Miscellaneous entertainment.

For the most part, things not quite right for the Anarchist Library


Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech.
Richard Nixon's "Checkers Speech", verbatim transcription from the original broadcast.
Even larger, is Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress, weighing in at a hefty 98mb.
The Complaint filed by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton.
Sobering facts about one of the United States' most prominent racists, Jesse Helms.
Some simple facts about two prominent racists in the U.S. government, Strom Thurmond and William Rehnquist.
Portrait of Luz Dina Villoslada, Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, killed in Peru.
Jeffrey Rogers Hummel makes his Case for Legalizing Heroin.
Thomas Edison after a few too many Cocaine-aided all-nighters.
Ever wonder why California schools are #50 of 50?
Simple Facts about the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination found at a BART station.
Link to some good info on the RFK Assassination

Humorous (?):

Cartoon tells the truth about Nike Air.
Porta-Potty safety is Job #1.
In case you are the only person who hasn't seen the Heaven's Gate Cult Home Page.
Pee Wee Herman, caught left-handed.
One for the 'I Refuse to Believe' category.
Vaughan Kingwell Smith's Bachelor Party - a Pictoral Essay.
The first 10 issues of Youth International Party Line or YIPL, better known as TAP.

Special Law Enforcement Section:

Editorial by Samuel Clemens plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.
Know Your Rights - excellent document from the ACLU.
What to do if you are Stopped by the Police.
Laura Black's restraining order against Richard Farley.
Did Tulare's corrupt cops frame Nyrah Brazell?
Four out of five cops surveyed prefer smoking bongs to rolling their own.

I've removed the scant few hacked pages I had as it's silly when 2600 has so many available.

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