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New ways of linking to w3

Happenings on the Pierre Proudhon Memorial Computer

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New ways of linking to w3

Postby Canteloupe » Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:16 pm

Modified the magic url behavior (includes/functions_content.php) so that the word 'link' replaces the url as link name, eliminating the possibility of a long link being posted. For some reason, the short url script among the functions in the above file seems to not come into play at any point even when the limit on the number of characters is breached.

Also added a Link button to the post editor so that one can convert a url and associated text into a link with the click of the button. How to use: paste the url followed by a comma and the text to be a part of the link. Highlight these items and click the 'Link' button.

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Example:  [link]http://www.google.com/, Google[/link]

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