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Small-scale Anarchist Economy

If you're new to Anarchism or just have a general question this is your place. Low key, no heavy theory; welcome newbies and guest posts.

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Small-scale Anarchist Economy

Postby Skula » Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:49 pm

Hello. Sorry if this is a particularly arduous or simple question, but; I'm fairly new to Anarchy and I would like to know a little something about Anarchist economy. I've been reading about Mutualism, Individualism, etc., but it's all a little weighty. I find it easiest to understand something if it's described on a very small scale, and then I can understand it on a much larger scale (which isn't uncommon; the Monty Hall example in logic is usually described in a similar way, except on a larger scale to a smaller scale). Anyway, if I could pose a scenario;

Five people own a patch of land. Hypothetically, they own it themselves, it's not overtly or covertly owned by any other agency. They grow produce on this patch of land, and sell produce on this patch of land. There is no hierarchy in place, however it is not assured that they do equal work (or that they do unequal work). They do all the work and salesmanship themselves. In Anarchist economic theory, what happens to the money? The idea I have is that it's simply split equally among them, but that sounds like a strictly Anarcho-Communist approach, and wouldn't apply to Anarchy and Anarcho-Syndicalism?


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