Individual Liberty

by Benjamin Ricketson Tucker

From 1881-1908 Benjamin Tucker published the anarchist journal Liberty with the telling subtitle 'The Mother, not the Daughter of Order'. Tucker was an ardent defender of Individualist Anarchism. Individual Liberty is a collection of Tucker's essays and editorials. Many thanks to my friend Heidi for the copy of this scarce book.

Preface and Forward to the book Individual Liberty.


I - State Socialism and Anarchism:

How Far they Agree and Wherein they Differ. Arguably Tucker's best essay.

II - The Individual, Society, and the State:

The Relation of the State to the Individual How much Allegiance do we owe to the State?
Liberty's Declaration of Purpose from Volume 1, Issue #1. of Liberty Magazine.
Anarchism and the State in which Tucker defines and defends Anarchism.
"I do not admit anything except the existence of the individual, as a condition of his sovereignty."
Resistance to Government Regarding pacifism and the legitimate use of force.
Liberty and Organization Individualism and Anarchism.
Liberty and Taxation The power to tax is the most vital power of the State.
Anarchism and Crime. Tucker answers the misconception that Anarchism would equate to chaos.
Liberty and Politics. Freedom is nothing if not total.
Liberty and Prohibition. From vice to tarrifs, liberty must be indivisible.
Anarchism and Capital Punishment. Interesting anarchist perspective on a disputed topic.
Liberty and Property Tucker gives his definition of property according to Anarchism.
Anarchism and Force Tucker explains his rejection of Pacifism.


Passive Resistance Violence is counter-productive.
The Futility of the Ballot The ballot as force on a social level.
Voluntary Cooperation a Remedy Society must be organized without privelege or invasion.


I - Money and Interest

Capital, Profits and Interest Workers must own their products with profit based on productivity.
Free Money First In a more advanced economy, free money, not free land, is the first goal.
Free Banking The banks must be demonopolized and submitted to competition.
The Abolition of Interest Interest is usury and must be replaced.
Necessity for a Standard of Value. Is a monetary system possible without a standard of value?
The Redemption of Paper Money. Mutual Banking and the idea of immediate redemption.
Government and Value. Government cannot fix value, but can and does affect value.
Henry George and Interest. Where there is no monopoly, there will be little or no interest.
Various Money Schemes. Critique of the Greenbackers, defense of Proudhon's Exchange Bank.

II - Land And Rent

Land for the People. Regarding the Irish Nationalization of land issue.
Rent. Tucker defends Proudhon's ideas on Rent.
Economic Rent. "Occupancy and use is the only title to land..."
Liberty, Land and Labor. Occupancy and use, questions of rent, labor, interest.
Property Under Anarchism. Tucker's ideas on title and occupancy under Anarchism.
Occupancy and Use Versus the Single Tax. Single Tax criticisms, Property Titles under Anarchism.
George and the Single Tax. The Single Taxers derided, taxation equated with coersion.


Refusal to Pay Rent. The Irish Land League as an example of resistance.

III - Trade and Industry

The Attitude of Anarchism Toward Industrial Combinations. Attack on the Four Great Monopolies.
Strikes and Force. Comments regarding the tactics of the Homestead Strike.
Labor and Its Pay. Criticism of communist anarchism's disdain of selling one's labor as a product.
The Post Office and Private Mail Service. Competition and the Free Market.
Liberty or Authority. Anarchism contrasted with State Socialism and Communism.
Liberty and Labor. Free banking and Britain's labor troubles.
Competition and Cooperation. More discussion of Monopoly and privelege.
Liberty and the Boycott. The right of groups to assemble and boycott.
Anarchism and Copyright. Discussion of intellectual property and copyright.


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