute, 269.
       as basis of property, 366ff.
       commonwealth of (
Rechtsstaat), 244, 253.
       equality of, 270ff.
       is a law foreign to me, 242ff.

INDEX     503

       my right derived from myself, 245ff.
       rights by birth, 248ff.
       same word in German as "law," 242 ftn.
       serves him right, 254.
       well-earned rights, 248ff.
       rights change hands at the Revolution, 132ff.
Robespierre: 77.
       a priest, 99.
       consistent, 102.
       devoted to virtue, 77.
       not serviceable to middle class, 102f.
       in philosophy, 28.
       killed children, 250.
       rehabilitate the idea of spirits, 43.
Rome: decline and fall of, 277f.
Rousseau: hostile to culture, 96 ftn.
Rudolph (in Sue's story): 387.
"Anekdota" 1. 120, 127: 460.
       boundary sentinels, 247.
       flight of army in, 424.
Russians: as Mongolian, 86.

       gibing at, 369ff.
       the same in German as "holy", 50 ftn.
       things are sacred of themselves, 118ff.
       wherein the sacred consists, 92ff.
Sacred things:
       their diagnosis and extension, 45ff.
Sacrifice: when I sacrifice somebody else's
       comfort to my principles, etc., 97f.
Sächsische Vaterlandsblätter " :57
Saint-Just: 99.
       "Political Speeches," 268.
       "criminal for not hating," 267.
       acting for one's own sake, 210ff.
       immoralities for God's sake and for mine, 398f.
Sand, George: 466.
Sand (murderer of Kotzebue): 64f.
Sander: 379.
       "Ideal and Life," 428.
       "The Maiden from a Foreign Land," 35.
Worte des Glaubens, 111.
       complete in his poems, 175.
       have I a right to my nose? 246.
       Swabian, 176.
Schlemihl, Peter: 25.
Schlosser: "Achtzehnten Jahrhundert," 57.
Scholarships at universities: 347 ftn.
Seducing young people to morality, 212f.
Self: as starting-point or goal, 427f., 437f.
       first, 11.
       second, 15.
       groundlessly decried, 221ff.
       in "unselfish" acts, 77f.
       the only thing that is really trusted, 223f.

INDEX     504

       of holy and unholy men, 75ff.
       discussion of the implications of the word, 96ff.
       literal force of the German word, 97 ftn.
Self-seekers always acted so: 341.
Sensuality: in Protestantism and Catholicism, 116ff.
September laws: 374.
Seriousness: 85.
Settled life:
       necessary to respectability, 147f.
Shabbiness: 400.
Shakespeare: "Romeo and Juliet," 290.
Sick: wages to, 358f.
Sigismund: 398.
Simonides: 26.
Sinner: does not exist, 479ff.
Skeptics (Greek): 22, 28.
Small properties: 327ff.
Socialism: 152ff.
       is to be sole owner, 153ff.
       its character depends on its members, 276f.
       made by a hall, 285ff.
       man's state of nature, 406ff.
       may provide consequences where State
                      provides penalties, 314f.
       in history of philosophy, 20f.
       should not have respected the sentence of the court, 281f.
       too moral to break jail, 72.
Sophists: 19ff.
Sordidness: 400.
Spartans: killed children, 250.
Speculation: 405.
Sphinx: 451.
       as the essential part of man, 36ff.
       free from the world, 32ff.
       has to be conquered by moderns, 122ff.
       same German word as "mind," 10ftn..
       the seat of equality, 226ff.
Spirits: are all around us, 42 ff.
Spiritual goods:
       shall we hold them sacred? 369ff.
Spook: "essences" are spooks, 50ff.
Spy: 395, 403.
standpoint: as fixed idea, 80ff.
       a fellowship of human beings, 128ff.
       cannot exist if I have a will of my own, 255ff.
       cares not for me, but for itself, 333ff.
       Christianizes people, 296.
       claims to be a person, 295f.
       criticism gives up 190f.
       has to be harsh, 259ff., 262ff.
       holds laws sacred, 313ff.
       is the established, 293f.
       its relation to property, 333ff.
       means order, 293.
       officials and plutocrats overcharge, 151f., 357f.
       sick, 262.
       taking part in, 307ff.
Stein: his disloyalty to a "simple individual," 345 ftn.
Stirner: motives for writing, 393f., 406.

INDEX     505

Stoics: 27f.
       apathy, 121.
       "wise man," 121, 485.
Strange: the same in German as "alien," 47 ftn.
Strike: 359ff.
       are immature Philistines, 144.
       custom of, as to word of honour, 403f.
Sue: "Mysteries of Paris," 387.
Suicide: 429ff.
Suit: "it suits me" expressed in German by
       "right," 248 ftn.
Supreme: same as "highest," 41 ftn.
Supreme Being:
       according to Feuerbach, 40ff.              
                     (See also Feuerbach.)
                     see also Essence (highest).
Swan-knights: 342f.

Tak Kak: vii, xi ff.
       "Heautontimorumenos," 25, 216.
"humani nihil alienum puto," 367.
Theft: 99f.
       depends on property, 331f.
Things: essential in competition, 346ff.
Third: end of opposition, 484.
Thinkable: real sense of "possible," 122, 439ff.
Thinker: characteristics of, 452ff.
       freedom of, 455ff.
       I do not respect your independence of, 456f.
       necessary conditions of, 465ff.
       optional, 465f.
       realm of, 451ff.
       as owned, 477ff.
       combated by disregard, 196ff.
       combated by force: 197ff.
       combated by thinking, 194ff.
       criticism moves only in, 194ff.
       everything sacred is, 283.
       man the enemy of, 283.
"Der gestiefelte Kater," 342.
Timon: 28.
Title of this book: ixf.
Tolerance: 229ff.
Training: 434f., 443ff.
       telling, 395ff.
       to possess truth you must be true, 106ff.
       what is, 471ff.
       I am above truths, 463ff.

Understanding: in antiquity, 19ff.
Unhuman: an artificial name for the real, 193.
Union: distinction from society, 407ff., 415ff.
       everything is mine in, 415ff.
Uniqueness: constitutes greatness, 175f.
       real man, 230ff.
       the "devil" of liberalism, 184ff.
       literal sense of the German word, 77 ftn.
       supposed, and real, 77ff.

INDEX     506

Vagabonds: 147ff.
       of me, 86, 333ff.
       to be realized from self, 335ff., 360f.
Von Hartmann: xiii f.
"Vossische Zeitung": 244, 253.
       instead of alms, 358f.
       of the upper classes and the lower, 151f., 357ff.
Walker, James L.: vii, xi ff.
War of all against all: 341, 343.
       "Trio," on head of people, 302.
       Communism seeks welfare of all, 410.
       "harmony of society," 284.
       hours of labour, 411.
       on crime and "curative means," 316f.
       on property, 331f.
       preaches "society," 245.
       substitutes work for money, 352.
Welcker: on dependence of judges, 223f.
Wheels in the head:
       formal aspects of, 75ff.
       what are such, 54ff.
       incompatible with the State, 255ff.
       law is a declaration of, 255f.
       law paralyses, 255ff.
       morality commands submission of, 66ff.
       the only practical agency of reform, 68ff.
       power of, 462ff.
       Stirner's style of using, xix f.
       for pay's sake, 354.
       is not the only competence, 349ff.
       among ancients, 18ff.
       conquered by the ancients, 120ff.
       is haunted, and is itself a ghost, 43f.
       spirit free from, 32ff.
Writing: Stirner's motives for, 393f., 406.

Youth: 11ff.