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Army in anarchism

If you're new to Anarchism or just have a general question this is your place. Low key, no heavy theory; welcome newbies and guest posts.

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Army in anarchism

Postby Antisocrates » Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:23 pm

One of the claims i have seen being used in a number of debates of why anarchy couldnt work is related to having an army.

For example, if a country tommorow has a major revolution, rejects any form of goverment and authority mainly (statism) and maybe capitalism also.
What would stop another imperialistic country invading?

I have heard options like voluntary army and maybe professional army.

I would like to hear more about this topic.
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Re: Army in anarchism

Postby guest » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:31 am

Hey, where is the discussion of this topic?

Your points of view on how large anarchist societies could last without an army invading it? How can a anarchist society defend itself?

I think this is a very important topic, for example Revolutionary Catalonia fell because of : (according to Wikipedia, original source: Beevor 2006, p. 358)

"Lacking in air support, armor and heavy artillery, the Popular army was soundly defeated in the disastrous Battle of the Ebro. According to Beevor, losses were as high as 30,000 in the Republican side." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutio ... ite_ref-86

Even if anarchist revolution succeeds in a state doesn't mean the anarchist society will last. How could a lasting anarchist society be achieved?

Re: Army in anarchism

Postby Durian » Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:54 am

It depends on what the society of anarchists have at their disposal, which can include factories to produce the proper tools to combat an opposing force. I would think an anarchist group, from a small affinity group, to larger blocs, and perhaps even a sizable geographical location, would only be able to last as long as they are able to organize with each other. Obviously, carpet bombings would set the people back quite a ways, but if the anarchists were able to build an air defense or have a means to sabotage the opposing force's fighters, it would curb the enemy's efforts... for awhile.

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