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Freemasonry and anarchism

Criticisms of anarchism, anarchist vs. non-anarchist debates & anything generally antagonistic towards anarchism. Guest posts welcome.

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:09 am

Roach bait is a modern pest control alternative used for the extermination of cockroaches at indoor locations. The effectiveness of this method of pest control exploits the cannibalistic, coprophagy, and emetophagy tendencies of cockroaches.

“If I had a hammer…”or “Oh Shit…Armand (no)hammer”

Botched Masonic ceremony at the House of German art in Munich. Hitler, being the shamanistic mystic lunatic FREEMASON that he was, took the shattering of the hammer in his hand as a severe bad omen and was despondent for months on end, his mood only alleviated upon hearing of the death (or more likely ‘snuffing out’) of the architect of the building three months later.


Toby O Brien - Aristocratic ponce credited to have composed “Hitler has only got one ball”

Bawdy British ‘Stiffupperlippery’ or devastating ‘state secrets’ none too subtly employed to cause maximum psychological damage to the Nazi Leadership?

Toby O Brien’s wartime ditty is sung to the tune of ‘colonel bogey’ as follows

“Hitler, he only had one ball
Goring had two but very small
Himmler was very similar
But poor old Goebbels
Had no balls at all’

When Russian Military surgeons examined Hitler’s remains they discovered he was MONORCHID or had ONE TESTICLE. It is suggested that Hitler identified with the ninth century tyrant Landulph II of Capula.

“Landulph’s avaricious grasping for power had led him to study the black arts, and it was for these practices that he was excommunicated in AD875. But one other fact must have given Hitler a sense of Identity with the ninth-century ‘Fuher’. Landulph seems to have been either partly or totally castrated: Eschenbach described him as ‘the man who was smooth between the legs’.

We know that Hitler was easily influenced as a youth, avidly soaking up the ideas of those – Wagner and Nietzsche, for instance – who impressed him. Landulpf’s power mania and the unfortunate anatomical similarity to himself must have struck the young Adolf, and there is reason to suspect that Landulph’s black magic did so, too. There is also evidence that Hitler was impressed by magical symbolism from the beginning of his political career” Ritual and Magic, Parragon Publishing, 1997.


So is it Goebbels or NO BALLS?! And is that the most faggoty limp wristed handshake ever, or did she just forget the morning dose of HRT?

SA UNIT STORM 33 (degrees) aka MURDER STORM aka MURDER STORM 33. Masonic Murder squad contained the most vile
and sadistic thugs Germany had to offer and forged a bloody rampage through the streets of Berlin in 1931. MURDER STORM 33 stabbed, shot and beat Jews and communists at will, and ran one of the processing centres for newly interned Nazi prisoners such as Hans Litten.

More MURDER STORM 33 DEGREES SCUM mugshots including the notorious ‘Red Cock’ (front row third from right).

The man who nearly stopped Hitler - The heroic JEW Lawyer Hans Litten (centre with spectacles) who had the balls to take MURDER STORM 33 and Adolf Hitler to court in 1931 following the “Eden Palace Dance Hall” attack where STORM 33 shot and stabbed Jew and Communist cinema goers. Litten systematically humiliated Hitler for 3 hours straight in the courthouse but Hitler was to get his revenge later.

“Hans Litten showed Germany who Hitler really was. Afterwards it was no longer possible for an Adult German to pretend that the Nazi party was either a party of the law abiding middle class or that it was a party of violent Storm Troopers – it was clearly both”

Litten refused to bail out on his comrades, understanding that most of his clients did not even have the money for a train ticket to leave Berlin, let alone flee the country.

After the Nazi false flag Reishtag Fire, Litten was imprisoned by Nazi’s and turned over to the protective custody of MURDER STORM 33 where he was beaten till blind in one eye, tortured and then shuffled across various concentration camps where he was tortured further, till he eventually took his own life years later in Dachau prison camp.

Watch ‘Hitler on Trial’ for the full story. And god bless the memory of Hans Litten, and may he rest in peace.


“But it was Litten's second question that gave Hitler the most trouble. In 1927 Goebbels had published a small pamphlet entitled The Nazi-Sozi, whose purpose was to instruct Nazi Party recruits, If the Nazis could not in the end come to power through parliamentary elections, Goebbels had written,

"then we will make revolution! Then we will chase the parliament to the devil and found the state on the basis of German fists and German brains!"

The passage was cut from the second edition, brought out by the Nazi publisher Franz Eher in 1929. But it underlay Litten's question: Had Hitler known about this passage (which Litten cited precisely) when he named Goebbels the Party's propaganda director?72

It took the court three-quarters of an hour to decide to allow the second and third questions. Judge Ohnesorge put Litten's second question to Hitler: "Herr Hitler, you heard the question about a pointing Herr Goebbels as Reich Propaganda Director. What do you have to say about that?"

"I cannot say under oath whether I knew Goebbels' book at that time," Hitler replied. "The thesis in Goebbels' book is entirely without value for the Party, since the pamphlet does not bear the Party emblem and is also not officially sanctioned by the Party. Only what is officially sanctioned has validity. Goebbels was appointed because of his extraordinary ability for propaganda, and must stay within the guidelines which I, as Party leader, give him:73

"Is it correct," Litten asked, "that Goebbels had already been made Party boss [GauleiterJ of Berlin in 1926?" "I cannot confirm the date." (It was, in fact, correct.)
http://urban.hunter.cuny.edu/~hett/docs ... Hitler.pdf

So if we are to take the information contained within this paragraph as accurate it is clear that the NAZIS did use the word NAZI, as early as 1927 and again when the pamphlet was reprinted (under direct authorisation from Hitler) in 1929. As Hitler was questioned by Litten on both the language and content of “The Nazi Sozi” in court in 1931, it would seem appropriate that Hitler would have drawn attention to the (supposedly) misleading term NAZI on the cover of the publication. Of course he didn’t as he authorised the issuance of the pamphlet in the second edition in 1929, and (for all Hitler’s babbling when under questioning) was already in deep association with Noballs when the pamphlet was initially issued in its more inflammatory version in 1927!

To believe the cockroach-headed line of reasoning would presuppose some six years before the Nazis took power, (and surely we have to give some weight to the fact that the Nazis came to power in 19 33(degrees)) those pesky Jews infiltrated the Nazi movement and deliberately inserted the word NAZI on the front cover of the aforementioned publication, and that is one seriously muddleheaded line of cockroach manure I am not likely to swallow any time soon……..

Of course it is more likely that, as steeped in the occult as the Nazis were, they employed the term fully aware of its meaning(s).

Nascent - {L. nascens –ntis, pres. P. of NASCI, to be born} a coming into being

Nazar - {Heb} to separate oneself

Naze – A promontory, headland

Nazir – {Hind} A title of various Mohammedan officials

Source – The New Dictionary, Passing Show Edition, 1932

Nazir – {Heb} Consecrated, Sanctified

And one of the more interesting ones

Nassau – The Royal Dutch title itself derives from what is now the German village of Nassau, near Koblenz.

Source – Brewers book of names

For further exposition of the word Nazi (if you need it) also see p17 (and others) in The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda by Alan Watt, available from Alan at http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:55 am

My sweet cockroach! I just knew you hadn’t gone away! I will admit (in a perverse sense) I am beginning to warm to your cuddly cockroach ways as everyman (and woman) should have a pet -hate. I am becoming somewhat attached to your cockroach jism, if only to give myself a moral direction to head away from.

Negentropic aka cockroach, a real bad man, he’s very shy about his real name though as obviously the Mossad would put him away cos he’s such a bad boy rebel!

Ridiculous to suggest I am a Jew – I have blonder hair and bluer eyes than any of you so called ‘Aryans’.

This fact nearly got me lynched by a mob of Polish (who did remember the experience of Nazis and Nazism) in Lublin street market in 1999 when I visited my brothers ex-wives family and was mistaken for a German. Luckily my hosts were on hand to explain I was English, not German, thereby saving my ass! As all you Nazis love first hand eye-witness testimony so much I am sure you can find somewhere to file that.

One little question cockroach? Do you keep your pictures of dead Palestinian children (god bless their souls) in the same computer folder as your NAZI PORN you DIRTY SICK BASTARD?

I could post pictures of George Bush and Family, Obama and Family, Clinton with his wife (sister) but would this mean they were nice people? Would it mean they were not raving satanic homosexuals as we all know they are? Think about the logic you are employing cockroach! And then read ‘The Pink Swastika’ regarding the gaggle of raging butch queers that was the Nazi movement.

And why are we back to that vile Freemasons WITCH (and actual security blanket salesperson) Deanna (Dinah) Spin-gola? (shepherd of spin). Keep that insufferable hate mongering harlots name off my thread.

Why don’t you ask them what THEY get up to on a Saturday and Sunday (and the odd Thursday night) when no one’s looking? Ask THEM what little phrases they’re chanting away behind closed doors! Ask THEM if THEY can really wash that filth off in the shower?

Cockroach my dear boy, if she changed her name to P.EYD PIPER would it make it any easier for you?

“The Rape of Dinah (or Deana)
17th century depiction of the rape of Dinah.

“Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob, went out to visit the women of Shechem, where her people had made camp and where her father Jacob had purchased the land where he had pitched his tent. Shalem, the son of Hamor, the prince of the land, "seized her and lay with her and humbled her. And his soul was drawn to Dinah ... he loved the maiden and spoke tenderly to her," and Shalem asked his father to obtain Dinah for him, to be his wife.
Hamor came to Jacob and asked for Dinah for his son: "Make marriages with us; give your daughters to us, and take our daughters for yourselves. You shall dwell with us; and the land shall be open to you," and Shalem offered Jacob and his sons any bride-price they named. But "the sons of Jacob answered Shalem and his father Hamor deceitfully, because he had defiled their sister Dinah," saying they would accept the offer if the men of the city agreed to be circumcised.

So the men of Shechem were deceived, and were circumcised; and "on the third day, when they were sore, two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, took their swords and came upon the city unawares, and killed all the males. They slew Hamor and his son, Shalem with the sword, and took Dinah out of Shalem's house, and went away." And the sons of Jacob plundered whatever was in the city and in the field, "all their wealth, all their little ones and their wives, all that was in the houses."

"Then Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, 'You have brought trouble on me by making me odious to the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites and the Perizzites; my numbers are few, and if they gather themselves against me and attack me, I shall be destroyed, both I and my household.' But they said, 'Should he treat our sister as a harlot?'"

[edit] Origin
See also: documentary hypothesis and biblical criticism

The 19th century scholar Julius Wellhausen divided the Dinah story between two original texts, the Elohist, which tells of Jacob's purchase of land at Shechem and his erection of an altar, and the Jahwist, telling the rape-and-vengeance story which takes up the bulk of the narrative. Wellhausen believed that the Jahwist's story was designed to cast a bad light on the northern Kingdom of Israel, which had Shechem as its first capital, the Jahwist text itself originating in the southern Judah. The brief Elohist account of the purchase of land by Jacob in Genesis 33 represents the northern kingdom's more peaceable account of the origins of Shechem.[1][2]

Later scholars have questioned Wellhausen's analysis, often drastically, but the general view is that Genesis does combine originally separate strands and does not pre-date the 1st millennium BC.[3] Post-Wellhausian scholars have suggested two layers of narrative within Genesis 34 itself, an older account ascribing the slaughter of Shechem and to Simeon and Levi alone, and a later addition (verses 27 to 29) involving all the sons of Jacob.[4] One contemporary biblical scholar, Alexander Rofé, has suggested that the verb describing Dinah as "defiled" was added at this time also, as elsewhere in the Bible only married or betrothed women are "defiled" by rape; the fact that Genesis 34 is the sole exception suggests that it reflects a "late, postexilic notion that the idolatrous gentiles are impure [and supports] the prohibition of intermarriage and intercourse with them." The anachronistic preoccupation with racial purity indicates a date in the 5th or 4th centuries BC, when the restored Jewish community in Jerusalem was similarly preoccupied with anti-Samaritan polemics.[5] It is not clear that Dinah was actually raped at all in the original story: the narrative is vague about what happened between Shechem and Dinah (the verb translated as "humbled" or "violated" can also mean "to subdue"), and the older version of Genesis 34 may therefore reflect a custom of abduction marriage.[5]

The moral of the story (amongst all the religious mumbo-jumbo) - stay away from Deanna or Dinah and her outrageously Spun (enlarged) Gola (word meaning the vagina in a rather exhausted form).

And Irving, the grotesque intellectual prostitute and ‘devils-advocate for hire’. The compulsive lie-a-holic who has a different line on the holocaust, the numbers murdered, varying degrees of hatred towards blacks, and varying volumes of cockroach ejaculation over Hitler, depending on whether the audience is composed of intellectual pricks, skinhead nazi thugs, newspaper reporters or (more notably) when Lawyers and Judges look down upon him. And in those latter instances overwhelmingly the only cockroach communications emanating from his jabbering cockroach jaws are:

“GUILTY (of being a lying twat) YOUR HONOR”.

Irving is a cockroach pushed for years as semi-respectable but never so in my eyes. As Irving has been convicted of systematically supressing, misrepresenting, omitting, misquoting and twisting so many facts regarding Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and Hitler so many times, I can’t take anything the upper mid-level cockroach says seriously.

“Document provided by Professor Deborah Lipstadt for her defence against the libel action brought by David Irving


a. Non Sequitor Reasonings and Omissions 6
b. Misuse of Informants 6
c. Avoiding Ugly Facts and Inventing Nicer Ones 6
d. Linguistic Cover-ups 7
e. Use of Ambiguity 7
1. Germany 18
2. England 19
3. Canada 19
4. Australia 21
IV. David Irving: In his own words ...

“Any criticisms of David Irving, whether attacking his historical techniques or his personal biases, are based on the hatred he himself exudes. Thus, the most fruitful manner of assessing Irving. the individual, is to briefly listen to what it is he says. A brief encounter provides sufficient evidence as to why his type of speech should not be

On his brand of history:

I have been in the archives, where the truth is ...
... in response to Holocaust survivor Kitia Altman, during Australian interview, "A Current Affair" (16 February 1993)

I'm afraid I have to say I wouldn't consider what a survivor of Treblinka could tell me in 1988 to be credible evidence. ... I would prefer the evidence of somebody who goes to the site with expert knowledge now, and carries out concrete examinations to the very human and fallible human memories after a tragic wartime experience forty years after the event.
Testimony at trial of Ernst Zündel, April 1988 (transcript p. 9558)

... the long-lost Joseph Goebbels diaries which I personally retrieved from the Moscow secret state archives where they have been hidden for nearly fifty years. I appreciate that I have aroused much envy ...
Irving Australian press release (3 December 1992). In Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich. Irving finally admitted that German historian Dr. Elke Fröhlich was the first to discover the microfiches containing the diaries.57

On Adolf Hitler:

... that without Hitler's active campaign on the Jewish front, the State of Israel would probably not now exist and have attracted its overwhelming worldwide sympathy ...
Testimony at trial of Ernst Zündel, April 1988 (transcript p. 9777)

On the gas chambers, the Holocaust, and its survivors:

I don't say the Holocaust is a hoax. What I say is the Auschwitz gas chambers are a hoax, which narrows it down very dramatically. I'm talking about magnitude and methods, but I'm not denying the Holocaust happened. I'm not even going to say Jews did not die in gas chambers. I think it may have happened in a small and experimental way.
Sydney Morning Herald (22 June I 996)

The holocaust of the Jews in Auschwitz is without basis ...
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (February 1990)

What I am saying is that I am not denying that the Holocaust happened in some degree. I am saying that there were a large series of unrelated atrocities. But the idea of the Holocaust mythology, Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of six million Jews in Auschwitz in simple terms, that, I think, is now very suspect.
Testimony at trial of Ernst Zündel, 1988 (transcript pp. 9563-64)

Yes, hundreds of thousands were killed, but there were no factories of death. All that is a blood libel against the German people.
Speech in Gresham, Oregon (October 1994)

... it came out that the so-called gas chambers were constructed many years after the war for the tourists.
Interview with Mario Scialoja, L 'Espresso (26 July 1992)

The gas chambers were invented in November 1942 by the secret service of Churchill's War Ministry for reasons of propaganda against the Germans. It was a masterpiece. The testimonies that you [interviewer Mario Scialoja] are quoting are of Jews, and do not count, because the Jews are parties to the cause.
Interview with Mario Scialoja, L 'Espresso (26 July 1992)

... if a year from now the gas chamber legend collapses, what will that mean for Israel? Israel is drawing millions of dollars each year from the German taxpayer, provided by the German government as reparation for the gas chambers. It is also drawing millions a year from American taxpayers, who put up with it because of the way Israelis or the Jews suffered. No one's going to like it when they find out that for 50 years they have been believing a legend based on baloney.
Interview: "History's cache and carry" The Guardian (7 July, 1992)

Mortal pride demands that an Auschwitz survivor must have seen gas chambers. Letter to the Editor, Daily Telegraph (19 March 1990)

Auschwitz was a very brutal slave labour camp, where probably 100,000 Jews died ... Australian Interview: "A Current Affair" (16 February 1993)

There is no doubt in my mind that very large numbers of Jews and others were massacred by the Nazis on the eastern front during World War II. They were machine gunned into pits ...
Speech in Gresham. Oregon (October 1994)

After VE-Day, countless more ... were culled from the Displaced Persons camps in liberated Europe by the Haganah and whisked into new homes, lives and identities in the Middle East, leaving their old, discarded identities behind as "missing persons".
Disputing the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust, in Letter to the Editor, Daily Telegraph (19 March 1990)

Robert Maxwell was of course the greatest propagator of the Holocaust myth in Britain. He held the great Holocaust seminar because he and his ilk survived and dined out on the Holocaust myth. ... ...
We're all Holocaust survivors, every one of us who was born in 1939 or from then until 1945. We're all Holocaust survivors. We don't go around dining out on that particular menu. The ones who suffered in the Holocaust are the ones who died, not the ones who survived. But the Holocaust survivors are the ones who are earning of course.
Address at meeting of Clarendon Club (London. 19 September 1992)

... I'll say you didn't [suffer]. You survived. You are a survivor. By definition you didn't suffer. Not half as much as those who died. Those who did die in the so called gas chamber, gas ovens, or cremated, or died in the plague, or epidemics, or whatever in Auschwitz. They suffered. You didn't. You're the one making the money. Explain to me this. Why are you people have made all the money, but Australian soldiers who suffered for five years in Japanese prison camps haven't got a bent nickel out of it. ... They know I am going to be tasteless about the whole matter.
Proposed response to debate with Holocaust survivor on planned trip to Australia, made during speech in Gresham, Oregon (October 1994)

... he [Günther Deckert) had done what he did in Germany's interests and because he like many other Germans was being thoroughly fed up with what was being done to Germany by Israel in the sense of continually pestering them for financial compensation. From the actual culprits and perpetrators of the Holocaust. From their sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters. And the judges said in their verdict, obviously they had a certain degree of sympathy for Deckert, having done it for these reasons. They understood why he had done it.
On the conviction of Deckert in connection with a speech given by Fred Leuchter in Mannheim. Germany, in a speech in Gresham, Oregon (October 1994)58

On minorities, women, etc...:

... a mob of one, or two or three thousand demonstrators. All the scum. The homosexuals, the gypsies, the lesbians, the Jews, the blacks, the immigrants. All coming together in a paid mob. To harass, to frighten, to intimidate. Rather like the scum here today. .
... opinion on demonstrators at speech in Gresham, Oregon (October 1994)

But now we have women reading our news, to us; they must have their own news which they can read to us, I suppose. If we were interested ... I'm prepared to accept that the BBC should have a dinner-jacketed gentleman reading the important news to us, followed by a lady reading all the less important news ...
Address at meeting of Clarendon Club (London. 19 September 1992)

... Plebiscite like a woman . . she says no, but means yes.
... view on Canadian referendum during speech in Toronto (1 November 1992)

They [women] haven't produced any great creative talent.
Interview: "In the Psychiatrist's Chair" (14 August 1982)

... [they are] less intelligent and less developed than the Third World.
... why women constitute the "Fourth World", interview in Vancouver Sun (22 October 1986)

Nothing pleases me more than when I arrive at an airport or at a station or at a seaport and I see [a] black family there. ... I think that is the way God planned it. and that's the way it should be. When I see these families arriving at London airport, I'm happy, but I'm happier when I see them leaving London airport.
Address at meeting of Clarendon Club (London. 19 September 1992)

On his critics:

The same lies printed in your pages may just possibly be believed. You have a reputation for getting things right more often than not.
Response to reviewer Kai Bird, in "Reviewed vs. Reviewer", The New Statesman (8 May 1981)

There is enormous envy and rivalry and jealousy in the world of historians. The knives are out. They don't like me getting stuff that they don't get.
On the discovery of the Goebbels diaries, in "History's cache and carry" The Guardian ('7 July 1992)

... . ... a bearded prophet called Mr. Chaim Bermant, to whom I gave an interview back in January. I didn't realize that he was Jewish, and I could kick myself . ... . because he said he was a journalist, and so I assumed, quite falsely of course, that he was upright, honest and decent and true. And so he writes vicious, vicious lies ... . ...
... it is now up to them to explain to me as an intelligent and critical student of modern history why there is no significant trace of any cyanide compound in the building which they have always identified as former gas chambers.
Foreword to The Leuchter Report (May 1989)

I've always wanted to influence people and destinies, and for the last 20 years as a writer I've been influencing people's opinion and I want to start influencing their destinies ...
Interview: "In the Psychiatrist's Chair" (14 August 1982)”

In fact if memory serves me correct some 16 or 17 years ago, I was one of the organisers of a demonstration in the UK to highlight one of Irving’s public appearances. As a Trotskyite at the time I was a heavy advocate of the ‘No platform for Fascists’ line, and while I am not particularly so today, some of cockroaches jism seriously pushes those feelings back to the left, as if you the so called ‘patriot’ are arguing for freedom of organisation of Nazi-ism as a constitutional right, you are essentially arguing for the right of a cockroach to cosh you over the head with his iron claw if you don’t seig-heil in the right direction!

A very angry commie (and they have as much right to complain about the use of the term ‘commie’ as you do ‘Nazi’) on another forum wrote regarding the liberal ‘Free speech to Nazis’ line:

“1. You have zero understanding of the nature of fascism and how to defeat it. If it was as simple as trusting 'history will stand up' then the Nazis would never have come to power and Golden Dawn would not be rampaging through the streets of Athens for the past month smashing up immigrant shops, beating up men, women and children and attacking meetings of political opponents.

2. By 'smashing his claims' in debate you are doing nothing other than giving him a platform to make contact with his real targets - the most right-wing reactionary elements in society - in order to create a base for fascist action. He doesn't care about you 'smashing his claims' - he is not interested - and doesn't need - the people who will be convinced by your arguments.

3. Your work is convincing only in demonstrating your naivety - a naivety that existed in the 1920s and 1930s and a naivety that would result in you ending up in a concentration camp just like the liberal academics in Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy or Spain. They too thought they could defeat fascism by beating it in a debate - they paid for their mistake with their lives. The only way to deal with a fascist is to acquaint his head with the pavement
http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre ... 2056676638

Or let him acquaint yours with one on the grounds of ‘Free Speech’.

Cockroaches are not interested in genuine civilised debate, and the vile tone of your first post on my thread demonstrates you are merely propagandising for Nazism and the wanton grotesque denial of Nazi atrocities.

And anyone with the sllghtest actual knowledge of Marxism/Leninism/Nazism and the general hierarchy of cockroaches understands Leninism and Naziism are virtually indistinguishable.
Commie Nazis? Nothing to see here! Just a Nazi Hammer and Sickle from 1934.

Taken from “The Soviet Story – Why Killing is Essential to Communism”

“One year after Lenin’s death in 1924 the New York Times published a small article which at the time went almost unnoticed. It was about some newly established party in Germany, the NATIONAL SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY of which Adolf Hitler is patron and father persists in believing that Lenin and Hitler can be compared. Who’s speaking? A certain Dr Goebels. On the speakers assertion that Lenin was the greatest man, second only to Hitler and the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith was very slight, a faction war opened with whizzing beer glasses – amazing – the Nazi propaganda minister Goebels was openly declaring that the difference between Lenin’s Communism and the Hitler faith was very slight. As we read, it didn’t go down well with potential voters so the Nazi’s changed their tactics. Their early campaign posters quietly disappeard, they never again publically stressed their resemblance to communists. In the inner circle however the Nazis and Hitler were more outspoken. “

“Hitler often said that he had learnt a great deal from Marxism, from reading Marx I mean, the whole of National Socialism is based upon it he said, doctrinally based”. (Another commentator) “People keep forgetting that the Nazi regime in Germany was also socialist. It was officially called the National Socialist Workers Party. There was a branch of socialism, international socialism, those in Germany were National Socialism – IT IS THE SAME THING IN REALITY, slightly different interpretation.”

Hitler, like Lenin, was aware of the importance of utilising certain tactics during periods of legality and others during periods of illegality. The Nazis came to power under a false flag, the Russian commies through other means but the overall strategies employed were remarkably similar, i.e. court electoral politics and a mass movement of ‘revolutionary’ Jack booted thugs simultaneously.

If the reader is in any doubt regarding the Nazi’s regard for ‘Free speech’ read how the black-shirts dealt with hecklers in public meetings, they simply beat the crap out of them and hauled them out of the door. Should the cockroaches ever get to the stage where they can organise as openly again they will simply follow the exact same pattern, understanding as THEY do the importance of ‘illegal’ and ‘legal’ forms of ‘struggle’.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:38 am

"Adolf Hitler as High Priest.

But the supreme example of a right-wing totalitarianism achieving the status of a religion is Nazi Germany. Unlike Fascism in Italy, Nazism was not just a philosophy or an ideology. Unlike the Spanish variant of Fascism, Nazism did not align itself with vested religious interests. On the contrary, it undertook, quite systematically, to supplant all such interests and establish itself as an entirely new religion.

It has now been forty years since the end of the Second World War. These years have witnessed an endless stream of historical commentary, exposition and explication about the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party and the Third Reich. And still the questions remain. How could a civilised and cultured people – a people who gave the world Goethe and Beethoven, Kant and Hegel, Bach and Heine – follow so perverse a pied piper and plunge en masse into so monstrous, so demonic an orgy of destruction? Writers have sought to answer this question in a variety of ways. Nazism has been explained as a social phenomenon, a cultural phenomenon, an economic phenomenon. It has been blamed on the Versailles Treaty, on fiscal depression, on runaway inflation, on a loss of national self-respect, on the rise of communism, on a collapse of the middle class, on a welter of other things.

Certainly all these items, and many others, played a vital part. Certainly, too, they are all interrelated. But the most crucial element in any understanding of Nazism is the extent to which it deliberately activated the religious impulse in the German people. It elicited an emotional as well as cerebal response, uniting, in its own depraved fashion, both hearts and minds. It became a fully fledged religion and, as such, it redeemed post-First World War Germany from the purgatory of meaninglessness. It was the religious dimension of Nazism that inspired the dynamism, the hysterical fanaticism, the demonic energy and ferocity which so transcended the parallel totalitarian movements in Italy and Spain. One could plausibly argue that the Third Reich was the first state in Western history since ancient Rome to be based ultimately not on social, economic or political principles, but on religious principles, on magical principles. And its self-styled leader was not so much a politician nor even a demagogue, as a shaman.

The rise of the Third Reich did not simply and more or less accidentally ‘happen’ as a result of one man’s venomous charisma. On the contrary it was carefully contrived and meticulously orchestrated. With a frightening degree of self-awareness and psychological sophistication, the Nazi Party undertook to activate and manipulate the religious impulse in the German people, to address itself to the question of meaning in a religious sense. Nazi Germany offered a cosmology, as well as a philosophy and an ideology. It appealed to the heart, to the nervous system, to the unconscious, as well as to the intellect. In order to do so it employed many of religions most ancient techniques – elaborate ceremonial, chanting, rhythmic repetition, incantatory oratory, colour and light. The notorious Nuremburg rallies were not rallies of the kind that occur in the west today but cunningly stage-managed theatre of the kind, for example, that formed an integral component of Greek religious festivals. Everything – the colours of uniforms and flags, the placement of the spectators, the nocturnal hour, the use of spotlights and floodlights, the sense of timing – was precisely calculated. The film clips depict people intoxicating themselves, chanting themselves into a state of rapture and ecstacy using the mantra ‘Sig Heil!’ and doting on the Fuhrer as if he were a deity. The faces of the crowd are stamped with a mindless beatitude, a vacuous, enthralled stupefaction perfectly interchangeable with the faces of a revivalist church meeting. It is not a question of persuasive rhetoric. In fact, Hitler’s rhetoric is quite unpersuasive. More often than not, it is banal, childish, repetitious, devoid of substance. But his delivery has a venomous energy, a rhythmic pulse to it as hypnotic as a drumbeat; and this, combined with the contagion of mass emotion, with the pressure of thousands of people packed together in a confined area, with a deliberately ecclesiastical form of pageantry and spectacle inflated to Wagnerian proportions, produces a mass hysteria, an essentially religious fervour. What one witnesses at Hitler rallies is an ‘alteration of consciousness’ such as psychologists generally associate with a mystical experience. And Hitler himself becomes a black Messiah, acting as a receptacle for the religious energy he has evoked. In the words of one commentator, ‘it was not long before the German people began to see Hitler as a Messiah of Germany. Public meetings – especially the Nuremburg rally – took on a religious atmosphere. All stagings were designed to create a supernatural and religious atmosphere’.5

Nor were Germans at the time oblivious of the religious dimensions of what Hitler was doing. On the contrary, they were not only aware of it, but in some cases actually welcomed it. Thus the mayor of Hamburg is on record as saying, ‘We need no priests, we can communicate direct to God through Adolf Hitler’.6 And in April, 1937, a conclave of German Christians declared, ‘Hitler’s word is God’s Law, the decrees and laws which represent it possess divine authority’.7

One of the most valuable sources of information on Hitler’s own thinking is a man named Herman Rauschning. Rauschning was one of the earliest adherents to the Nazi Party, joining in 1926. He soon became one of Hitler’s most trusted colleagues and confidants and was made President of the Danzig Senate in 1933. By 1935, however, he had become genuinely alarmed at what was happening in Germany and he fled, first to Switzerland, then to the United States. Deeming it essential to warn the world about the Third Reich, he published, in the years immediately prior to the war, two books in which he recounted Hitler’s own conversation. From numerous extracts in Rauschning, it is apparent that Hitler knew full well what he was doing, and that the activation of the religious impulse in the German people was part of a meticulously calculated design. Paraphrasing Hitler, Rauschning says, ‘He had made the masses fanatic, he explained, in order to fashion them into instruments of his policy. He had awakened them into instruments of his policy. He had awakened the masses. He had lifted them out of themselves, and had given them meaning and a function’.8 He then quotes Hitler directly:

“At a mass meeting …..thought is eliminated. And because this is the state of mind I require, because it secures to me the best sounding-board for my speeches I order everyone to attend the meetings, where they become part of the mass whether they like it or not, ‘intellectuals’ and bourgeois as well as workers. I mingle the people. I speak to them only as a mass”.9

And further, as Hitler himself writes in Mein Kampf:

“In all these cases one deals with the problem of influencing the freedom of the human will. And that is true especially of meetings where there are men whose wills are opposed to the speaker and who must be brought about to a new way of thinking. In the morning and during the day it seems that the power of the human will rebels with its strongest energy against any attempt to impose upon it the will or opinion of another. On the other hand, in the evening it easily succumbs to the domination of a stronger will…..The mysterious artificial dimness of the Catholic churches also serves this purpose, the burning candles, the incense…..”.10

Hitler acknowledged that he employed religious techniques. He also acknowledged, at least in part, where he had acquired them. ‘I learned above all from the Jesuits and so did Lenin, for that matter, if I remember rightly’.11 And, after one of his characteristic attacks on Freemasonry, he adds:

“[Their] hierarchical organisation and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say without bothering the brains but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult – all this is the dangerous element and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character?....An Order, that is what it has to be – an order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood.” 12 The Messianic Legacy, Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, Corgi Publishing

So where did they get this ideology from? I say Dr Karl Doppler (the Doubler) the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Austria, who according to ‘10,000 Famous Freemasons’ was approached by Himmler to develop a system of Freemasonry for the SS.

Other sources vary, Baigent et al put the blame at the door of the ‘Ostara of Lanz von Liebenfels, founder in 1907 of the Order of New Templars, the flag of which carried a Swastika’, another article by David Richards ‘Nazis were against Freemasonry – Masonic Ruse’ states:

'Several Masonic spiritual families existed side by side in Germany, [and] were treated differently by the Nazis.'

'About two-thirds of the brethren belonged to the three oldest, always Christian-oriented and at that time strongly nationalistic Grand Lodges founded in the 18th century which were called 'Old Prussian' because they were founded and had their seats in Berlin. They never initiated 'non Christians', that is, Jews.'

This faction was Pro-Nazi. It contained the captains of industry, commerce and finance, Royalty and leading citizens who backed Hitler. Many of these men were high-ranking members of the Nazi Party.’

Colating all the various sources out there, to argue that Hitler and co were well read and did not absorb the Theosophical (Masonic) doctrines is the most blatant absurdity as they sure as hell employed them.

Hitler did not destroy Freemasonry in Germany, to suggest he did is a most callous blatant lie. It took two years to shut the Masonic lodges down, god knows what they set up during that time. The documentary fact is that German Fascism followed the exact same path as Franco (incidentally, another MONORCHID), Lenin Trotsky Stalin and Mussolini. This was most eloquently stated by the Freemason Gramsci in his 1925 speech to Italian parliament.

Gramsci 1925 Speech to the Italian parliament
Delivered: 16 May 1925;
Source: Gramsci Antonio, Contro la legge sulle associazioni segrete, 1997, Manifestolibri;
GRAMSCI: This law will not manage to slow down the movement which you yourselves are preparing in the country. Since freemasonry will enter the fascist party en masse and will form a tendency within it, it is clear that with this law you hope to impede the development of large worker and peasant organizations. That is the real value, the real meaning of the law.

GRAMSCI: The reality then is that the law against freemasonry is not principally against freemasonry; in the end fascism will easily come to a compromise with freemasonry.”
http://www.marxists.org/archive/gramsci ... speech.htm

And for those that have bothered to look into it to any degree it is obvious the same situation occurred in Germany.

The following is taken from ‘COMPASS, SQUARE AND SWASTIKA: FREEMASONRY IN THE THIRD REICH’ A Dissertation by CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL THOMAS, Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY

“Minimizing the already scant amount of available material is the unfortunate fact
that nearly all these authors are mired in debate over whether Freemasons ought to be classified as victims or collaborators. While all authors acknowledge the persecution of German Freemasons, only Bernheim and Melzer point out that the majority of Freemasons, both as institutions and individuals, actually tried to align with the regime, failing at the institutional level but succeeding remarkably as individuals”.

“Many Freemasons willingly joined the Nazi party and its affiliates. One lodge brother joined the Schutzstaffeln (SS) and then helped it shut down his former lodge; others served as informers for the Gestapo and Sicherheitsdienst (SD – Security
Service). Many lodges officially barred Jews, adopted “Aryan clauses,” and openly sought “coordination” with the regime. Hitler even appointed a Freemason, Hjalmar Schacht, first as president of the Reichsbank and then as Minister of Economics”.

“Nazi Terror was not uniform, persecution (at least for non-racial enemies) could be mitigated or even totally escaped, and that the degree to which an individual could lessen or avoid persecution relied on a system of give-and-take with the regime.The more a specific group or individual had to offer, the more likely the regime would make concessions, either at the institutional or individual level. In the case of Freemasons, they had everything to offer”.

“Because Freemasonry was not a racially-defined group, the regime never took the war to the individual Freemason. Instead the regime ruthlessly shut down and looted every lodge building in the country, but never once touched the personal and private wealth of the members, which could be considerable”…

“……those who dropped the fraternity in the 1930s then returned to it once the Nazi threat was over, and then rewrote their history, imagining themselves as victims of Nazi tyranny…”

“After the closure, former lodge brothers of the Humanitarian lodges, like their Old Prussian brethren, wasted little time joining or forming new social organizations. The SD and Gestapo feared that these new organizations served as the foundation for the “work of Freemasonry” to continue clandestinely.39

A kegel club in Elbing, for example, consisted of twenty members, all of whom were former high-degree Masons.

The club continued to call itself Hansa (the name of the former lodge) and, after its lodge building was seized, met in a private room in a local restaurant. With the exception of the waiter, nobody was allowed to enter the room whenever the club held meetings. An investigation by the Gestapo even reported that the club began to adorn the walls with Freemason paraphernalia and suspected that the club was merely a front.40

The Elbing kegel club, however, proved to be the exception to the rule. Investigations of other organizations joined by former Freemasons stated that nothing suspicious was happening.41 The Gestapo and SD had simply displaced Freemasons, rather than removing them.”


Freemasonry is so pervasive across all cutures, across all races, across all religions, in so many different forms, removing it from what we call ‘society’, without fundamentally changing society is essentially tantamount to a man cutting his own throat then complaining of being short of breath.

Nazi Germany is an example of what Freemasons wish to call “Apocalyptic Freemasonry”(see Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry) and another massive clue to the nature of Nazism is that the patron saint of the German Masonic Vril (Virility) Society was St John the Baptist, the apocalyptic proto Mason, and actual patron saint of Freemasonry, until some Masons took up with another John (St John the Evangelist) also identified as another apocalyptic Freemason.

Hitler or Itler was just a Masons Tiler, the public face of a much more hidden and intractable power structure.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

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“My name is Ben Watson and I am an alcoholic”

The words echoed through the canyons of his mind……..

“There – I’ve said it” he thought to himself “at least in my own mind, if not out loud”

Watson stood at his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting amongst a circle of seven others.
“What a depressing scene! No chance of a sneaky reading of Hegel or Horkenheimer or Heidigger here!” he thought.
He could never compare himself to this lowly crew of down and outs.

Had they danced onstage to Zappa’s Black Page (part 6d) at the Rocksmith Hippodrome Pavillion back in 1974 wearing nothing but a wig crudely fashioned from ostrich feathers and authentic camel dung?

Had they spiked their hair with Vivienne Westwood’s Flem and gob and spittle, back in 77 at the Odeon Fullercrum during an epic performance by 'Sadie Snot and the Snotters'?

Indeed, had they drifted dreamily downriver on a rowboat, snaking through the lush green meadows of Cambridge on a long hot summer afternoon, and simultaneously taking it up the arse from an old Etonian House Master, while randomly shouting passages read from a badly battered copy of Swift stained with the butterdrips of hot crumpets?

Well, had they?

Of course they hadn’t, theirs was a sorry lot – cheap cider, bed & breakfast lodgings and communicable diseases. What knew they of Marx and DeSade, Trotsky, Lenin and Zappa? Technically he didn’t even consider them human, why then was he stood amongst this sorry assemblage contemplating this crumbling community centre?

Now he remembered. Those callous Camden Council Child-Care Commissioners captured condemning CCTV clips. The bastards had caught him downing the “gut-rot beer” one too many times traversing the traffic in town with toddlers in tow. Watson’s alcoholism was considered a danger to children.

That was the straight story, there was a better reason known only to Scotland Yard, the Head Psychiatrists on the Secure Wing of Camden Mental Hospital, and your humble narrator.

Back in April of 2012 he had stated:

“There's a conspiracy pressing down on this bourgeois sentimentalist at the present time ... housework!”

But he later told himself “Ill beat this damned conspiracy if it’s the last thing I ever do”

Competency in house husbandry was his challenge. Dolly, dear Dolly, would get up early doors, brave the hustle and bustle, spend a dreary day delivering lectures, cart herself home then flop down exhausted on the sofa. Watson would never let it be said that she wasn’t living the feminist dream, but what did Dolly receive for her sacrifice?

The sight of Ben Watson having hardly made a dent on the washing-up, the vacuuming or the dusting, and there was nothing to eat on the table. A room full of empty “gut rot beer” cans, screaming toddlers and a barely comprehensible drunken old fart staring blankly back at her!

Not that she was in any way the perfect home maker, Watson and Dolly combined were never capable of keeping the kitchen clean. Indeed, how they winced when back in 2003 Joe Burley had named their kitchen the original “Dangerous Kitchen” Zappa had sung of, but how they later laughed when Burley vomited in their equally dangerous bathroom following him daring Watsons dish of mouldy mussels in a particularly rancid tomato sauce.

Anyway that was then, this is now – Dolly demanded diligent housework and in the name of Marx he would meet the challenge hands down.

He studied the classics – and put them into action. “Delia’s Delicious Home Cooking” replaced his volume of De Sade, “Keeping Your Kitchen Clean” replaced his copy of Kant, and gone was his ‘Das Kapital’ to be replaced by “Domestic Economy for Women – Top Time Saving Tips”.

In nearly no time he had dubbed himself the “Grand Vizer of the Vacuum” and the “High Priest of the Hotpoint Washer”, and woe betide that ground in stubborn stain – he had learnt to blitz them with Jiff and a dash of elbow grease!

Such a testament to Metrosexuality was Watsons cooking, cleaning and overall dedication to the plight of the downtrodden housewife that he featured in one issue of ‘Feminist Review’ under the title “Watson Woman’s Up – Honing House Husbandry with a Metrosexual Marxist”. He never featured in his now favourite publication “Good Housekeeping” but he had had a letter published in there, extolling the virtues of wearing a good stout pair of Marigold gloves when doing the washing up, and giving a stern warning against using pledge on antique Chippendale dressers following his own horrific experience (it left streaks!).

Everything seemed great, and for once in his miserable life he was making a positive contribution to society.

However, as is always the case, “first comes the honour – then comes the shame”.

On the surface he was the archetypal ‘New Man’. Straight yet totally bent, hetero yet unashamedly homo, Man yet undoubtedly Woman, a metrosexual martyr par excellence - but underneath this calm exterior something dark and foul had been brewing for quite some time….

More to follow..............................
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

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Slighly updated and amalgamised version of earier posts
From 1984 - THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein, Chapter I Ignorance is Strength

Referring to agriculturalists
"To return to the agricultural past, as some thinkers about the beginning of the twentieth century dreamed of doing, was not a practicable solution. It conflicted with the tendency towards mechanization which had become quasi-instinctive throughout almost the whole world, and moreover, any country which remained industrially backward was helpless in a military sense and was bound to be dominated, directly or indirectly, by its more advanced rivals."

Referring to ruling/middle/working class
"The aims of these three groups are entirely irreconcilable. The aim of the High is to remain where they are. The aim of the Middle is to change places with the High. The aim of the Low, when they have an aim -- for it is an abiding characteristic of the Low that they are too much crushed by drudgery to be more than intermittently conscious of anything outside their daily lives -- is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in which all men shall be equal"


This is Orwell’s hope. This impulsive urge of the working class can be said to take the form of myth which persists to this day. Rather than a call to anarchism or Trotskyism it is more a distortion of what we could call the ‘peasants ideal’.

The enlightenment was a ruse - Rather than free the peasantry to pursue urban democracy, the mass movements of expropriation merely took the toiler one step further away from self-subsistence and independence.

“But mercantile economy, the economy of “merces” or of “pay” signifies the accumulation, in the hands of individuals, of legal or moral claim upon, or power over, the labour of others; every such claim implying precisely as much poverty or debt on one side, as it implies riches or right on the other.

…since this commercial wealth or power over labour, is nearly always convertible at once into real property, while real property is not always convertible at once into power over labour, the idea of riches among active men in civilised nations, generally refers to commercial wealth; and in estimating their possessions, they rather calculate the value of their horses and fields by the number of guineas they could get for them, than the value of their guineas by the number of horses and fields they could buy with them.

There is, however, another reason for this habit of mind; namely, that an accumulation of real property is of little use to its owner, unless together with it, he has commercial power over labour. Thus, suppose any person to be put in possession of a large estate of fruitful land, with rich beds of gold in its gravel, countless herds of cattle in its pastures; houses, and gardens, and store-houses full of useful stores; but suppose, after all, that he could get no servants? In order that he may be able to have servants, someone in his neighbourhood must be poor, and in want of his gold – or his corn. Assume that no-one is in want of either, and that no servants are to be had. He must therefore bake his own bread, make his own clothes, plough his own ground, and shepherd his own flocks. His gold will be as useful to him as any other yellow pebbles on the estate. His stores must rot, for he cannot consume them. He can eat no more than another man could eat, and wear no more than another man could wear. He must lead a life of severe and common labour to procure even ordinary comforts; he will be ultimately unable to keep either houses in repair, or fields in cultivation; and forced to content himself with a poor man’s portion of cottage and garden, in the midst of a desert of wasteland, trampled by wild cattle, and encumbered by ruins of palaces, which he will hardly mock at himself by calling “his own”.

The most covetous of mankind would, with small exultation, I presume, accept riches of these kind on these terms. What is really desired, under the name of riches, is, essentially, power over men; in its simplest sense, the power of obtaining for our own advantage the labour of servant, tradesman, and artist; in wider sense, authority of directing large masses of the nation to various ends. And this power of wealth of course is greater or less in direct proportion to the poverty of the men over whom it is exercised, and in inverse proportion to the number of persons who are as rich as ourselves, and who are ready to give the same price for an article of which the supply is limited. If the musician is poor, he will sing for small pay, as long as there is only one person who can pay him; but if there be two or three, he will sing for the one who offers him the most. And thus the power of the riches of the patron (always imperfect and doubtful, as we shall see presently, even when most authoritative) depends on the poverty of the artist, and then on the limitations of the number of equally wealthy persons, who also want seats at the concert. So that, as above stated, the art of becoming “rich” in the common sense, is not absolutely nor finally the art of accumulating much money for ourselves, but also of contriving that our neighbours shall have less. In accurate terms, it is “the art of establishing the maximum inequality in our own favour.”
P32-35, John Ruskin, The Veins of Wealth – “Unto this Last”, Everet and Co Ltd Publishing,

So if you need it translating, if we didn’t have their money and slavery system they would have to pull their fingers out and farm their own land, tend their own animals, bake their own bread, wash their own clothes and perform all the ordinary functions a person needs to live normally.

The system of wealth and inequality Ruskin (Godfather of Rhodes Foundation / Milner Group) describes can only begin to develop when men are driven from the land and divorced from their means of self-subsistence.

If a man has an acre field and can produce enough to support several people, it could be called independence and possibly if this concept developed - freedom.

If the same man has to surrender 10%, 20%, 50%, even more or more of his produce to a king or colonial army, he may have to tighten his belt but he is still free, as he still produces his own means of subsistence.

Once the man is removed from his means of self-subsistence he can never be considered free as he relies on giving his allegiance to whoever is producing the subsistence. Even if the man never goes’s hungry he can still not be considered free.

Commentators have always talked about ‘the means of production’, i.e. the proletariat is divorced from access to means of production, and is forced to sell his labour to a capitalist in order to survive.

Though this is true, it omits the fact that presumably it’s OK for the worker to have lost his means of subsistence! It is only when one is divorced from the means of subsistence that they need to have recourse to a means of production. This is the basis of alienation. That in becoming specialist in a means of production the person becomes defined by their labour activity, usually one specific task, in order to exchange the value of this labour for subsistence. He becomes as the Marxist would put it – a living unit of production. The principle that 2 men can produce more products in 1 day than 1 man alone could produce in 2 days is at the heart of capitalist production. The rationale behind this is in standardization of tasks, the more individuals who are involved in making a product the quicker it is to produce, imagine the difference in time between hand crafting a guitar and a guitar manufactured on a production line. Capitalist production is forced co-operative labour in which humanity becomes standardized. As it becomes so it identifies with and becomes defined by each other through common purpose (work) and common interest (pay). This gives rise to the principle of communal protest, to represent the common interest. This principle of communal protest has nominally been against capitalist exploitation, but as a child of it has only ever been able to speak in its language.

Marx himself stated that no matter how the material conditions of the proletariat vary his alienation can only become worse as capitalism continues. This means if you have a stack of i-pod and cds and books and enjoy good food, entertainment and lots of casual sex, have lots of money and few cares, you can only ever be less free than from the point in time you had nothing. The analogy which describes this is the heroin addict who kicks after a decade of injecting heroin will surely suffer far greater withdrawal symptoms than the addict who has been injecting for a year. As most of us know - the chronic addicts never get off and usually take their addiction to their death.

Workers (and most political) protests have at almost all stages in history been no more than the addicts pleading to the dealer for a bigger fix.

The Communists chief concern with peasantry at times of revolutionary periods has always been that either they would refuse to collectivise their produce and land, or they simply had no interest in revolution, especially if harvests were going well.

So often the peasant has been considered the poor relation of the proletariat. The proletariat forgetting (subconsciously jealous) the self-subsistence of the peasant, he once had himself. It is the only thing which lay behind the instinctive urge of the working class to destroy capitalism. The socialistic paradise is nothing more than the subversion of the peace-ants ideal.

The more one researches the nature of freemasonry the more ‘The agrarian question’ has to feature in a satisfactory analysis.

Land ownership and distribution of land amongst individuals constitutes the single biggest factor in an individual’s ability to sustain themselves independently. At the end of the 19th century the Masses were forced into big cities. This is largely because, as Lenin stated they were bankrupted by the development of capitalism in agriculture.

At the end of the 19th century handicraft and small scale farming based largely on family enterprises constituted the single biggest economic group across the world. Such small scale farmer/peasant owner / tenants frequently enjoyed a far lower standard of life than agricultural labourers. What would drive small scale peasants to consciously subsist at the margins when agricultural labour would have been a far more profitable option? We can only agree with Lenin, that what fuelled the peasantry was 'property owner fanaticism' or in human terms the right to exist on a piece of land independently of the state and all other forms of economic bondage.

Back in 1899 when Lenin wrote “the agrarian question” it was clear that the peasant’s ability to survive against all odds through their mastery of agriculture was considered a source of considerable frustration to the communist mind-set. The proletarianisation and destruction of the peasantry was welcomed along the lines of Darwinian Eugenics.

“Like every crisis, the agrarian crisis is ruining a large number of farmers, is bringing about important changes in the established relations of property, and in some places is leading to technical retrogression, to the revival of medieval relationships and forms of economy; taken as a whole, however, it is accelerating social evolution, ejecting patriarchal stagnation from its last refuge and making necessary the further specialisation of agriculture….”
V. I. Lenin – Theory of the Agrarian question, 1899

Here is a link between Marx, Lenin and Stalin (and Trotsky) which cuts deeper than any perceived differences in policy or theory between the individuals.

Indeed, 25 years later in Russia the question was to appear in such a more marked format that its importance can be considered to be woefully neglected on several levels. Laying the foundation for the obliteration of the peasantry could be considered one of Lenin’s singular most important tasks. This was conducted firstly by combining the interests of the downtrodden proletariat and peasantry together, convincing the peasantry of their own obsolescence, and then sending them to serve as cannon fodder on the front in defence of the ‘socialist fatherland’.

Though Bolsheviks were attempting to draw the peasantry into the fold of the proletariat - remember Lenin’s revolutionary slogan “Bread, Land and Peace”; a slogan designed to appeal to the consciousness of the peasant as well as the worker, simultaneously the urban proletariat were attempting an exodus to the Rural areas as scavenging for food in the countryside was the only way to combat starvation.

To understand the treachery of Stalin, is to understand the treachery of Trotsky and Lenin – Freemasons all.

Each one has the same accusation levelled and falls guilty as charged – Advocacy of slaughter of peasantry under the banner of ‘dialectical materialism’ or their other favourite 'historical necessity'.

Though Lenin made concessions to peasantry, the reason was that the mass scale communisation and industrialization of farming methods in rural districts did not materialize to the extent that the communists anticipated. The peasantry (at least those who were not sacrificed at the front), unlike much of the urban proletariat, remained stubbornly against communism and politically and economically independent. This manifested in the oddest (often temporary) alliances of peasantry with whites / reds / all shades of anarchists. The peasants were often at war against all sides and always for the noblest of causes – FREEDOM.

What is not often stated is that the heroic and tragic Kronstadt uprising, of which anarchists take great pride in relating to, which so very nearly turned the tables on the reds was largely conducted by peasants. Such was the force of the Krondstaters message against both bolshevism and international capital the overwhelming majority of Bolsheviks within the district of Krondstadt defected to the sailors cause.

The Kronstadt Sailors message as stated by Vershinin of Kronstadt Revolutionary Commitee was fairly unambiguous, if only half correct:

“Enough of your “hurrahs” and join us to beat the Jews. It is their cursed domination that we workers and peasants have had to endure.”
Leon Trotsky - Sword of the Revolution, Tony Cliff, Bookmarks publishing

The tragedy of Krondstadt lives on as a testament to the ordinary persons will to freedom.

To usurp power from individuals they must be restricted from all means to self-subsistence. In the worst kind of Machiavellian fashion the Bolsheviks achieved this.

Almost the whole of Lenin’s post October strategy was directed towards wrangling with the agrarian question in some form or another. It can be argued that Lenin certainly procrastinated on this question and left it for the other two dictators in the wings, namely Stalin and Trotsky to take up after his death.

Trotsky’s political manoeuvring post 1917 bears every hallmark of a high league Freemason scorned. It must be understood that both Trotsky and Stalin were tipped as the USSRs future high priests to fulfil Lenin’s Legacy, but only one could take the crown. Trotsky and Stalin were always at war, but Lenin’s death pushed Trotsky to push the agrarian question far earlier than it was possible to implement effectively. Such stupid and premature moves by Trotsky were heavily against the popular feeling at the time, as obviously much of the proletariat were ex peasants, or related to peasants. Stalin allowed the middle and large Kulak to build up rather than building up the small peasant again, at the same time he utterly broke the already exhausted spirit of the working masses and turned them against each other Orwellian 1984 style. This allowed him to dispossess all peasantry under nominal class interests later on. Trotsky’s error was to pursue the same policy as Stalin executed successfully (ie genocide of peasantry) three or four years too early.

That Trotsky was severely aggrieved at the high Masonic elite he helped make a revolution for, but still carried a significant degree of clout with it, is beyond dispute. Trotsky and Stalin’s opposition to each other was at most times nominal posturing. Trotsky’s safe exile from Russia is a farce in itself as was his consequent globetrotting and his safe haven in Mexico - a massive Masonic hotbed – read:


Ultimately it must be concluded Trotsky bit the hand that fed him a little too hard, but at the same time became one of the biggest (false) martyr’s in history.

We know that Trotsky was aggrieved at Masonry because he was the only high level Marxist Mason to speak out against it (vociferously and venomously). To what degree we can attach any kind of humanity to these sentiments is difficult to state but Trotsky’s comments, like Gramsci’s, are some of the most important words on freemasonry on record.

Referring to the persecution of the ‘Left Opposition’ in its later manifestation by Stalin.

“This extraordinary combination of historical conditions sufficiently explains the slow organizational growth of the Left Opposition. At the same time, in spite of this slowness, the spiritual life of the Comintern revolves, today more than ever before around the struggle against Trotskyism. The theoretical periodicals and theoretical newspaper articles of the CPSU, as well as the other sections of the Comintern are chiefly devoted to the struggle against the Left Opposition, now openly, now maskedly. Still more symptomatic in significance is that mad organizational baiting which the apparatus pursues against the opposition: disruption of its meeting by blackjack methods; employment of all sorts of other physical violence; behind the scenes agreements with bourgeois pacifists, French Radicals and Freemasons against the Trotskyists; the dissemination of envenomed calumnies from the Stalinist centre, etc etc… “ P70 The Only Road for Germany, Leon Trotsky, 1932.

Also in “Trotskyism and the PSOP”

“The misfortune is that the leaders of the PSOP have not broken “courageously” with social patriotism, for they have not broken with Freemasonry, that important reservoir of imperialist patriotism. The other day I received the excellent pamphlet of Pierre Bailly Yes, Freemasonry Is a Danger. Rejecting all psychological and philosophical hogwash, which hasn’t the slightest value since in the course of its entire development Freemasonry has contributed nothing either to science or philosophy, the author approaches the question in a Marxist manner, that is, from the class standpoint. On the basis of the documents of Freemasonry itself he has irrefutably demonstrated its imperialist, reactionary and demoralizing role”. [2]

“Bailly’s pamphlet is, incidentally, the best proof of the fact that in contrast to all other factions and groups our comrades know how to approach a complex problem as proletarian revolutionists. Even the minor fact that Nikolitch’s pamphlet, hollow and loaded with bourgeois sentimentality, is very well printed while Bailly’s serious work is mimeographed illustrates well enough the social position of centrist and revolutionary ideas”. Trotskyism and the PSOP, Leon Trotsky, 1939.

Freemasons today would have it that Trotsky’s connection to freemasonry was obscure see:
Trotsky on Freemasonry
http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/public_percep ... otsky.html

Nothing could be further from the truth. Take the time to confirm the information in the writings in these pages and collate it with Anthony Suttons information on Trotsky in “Wall St and the Bolshevik Revolution”, and various other sources, and the overall picture of MASONIC FUCKERY should be obvious to all but the most deluded idiots.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:51 am

Much improved version of an earlier post.

Taken from ‘George Thomson, (P132 – 145, The foreseeable future, George Thompson, 1957 Cambridge University Press):

“More recently progress has been made on other lines. Surgery of living brains has provided important evidence. Severing the connections of the front part of the brain makes only a minor difference to the ability to think, but can modify character and temperament……….. A different line of attack is the discovery of electrical rhythms in the brain which can be detected by external coils, can be amplified and analyzed. In this work Lord Adrian has been greatly concerned; it is for the first time possible to record physical effects coming from the living human brain. These waves of frequencies, varying in the region of 1 to 200 cycles per second, can be detected over different parts of the head.”

A different line of attack? Perhaps in the post ww2 era frontal lobotomy was pushing the limits of political correctness, though it is difficult to find any record of opposition to these thoughts accepting widespread credence amongst certain sections of the population. No doubt the Eugenicists would’ve also agreed that the practical difficulties of performing lobotomies across the board may well have presented other issues for example the amount of surgery necessary to lobotomies the whole population may not be considered cost effective or achievable considering how many surgeons would be needed to be trained to conduct the procedure. Surely a far better idea would be to concentrate on electronically lobotomizing the public en masse!

“It is believed that the synapses in the brain, where nerves join or closely approach one another, impact in some roughly similar way……Knowledge of how we feel will perhaps have more effect on action than knowledge of how we think. One wonders whether, for example, fervent nationalism in terms of electrical circuits of the process by which it has been built up. Then humour: seeing a joke is pretty obviously a matter of unblocking some circuit or feeling a group of conflicting impulses suddenly arrange themselves in a new pattern…….It is probably the things to which men wish to attach great and fundamental importance will fare hardest. Principles may be difficult to retain if they can be said, plausibly if inaccurately, to be merely circuit diagrams, even complicated ones. This may do harm, especially to the not uncommon kind of mind which supposes that, for example, tracing man’s ancestry back to lung fish somehow makes humanity less dignified……Habits of mind that are constantly used in one part of a man’s life are very likely to spill over into another. For a time mental compartments remain nearly water tight, but sooner or later – even if not till the next generation – the walls begin to leak. Peoples views on values will be influenced by how they regard the material world ” “Art, religion, patriotism, humanitarianism, what will each look like when we know what circuits are excited and in what sequence, in the brains that feel their emotions?”

In plain speaking terms - once we have lobotomized you it will be a simple task to reengineer your thoughts. Those who feel that man and woman have something more noble and dignified in nature than the lungfish will be the first to be taken down (green sustainability promotes exactly this). ‘Contaminated’ thoughts of the past will be ironed out given a generation or two.

“Machines of a very simple kind have already been made to determine the result of external changes on an economic structure…As long as people react to changes in a foreseeable way, whether this way is rational or not, a machine ought to be able to cope. It might even be able to predict panics if they come from a real instability in the situation”.

If machines of this type were well in operation in 1957, the mind can only recoil in horror in imagining the capability of these computerised systems today.

“The future will see, I think, men’s brains released from a tangle of hindrance’s that come from wrongly sorted impressions or barriers that have been set up. Whether it will be done by physical action, by feeding in perhaps electrical impulses of the right kind, or more subtly by an extension to earliest youth of the methods of the psychiatrist, is anybody’s guess. When brains have reached their natural limit, and probably before then, it will become possible to produce better ones by selected mutations”.

Again in plain speaking terms, ‘men’s brains released from a tangle of hindrances that come from wrongly sorted impressions or barriers that have been set up’ read instead once every vestige of free will and conscious reasoning is destroyed we will have you exactly where we want you.

13 years later in one of the patriot movements ‘holy books’ Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two Ages – Americas Role in the Technetronic Era mentions the same technology.

“In addition to improved rocketry, multi-missiles, and more powerful and more accurate bombs, future developments may well include automated or manned space warships, deep-sea installations, chemical and biological weapons, death rays, and still other forms of warfare – even the weather may be tampered with….”

“In addition it may be possible – and tempting – to exploit for strategic-political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behaviour. Gordon J. F MacDonald, a geophysicist specialising in the problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed artificially excited electronic strokes “could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels of certain regions of the earth…. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period….No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behaviour for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades” P57 Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two Ages – Americas Role in the Technetronic Era, The Viking Press - New York 1970.

A more contemporary source of information regarding the use of psycotronics can be found in “Angels don’t play this Haarp – Advances in Tesla Technology”.

Captain ‘Tyler’ is a very interesting name. A Tyler, or in correct Masonic spelling ‘Tiler’ is a Mason’s gatekeeper, a Masonic Lodge properly ‘Tyled’ when the Tiler "closes the door and covers the sacred precincts from all intrusion" (see Mackeys encyclopeadia of Freemasonry). So what you are getting from the ‘Tiler’ is an authorised, sanctioned account of the uses of the technology, though some information is better than none at all in these matters.

“The next chapter in ‘Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology’ is the section written by Captain Paul Tyler. Tyler discusses, to some degree, the application of non-ionising radiation using external fields including radiofrequency radiation and other electromagnetic radiations. He discusses some of the beneficial effects of this energy for healing wounds, bone regeneration in fractures, electroanesthesia, acupuncture and pain relief.”

“He then jumps into the military applications of this technology:
The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations…Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches of security at military installations, and anti-personnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all of these cases the EM systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. They are silent and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop… One last area where electromagnetic radiation may prove of some value is in enhancing abilities of individuals for anomalous phenomena” P161 - 162

Homosexual, pederast and avid devotee of the Kaballah; William Burroughs spoke of the implications of HAARP technology long before it became fashionable amongst the patriot community. I believe Burroughs words in ‘Crawdaddy’ are the closest you will find to the truth regarding HAARP. If a curse can be spoken, or if its effects exert a sequence of excitation of certain areas of the brain, then it is entirely feasible it can be embedded within the HAARP signal and then targeted towards the troublesome dissident or the population en masse.

The human mind is akin to a two way radio set and HAARP is capable of both receiving and transmitting brain waves. It is most likely that some kind of feedback loop is employed, so whatever emotion is detected over the brainwave airwaves triggers a counterbalancing or neutralising signal from the HAARP automatically. This is potentially HAARPS biggest weakness. As Burroughs points out (elsewhere) telepathic holography is not a one-way process, there is always the possibility that someone may send something back which they could never ever imagine in their wildest sick fantasies. So theoretically it might be possible to combat HAARP through the development of some advanced form of telepathy but here we are in the realms of pure speculation.

Penthouse Interviews Burroughs/1972
PENTHOUSE: It's nearly ten years since you gave a satirical but graphic description of totalitarian control in THE NAKED LUNCH. Do you think your visions of a decade ago are any nearer reality?

BURROUGHS: THE NAKED LUNCH was a science-fiction idea but is now absolute fact, mainly because of the development of electrodes which can control the brain. If anyone has these electrodes planted in him--and there may be many ways to do this, not necessitating an actual surgical operation--he can be made to think, feel, or even experience, anything that the manipulator of the electrodes wants. He can be made to make involuntary movements: to pick something up against his will. Also to feel fear, or sexuality, or any other emotion. Where such control is possible, the question arises of who is to exercise it. Once someone has the control box he is in complete control of anyone fitted with electrodes.

PENTHOUSE: But a would-be dictator would need to overcome the practical problem of implanting such electrodes.

BURROUGHS: One can imagine all sorts of scandalous ways of doing it. "Doctor had 100 Love Slaves"...he would lure young girls in for minor operations, plant electrodes in their brains and that would be it. Or an equivalent to electrodes could be produced possibly by a virus, by microwaves or by an electro-magnetic field. We also know that certain chemicals stimulate particular brain areas, such as apomorphine which stimulates the back brain, the hypothalamus. These brain areas haven't been carefully plotted but of course they can be on an encephelographic machine.

PENTHOUSE: How much are we herded already without electrical means?

BURROUGHS: There is always psychological influence, there's nothing new about that. All governments, all religions have used it throughout history. The point is that now the means of control are much more efficient. We have computers. We have populations exposed to exactly the same images and words, millions of people every day. So the opportunities to control are much more potent now than they have ever been. The same development started with the industrial revolution, the same thing has happened with weapons--they've become more and more efficient, which of course has brought a whole new, almost a biological mutation, into revolutionary tactics. Anyone can go down into his basement and make a spear or a club--but they can't make automatic weapons, they can't make tanks, they can't make dive bombers. So while the methods of psychological control are much more effective, so are the methods of physical control. Since the people in control hold heavy weapons, 1% could keep down 99% if it came to that. This was all implicit in the industrial revolution: first, that we'd have larger and larger populations, which means more and more control. Just take the job of feeding all these people in London--think of the technical job of doing that and the number of people involved in it. When Jerry Rubin and people like that talk about dropping out and doing their thing--my God, how many people could live on what England could produce? As you have larger and larger populations, more and more elaborate apparatus is needed to give them even the necessities. The bigger the thing gets, the more control you need just to run it, just to keep it moving, just to keep it from foundering completely. The nature of control is also hierarchical. You can't really get anything done unless one does it, unless someone gives the orders. So I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that the orders now are given by fewer and fewer people.

PENTHOUSE: So society would be even more hierarchical if electrode control were to reach a high degree of refinement?

BURROUGHS: Who's going to use it, and how, is an absolutely open question. I cannot think of any existing society in whose hands I would like this power to fall. Suppose the people in the Pentagon could condition people to believe in what they believed in--or what they pretend to believe in, at least--and turn everyone into decent Americans. That would be horrible. This control would be more than just a case of pressing this button here and this button there, this could be a whole computer program. Scientists have already wired up an ape's brain to a computer. Now the ape's brain can give orders to the computer, and initiate action in the computer; then the computer can chew this over and shoot it back. In other words it's a feed-back between the computer and the brain. The computer can be programmed to erase past conditioning--this has been done with apes--or to accentuate any particular aspect of conditioning. You would have a computer program that would determine a person's entire actions and feelings, and the person would be physiologically incapable of doing anything about it. But the fact that this knowledge is all out in the open is encouraging, because these developments need not be used for control at all.

From ‘Prisoners come out’ interview
"The world is not noticeably short of lethal weapons, but a team of French scientists in Marseille is working on a death-ray machine designed to provide an entirely novel method of human destruction. The project began when the Electro-Acoustical laboratory moved into a new building three years ago. Staff complained of headache and nausea. Investigation began. Electromagnetic waves were suspected and eliminated. So were ultra-sound waves. At this point, one of the technicians got out an antique apparatus for detecting infrasound--that is, air vibrations which oscillate at less than ten vibrations a second, or 10 Hertz--(The human ear registers, as sound vibrations, from 16Hz to 20,000Hz) It had been used during the First World War to distinguish cannon fire and movement of trains too far off to be unscrambled by ears. I quickly identified the source of the unease: the giant ventilator of a factory next door. After changing the ventilator's frequency, the five-man team headed by Professor Vladimir Gavreau decided to find out more about the properties of infrasound."

As everyone knows, sound is a succession of waves in which the air is alternatively compressed and decompressed. Fast vibrations either go right through solid objects or bounce off them, usually doing relatively little harm even when very powerful. But slow vibration, below the hearing level, can create a sort of pendulum action, a reverberation in solid objects that quickly builds up to intolerable intensity. To study this phenomenon the team built a giant whistle, hooked to a compressed air hose. Then they turned on the air. Professor Gavreau says:

"Luckily, we were able to turn it off quickly. All of us were sick for hours. Everything in us was vibrating: stomach, heart, lungs. All the people in the other laboratories were sick too. They were very angry with us."

The first blast was audible only to 190 Hz. It had an acoustical force of about 100 Watts, compared with one watt for a football referee's whistle. From then on the team worked at lowering the frequency, but carefully kept the power input down. A bigger whistle was built, measuring about five feet across. It emits a very low but audible tone, at about 37 Hz. If turned on full blast, it would develop 2000 Watts--and the building would fall down like the walls of Jericho before Joshua's trumpet. At the pressures used it has done no more than put cracks in the ceiling. The team has discovered that the wave length most dangerous to human life is 7 Hz. At 7 Hz, turned on very softly, one has a vague impression of sound, and a general feeling of discomfort. At 3.5 Hz, nothing can be heard directly but there is a curious incidental effect. Nearby sounds, such as air hissing into the pipe, take on a pulsing quality--at 3.5 pulsations a second. All sounds in the neighbourhood seem to undulate rhymically. The team has suffered from its experiments. Some of the invisible injuries appear to be persistent.

"It not only affects the ears," Professor Gavreau says, "but it works directly on the internal organs. There is a rubbing between the various organs because of a sort of resonance. It provokes an irritation so intense that for hours afterwards any low-pitched sound seems to echo through one's body."

In developing a military weapon, scientists intend to revert to a policeman's whistle form, perhaps as big as eighteen feet across, mount it on a truck and blow it with a fan turned by a small airplane engine. This weapon, they say, will give forth an all-destroying 10,000 acoustic watts. It could kill a man five miles away. There is one snag: at present, the machine is as dangerous to its operators as to the enemy. The team is working on a way to focus it. Various systems of baffles have been tried, but the most promising method appears to be propagation of a different and complementary sound a wave length backward from the machine. This changes the frequency of airwave length moving in that direction, thus protecting anyone to the rear. There is, of course, a much simpler means of protection: turn the machine on from a safe distance. This summary of Professor Vladimir Gavreau's experiments with infrasound is based on the Sunday Times article. A much more comprehensive article has appeared in an American periodical, The National Enquirer, Vol.42, No. 27, March 10, 1968.
Both interviews taken from: Conversations with William S. Burroughs http://gorgeaway.blogspot.com/

William S. Burroughs on Electronic Mind Control, Black Magic Mind War, By William Burroughs. Crawdaddy, July, 1976

“Now anyone who has lived for any time in countries like Morocco where magic is widely practiced has probably seen a curse work. I have. However, the curses tend to be hit or miss, depending on the skill and power of the operator and the susceptibility of the victim. And that isn't good enough for the CIA or similar organization: "Bring us the ones that work not sometimes but every time." So what is the logical step forward? TO DEVISE MACHINES THAT CAN CONCENTRATE AND DIRECT PSYCHIC FORCE WITH PREDICTABLE EFFECTS. (See the chapter in the Iron Curtain book on PSYCHIC GENERATORS.) I suggest that what the CIA is or was working on at the top secret Nevada installation may be described as COMPUTERIZED black magic. If curse A doesn't make it, Curse Program B automatically goes into operation and so on.

I recommend to your attention a book called The Mind Masters by John Rossman, a Signet New American Library paperback. This is ostensibly a fantastic science fiction novel, interesting more for its content than for its style, that may well contain some real inside information. The story concerns a researcher who has, to put it mildly, been disillusioned by his work on Project Pandora, an American psychic training centre run by a Colonel Pickett, who is strongly reminiscent of the mad General Ripper in Doctor Strangelove, right down to the cigar. Only he is unloosing psychic warfare rather than nuclear bombs, having convinced himself that this form of warfare is more effective and more easily controlled for elitist objectives. The disillusioned researcher, one Britt St. Vincent, is contact d by Mero, a private institute dedicated to opposing these black magic centres. (It should be obvious that only BLACK magic has "military applications.")

After he is taken to Mero's secret headquarters ... he recalls for Britt how the CIA, while making an electronic sweep of the U.S. embassy in Moscow for listening devices, discovered some very unusual electromagnetic emanations pulsing through the building. (Only a months ago it came out that the Soviets had stepped up the power to a point where Embassy officials and their families were in danger from the high-voltage microwave radiation, which can cause confusion, migraines, and even death). Not long after, the CIA confirmed that this was in fact part of a much larger psychic attack on the Embassy.... Britt learns that similar psychic research is still advancing rapidly in China, France, Israel, Egypt, South Africa and Chile, in addition to the United States and Russia. "Although these scattered groups are currently working to beat each other to the secret of powers that will give them world control, there is a good possibility that they could even now join forces and make a COMBINED bid for world control and at this moment they appear to stand an almost even chance of succeeding if they join forces."

"And what will the future look like if such groups actually exist and if they do combine and take over? An elitist world state very much along the lines laid down by the NAZIS. At the top would be a theocracy trained in PSYCHIC CONTROL TECHNIQUES IMPLEMENTED BY COMPUTERIZED ELECTRONIC DEVICES THAT WOULD RENDER OPPOSITION PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Entry to this privileged class would be permitted only to those whose dedication to the world state was absolute and unquestioning. In short, you don't get in by merit or ability but by being an ALL-AROUND 100 PERCENT SHIT. Under this ruling elite of power addicts would be an anonymous service collective of functionaries, managers and bureaucrats. And below them the slave workers. There would be no place for dissent or independent research. The troublesome artist would be eliminated or absorbed. The elite lives happily ever after, at the top of a control state that makes 1984 seem cozy and nostalgic.”
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:55 am

Scroll past the pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo and read my comments below. I would suggest Reis (Wrys – meaning ‘to show disgust at’) Man (us) needs to tidy up her own backyard.

“The term erototoxin has been introduced by Judith Reisman, PhD, in order to operationalize how the human brain processes erotically stimulating intimate scenes that appear outside, in the public media, a documentably unnatural, dangerous environment for such scenes. The resulting harms to the observer may present as physical impotence and/or as emotional, in the inability to bond. Such psychopharmacological dysfunctions will afflict many or all repeated pornography users. While the visual stimulus' entry into the limbic system is virtually automatic and autonomic, it still allows for some levels of frontal cortical discernment commonly undeveloped in the adolescent brain. Although the tragedy of pornography use is thoroughly documented anecdotally, science is just beginning to confirm the involuntary anti cognitive nature of media eros.

The Erototoxic Pathway

When pornography is viewed, the autonomic nervous system overrides volitional control, especially in the absence of frontal-lobe inhibition in the person's brain. The direct route of pictorial erototoxic stimuli (which links lust to fear and shame) is through the eye, to the visual cortex in the brain, down the spinal cord, and into the reproductive organs, overriding and hijacking the frontal cortical areas of the brain, where reason and cognition are located. The process thus occurs without the viewer's informed consent or awareness. Thus begins addiction.
(Source: Judith Reisman)

Above: As quoted in Slave Master by Donald L. Hilton, Jr., Salvo Magazine, Summer 2010, Page 39.
Neurosurgeons Hilton and Watts explain in Pornography addiction: A neuroscience perspective, that all addictions cause chemical, anatomical and pathological brain changes "collectively labeled hypofrontal syndromes ... damage to the 'braking system' of the brain ... well known to clinical neuroscientists, especially neurologists and neurosurgeons." "Patients with traumatic injuries to this area of the brain" the authors report, "display problems-aggressiveness, poor judgment of future consequences, inability to inhibit inappropriate responses that are similar to those observed in substance abusers." Dr. Nora Volkow, head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) stated, "addictions such as pornography ..." Hilton and Watts agree. They urge a medical study of "the pathology of pornography" similar to the study of cholera, when its Public Health implications were "perhaps as primitive as that of pornography today."

Contrary to the exposure of fraud in sex science, which Reisman has fully documented, pornography, as a toxic form of eros, identifies how public space erotica hijacks both cognition and spiritual connectedness, a more subjective but especially critical humane concern. Please have a look at the following list and chart and let serious debate begin. A recent study of the mirror-neuron system identified its role in initial, often involuntary erection. In 2008 a NeuroImage report concluded "the mirror-neuron system may" be responsible for "autonomic correlates" of "seeing" sexual interactions NeuroImage, Volume 42, Issue 3, September 2008, Pages 1142-1150.

Erototoxic/Pornography are Private space sex displays in Public forums:
1. The Erototoxic Pathway rewires, restructures the viewers' brains;
2. Involuntary, excitatory neurotransmitters trigger super-high arousal;
3. Arousal high hijacks "speech," cognition, violating informed" consent;
4. Viewers falsely believe human females are, like primates in estrus, "heat";
5. Limbic fight, flight, f--k, lust/fear/shame responds to false estrus "mating" calls;
6. Endogenous opiates flood brain/body; endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone, dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, etc, processed as poly-drug self medication;
7. Super normal "image" and "scene" arousal traumatizes male potency, agency;
8. Results: impotence, hijacking love of "beloved" and Faith/God attachments;
9. The Erototoxic Pathway requires masturbatory hit, licit, illicit drugs, addictions;
10. Failure to bond, divorce, child molestation, trafficking, copycat sex crimes, etc

So if you can’t quite figure out what they are telling you, in plain speaking terms - if you ‘jack off’, ‘five knuckle shuffle’ ‘spank the plank’ or ‘choke the chicken’ over PORN - you’re going to hell!

I do remember reading in my old boys brigade King James Bible something like “do not spend all your day languishing and masturbating” or words to this effect.

There is much to be thankful of in Riesman’s studies. I actually own a copy of ‘soft porn plays hardball’ and it is the best demolishment of the ‘playboy’ ethos I ever read - It should be required reading in schools. Riesman also thoroughly demolished ‘the Kinsey Report’ which sexual liberation activists like Hefner (Fen (cage) Her) incessantly promoted.

If you can remember the cautionary ‘your brain on drugs’ adverts, Riesman is essentially the biggest advocate for the negative effects of ‘your (men’s) brain on porn’.

This is all very well and good, all you need to do is ditch your porno stash, kick the masturbation habit and everything will be OK, or obviously not!

Something is awry with Ries (Wrys – literally to show distaste or disgust at) man’s analysis – Porn did not arise in a vacuum, it always has been a symptom of a far deeper rift between men and women in general. So enough of the effects of ‘mens brains on porn’, since only an idiot would be unaware that:

- Porn is addictive.
- Porn is damaging to your outlook on women in general.
- Porn seriously inhibits your ability to make a lasting bond with partners of the opposite sex.

Interesting that a WOMAN should have made such intellectual incursion into men’s sexual habits when surely a study into the effects of ‘Women’s brains on TV’ and its effects on female psyco-sexual pathology (and the subsequent effects on male/female relations) are equally if not more profound than the effects of porn on men’s brains. In fact in my opinion the consumption of porn is the inevitable outcome of a deep and dark dysfunction in WOMEN.

My advice to Riesman would be to address the problems in her own backyard before she wishes to venture into ours. One could also address the same criticism to Makow, but Henry has done much to denounce deviant behaviour in both sexes, and I am eternally grateful to Henry for putting into words what so many men (including myself) had felt as they grew up, but never had anyone to vocalise.

Ever since they targeted the men with images of woman as ‘available slut’ ‘sex object’ ‘sex kitten’ etc they were simultaneously promoting similarly destructive male archetypes to women. Men who were militaristic, quick to turn to violence, overtly promiscuous, or even rapists were promoted in the movies and popular culture as heroes and archetypes of pure manhood to women. There are countless examples of media throughout the 60’s and 70’s where every worst attribute of manhood and gangsterism is celebrated and promoted as virility to women.

I can’t speak for other men but I lose count of the number of women I courted who harboured rape fantasies, grotesque and perverse materialistic desires, a disgusting fascination with violence and gangsterism, men in uniform etc etc.. Most of the relationships which quickly went downhill in my own life did so when the woman I was involved with realised I was not some dope dealing, whore banging party animal gangster with stacks of Daddies hard earned money to fall back on. In fact I am very much of the opinion that women have been so conditioned to feel physical disgust when they even come into proximity of anything resembling a real man.

The simple fact is that the vast majority of men, unable to become the types of millionaire psychopathic loons that women have been programmed to covert are left with no choice other than porn or whores or abstention and monkhood! Though the last option might be the most noble, it is also the most unrealistic.

The second option will give you AIDS, and so it appears the 1st option might be the least of 3 evils, until that is WOMEN begin to address the why ‘nice guys finish last’ question and actually do something to change it.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

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Another contemporary prime example of gross ‘bank robber lecturing the poor on not stealing’ hypocrisy is Raquel Welch’s inane spewing on how porn has ‘annihilated’ men. Well she should know, she made enough money out of it!


Double standards? Or perhaps the boundaries between what they wish to call soft and hard porn are well established enough to protect such hypocrisy. Cut it how you like it the playboy cover image is soft-porn, and you will find hundreds more similarly sexually provocative images of Welch on the web. So forget about her collusion with Hefner and his ilk because Raquel Welch instead wishes to educate us about porno!?

Like the vast majority of women, only when everything is going south and they realise their own sexual attractiveness to members of the opposite sex has severely faded do they miraculously ‘get religion’ and all of a sudden become a paragon of virtue! Until that point women (like Welch) will incessantly play devil’s advocate.

Is she trying to tell us that if she hadn’t have spent the 60’s, 70’s and 80’ and 90’s with her tits (more than) half hanging out or flashing her crotch here, there and everywhere for the camera in movies or promotional shots she would have been just as successful? There wasn’t one famous actress/singer/presenter who didn’t get it/them out for the camera in the sixties to the present day!

What appears to the public can only be small potatoes to the celebrity porn which is held in private collections by the moguls, what they did off camera on the CASTING COUCH to win their ‘suck-cess’ god only knows.

I am sick of reading and listening to presenters who present such ‘news items’ with such an uncritical eye. What other hypocrisies are due to follow? War and plunder is bad, by George Bush? I denounce lesbianism by Hilary Clinton? I hate Jews by Tony Blair!

They’ve got it so that now almost anyone can come out with anything, and the masses incredulous and stupid, sit strait faced and listen to all manner of idiots and clowns coming out with all sorts of nonsense. And nobody thinks any of this in the slightest bit odd?

Welch and every other whore of her generation traded their integrity for suck-cess and made a deal with Satan a long time ago. It’s a little late to try reneging on the deal now Raquel.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

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Watson is a liar and alcoholic and whoremonger, he is also mentally ill - having being 'sectioned' on at least one occaision and a regular attendee of 'Mad Pride' marches. We were in communication for many years, even so what I despise the most is he has destroyed my anominimity. So if we are going to get this right my name is:

Joseph Robert David Lancaster Burley

OTL: Letter to Joe Lancaster: Conspiracy

The reply presented to Watson via email.
Watson you odious callous drunkard,

You destroyed any last bit of respect I had for you. You made me feel bad for putting the quote on there. To say "In fact come to think of it I've never read anything you've written, on screen or on paper" is a rotten bare faced lie when you said what I quoted in response to an email I sent you with an article posted in "freemasonry and anarchism"! Is your memory so alcohol sosselled that you have no memory of what you actually say anymore? Do you need me to provide a copy of the email? If I had known you would be so pathetic about it I wouldn't have bothered - it's not as though anyone actually knows who you are anyway!

Yes, despite decades of funding and intense and fervent nepotism, you have managed to remain singularly unknown to all but the most obscure, self-insulated academic fringe groups, groups composed of individuals I have always felt largely ashamed to be associated with, even then in my drug addled state of mind! That in itself speaks volumes for the politics you and your kin advocate, and any 'target audience' you may (or more likely - may not) attract.

At the same time as thousands turn away from Marxism, pop culture and the fake left/right bullshit in favor of New World Order research and trying to get to grips with freemasonry, you sit there crying conspiracy theory! I'm hardly surprised though - your meal ticket is at stake!

Did I take any offence at your perverted interpretation of the conversations we had in Sheffield that you broadcast all over London without my permission? Of course not! Simply because such personal insults are not in my nature (unless provoked), and I have always had bigger fish to fry than some half-baked academic drunkard. After your latest correspondence (or six pages of largely personal insults) if "Freemasonry and Anarchism" ever gets beyond the first print of 50, I will happily take your miserable moniker off the back and the 'Thanks to..' section.

Personal insults and histrionics in the place of argument and counter argument shame your own corrupted cause but if you have not reached the necessary level of politeness at your old age I'm sure you never will.

For the record, I never smoked anything other than weed in the presence of you and my mum, and my days with opiates are thankfully long since over, not that I didnt learn a lot during the pro-cess.

Leftish idiocy is what you made our conversations into on-air all over London, so don't bother to bring me up on not quoting the transcript in its entirety when you take all manner of artistic license with the ideas and words of others when it suits your own cause. There are more than enough attacks on the right in "Freemasonry and Anarchism" if you bother to look for them. I care not for attracting the left or the right but rather those who have had enough of both.

I will leave such analysis of spanking children and sadomasochism to your own depraved cannon, though I am quite amazed you have managed to make reference to the subject without indulging in your customary brand of puerile celebration as you usually do with such imagery involving children. And this from a man who openly promotes such sadomasochism or "the pleasures incumbant upon the practice of consensual bondage". What a joker you are Watson, why do you think I left it out of the transcript!

I am very interested in the phenomenon of 'sociopathy' too, though I feel you represent a far better example than myself!

It is only a clown (or an ageing alcoholic Marxist whoremonger (or 'libertine' as they call themselves)) that would deny the forced communization of humans creates sexual deprivation, perversity and "mass mental disease" or 'instinctual drives' as you laughingly call them. If however, promotion of such negative side effects of city life form a considerable aspect of ones ostensibly Marxist ideology then it might be understandable such persons may take objection!

"The impact of "accidental" cities is already contributing to the depersonalization of individual life as the kinship structure contracts and enduring relations of friendship become more difficult to maintain. Julian Huxley was perhaps guilty of only slight exaggeration when he warned that "overcrowding in animals leads to distorted neurotic and downright pathological behavior. We can be sure that the same is true in principle of people. City life today is definitely leading to mass mental disease, to growing vandalism and possible eruptions of mass violence". GN Carstairs, in Why is man aggressive (Impact of science on society, April - June 1968, p90), argues that population growth, crowding and social oppression all contribute to irrational and intensified aggression. Experiments on rats seem to bear this out; observation of human behavior in large cities seems to warrant a similar conclusion" P17, The onset of the Technetronic age, Americas role in the Technetronic era, Zbigniew brzezinski, 1970, Viking Press.

Psychoanalysis? Do you really hold faith in such voyeurism? And this from a man who has always attempted to elevate his half-baked ramblings (even personal correspondence) to the level of (blatantly attention seeking) performance art!

"And by the way show business and psychopathy are very closely linked because one of the largest groups are the attention seeking hysterical psychopaths and that's politicians and actors by the way."


"He's a little ham actor who waves his hands a lot" Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix, 09/06/2011


"Across every sphere of public life those deviants that crave power and desire success' (usually defined in monetary and sexual terminology) are celebrated as entrepreneurs, gangsters, buccaneers, (and especially) revolutionaries and cultural icons". Freemasonry and Anarchism, 2011

According to you and Freud or 'Fraud', when an individual states that rape, sodomy and pedophilia are such ancient and widespread practices of the Elite (as has been well recorded), and that such practices exert horrific consequences on the victims and wider society, and that such practices form an integral aspect of the religion of the elite (freemasonry), you simply wish to denounce the commentators as repressed! These are the lives of women and children you play your linguistic games with Watson!

"In the final analysis they are little more than apologists for predatory bi-sexual pedophiles". Freemasonry and Anarchism, 2011

Any man who emblazons his own publications with a picture of his penis is surely in a tight corner with regards to commenting on the uses of imagery by others, though no doubt you have some retarded explanation!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your denunciation of the use of pictures to display Marxist Masons ignores all the written evidence collected by Antony Sutton, and others, some of which is quoted in the writings on Russia. So instead of tackling the written material, you refer to them "imitating Napolean's full length portrait" simultaneously blissfully ignorant of Napolean's freemasonry and his use of the sign! Give me the anarchist apologists explanations (handwarming or abdominal issues) to yours anyday!

At least If I attack the left, it is done after having spent some time amongst it and studying it. You Watson, so appallingly ignorant of masonry, don't even realise Napolean himself was displaying his own allegiance to masonry (the 'hidden hand'). Time to buy a copy of 'freemasonry for dummies'?

At the same time, all the highly documented funding of Marxists by rich bankers and its allegiances to Grand Orient / Anglo-American Freemasonry are swept under the carpet! How convenient!

The pictures are an accompaniment to the words, and as though such imagery of Revolutionary leaders displaying allegiance to masonry (not off the cuff photos but highly staged poses) mitigates against thought - it provides further information to support the fact that communism was an utterly contrived movement which can easily be traced to Grand Orient Freemasonry and elite funding mechanisms.

Though Zappa may be a significant part of the core of your own 'oeuvre' or whatever else you want to call it, it certainly isn't mine, and through all your bleating about Zappa you never acknowledge that he was, again, utterly contrived and a product of the American culture creation industry, a 'weaponised' form of culture as he states himself in 200 motels.

".They know just as many of you vigilant and thoroughly upstanding citizens have discovered for yourselves - the power of pop music to corrupt and putrefy the minds of world youth are virtually limitless". As I said in Freemasonry and Anarchism "talk about a criminal admission"!
I don't regard Zappa as a 'blogger to agree with' any more than I do Alan Watt, not that you are qualified to comment on Alan's words or ideas, as if you were familiar you would have noticed how many times Alan has paraphrased my own comments and I his, but rather I appreciate the value of comments Zappa made at certain times, as and when they suit my argument, as you do yourself.

"Zappa - to alter or effect damage by electricity - pop music" Freemasonry and Anarchism, 2011. I quite agree Zappa presents the good material inbetween the 'frustrating' and its effect is to annoy and 'alter' the listener, though I would disagree such material is ultimately positive. Zappa incessantly promoted promiscuity and to some extent his own terminal prostrate problems can only be seen as poetic justice in return for his own self-confessed 'devils advocacy'.

As I say to the children at school 'you won't be laughing when it turns green and drops off' and neither was Zappa at the end of his life.

Rather than actually addressing all the evidence collected which very clearly points to the fact that Laurel Canyon was a CIA/Mason front to push the hippie movement, free love, drug addiction and sexual perversity etc, you ignore it! Again turning an enourmous blind eye to unsightly reality, as the consequences of such conclusions are devastating to the very shaky foundations of your elite sponsored frankfurtian fuckeries!

True rebels are always destroyed by the establishment, not funded and sustained by it. "..put quite bluntly if your little social clubs ever became anything of a threat they'd wipe you out of existence" however if they suit the elites campaign of degradation of the masses under the banner of multiculturalism, athiesm and 'sexual liberation' they are likely to receive considerable funding!

Quinceys Confessions show the man led a poverty stricken nomadic existence and was plagued with all manner of woes in later years, he is the only drug diarist ever to describe addiction and still preserve his humanity. Your attack on Quincey and Poe draws me ever closer to them, both staunch anti-masons I have discovered, with Quincey bearing the unusual title of being an English anti mason.

Regarding Clinton, who I have never particularly rated, it's a shame you never had the decency to explore the recommendations of the man whose music you so obviously respect. He is not the only black commentator to remark on 'pale horses' importance, as Professor Griff (ex Public Enemy) and others sing its praises, and such commentators never claimed Cooper was racist, rather that those (black) commentators deride hip-hop in exactly the same manner I do - music of the ghetto indeed!

Coopers 'Pale Horse' is a very important publication. Where else are you going to find such documentation of AIDS, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, an excellent potted history of freemasonry and of course 'the protocols'. The only thing which destroys its credibility for me is the UFO information, though Cooper more than redeemed himself with Mystery babylon, and paid for it with his life.

Where is the substantiation that the protocols are false? Lots of accusations of Anti-Semitism, the same as Cooper received for blasting the Scottish rite funded ADL, but never any substantiation.

Strange that Marxism always defends elite Jewry, (hiding its role in the black-slave trade especially) but never the Aryan elite, though the same sentiment the protocols expresses (Jew elites) has very little in common with the ideas and beliefs and history of poor Jews. I am not so stupid to stoop to anti-Semitism but the picture of history Marxists wish to promote confuses the issue further. It leads to ridiculous defenses and denials of very simple facts, which end up alienating huge numbers of persons who hate left/right fascism i.e. the fact the vast majority of Bolsheviks were Jews (and were funded by Aryan elites) who carried out a holocaust against Russian Aryan whites far exceeding in number Nazi death camp victims.

Other highly documented fact presented by Sutton in "Wall Street and the Bolshevik revolution", and his earlier "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development" are both singularly ignored by leftist sycophants.

Perversely, in turn the Aryan Nazis conducted (a largely elite Jew sponsored) holocaust of Jews in Germany.

Such examples display the Elites willingness to disregard their own peoples and use other races to further their diabolical cause, but without an understanding of the machinations of international freemasonry very few are able to communicate it effectively without appearing biased against a particular side. As Cooper states, the fact that all of the protocols have largely been achieved is proof enough of the truth contained within, and the extent to which Marxists immediately always hysterically scream "anti-Semitism" and dismiss it out of hand, is further proof there is no smoke without fire.

William H Carr discusses several arms of elite freemasonry in "Pawns in the Game" of which elite Jewry is very obviously one. Carr counterpoises elite Jewry against Aryan elites though does not mention African, or Asian elites which are as much a part of the diabolism as the rest. Such history cannot easily be brushed under the carpet or ignored.

Stalinism wound down its death camps only after enough Russians (tens of millions) had been liquidated for it to operate freely (i.e. after agriculture was collectivized (peasantry obliterated), after big brother fascism institutionalized, numerous purges executed successfully etc etc). Are your words some kind of consolation to victims of Stalinism? What disgusting, appalling apologism and nonsense to boot!

Imagining the ills of the world are the result of a conscious conspiracy is as you correctly indicate the cores of my beliefs, though this is not to neglect the (conscious) role the masses have played in the situation.

"It seems like insanity and it seems chaotic but believe you me, it's a very wisely guided chaos, it knows exactly where it's heading for. We do live in a system where everything is planned long in advance, especially the big things that happen on the planet - nothing happens by "accident" nothing happens even in economics by "accident", like bank crashes and so on, it's all known years before what could happen, and all these systems are set in place to prevent it, so when it happens its wanted. Same with the stock market, the stock markets always been full of bubbles and nothing but optimism in this big casino ever kept it going, therefore economists were always told to lie to the public and tell them things are great, things are fantastic - invest. You can keep the stock market going forever with the same bubbles, but no they decided crash it then because it's time to bring in this planned austerity".

"Do you really think anyone, from any nation would've gone and fought against Germany if they knew what the big plans were for that war and after that war. That war was necessary to bring in the UN and the whole big agenda for internationalism and de-nationalization and eventually down to running a world government...The liars who were setting it up knew darn well it was to bring in globalism and internationalism and the end of the nation state."
Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix, 09/06/2011

All major historical events were driven by freemasonry of one form or another, I challenge you to name major historical events which were not results of or controlled by such deliberate subversion. Such a view does relegate the working class to the blind receptacle of social forces, but as the masses by and large worship mammon and psychopathy they are largely as much to blame as the elite. The only 'fight' as you put it has been the one organized by the elite to further their own cause as Russia, Italy, Spain and many other such fake 'revolutions' amply demonstrated. You would have to be seriously divorced from reality or seriously wedded to the old playschool SWP style history books to not see the finger prints of masonrys machinations all over them.

Elites of all bloodlines or the 'high masonic elite' which Gramsci referred to as 'the organising centre of all the traditional forces supporting the state', those 'unconsciously' conducting the carpet bombings of the east, 'unconsciously' creating famine, 'unconsciously' funding fake revolutions to destabalise muslim regions, are 'unconsciously(!)' bringing about a literal hell on earth - a system by which Stalin and Hitler's excesses might appear tame. Though the evidence abounds of rapidly rising leftish fascism as expressed by Orwell in 1984, Marxists wish to negate this, "ignore masonry" they cry in the fight against fascism though the very argument takes us ever closer to fascism itself.

I will not bother to quote all the bodies which 'unconsciously' promote Eugenics and population reduction (of the poor) but to suggest such comments are limited to a handful of conspiracy theorists, and aristocrats and are not part of the (unconscious!) philosophy and religion of the upper eschelons of monopoly capitalism, is (again), a part of your larger effort to turn a blind eye to unsightly reality, a denial which can only continue to prevent frankfurters being taken seriously.

Ever increasing Orwellian surveillance, ever increasing calls for green sustainabilty, ever increasing poisoning of food and water and environment, forever upward spiral of abortions, ever increasing Militarization of police, ever increasing penalties for those guilty of orwellian 'hate crimes', ever increasing degredation and 'communization' of women , but pass the wine and 'Adorno for sodomites' NO FASCISM HERE! Talk about a gulf between concrete objective reality and your own divorced from reality ideology!

Your resignation to the abomination that is hip-hop is further evidence of your lack of acceptance of objective reality - have you actually watched MTV since 1989? It's all pimps and hoes and drug abuse, and as much as you may like to label such criticisms as 'racist' or insinuate as much, it is some stretch to link reactions to the negative impact of hip-hop to the early blues pioneers!

To regard hip hop as the authentic voice of black culture is a hideous racist lie which elevates the black male no higher than a pimp or drug pusher, and the black female as no higher than an 'I-be-an-Les' crack-hoe. It ignores all the various ethnic music's which preceded hip-hop and may have formed an infinitely healthier alternative to it. It also woefully ignores the great number of black commentators who have condemned hip-hop as sheer racist poison to the black community. Look into the backgrounds of those who have funded and sustained hip hop and the politics they promote, again, highly compromising to the opinions of those who wish to elevate rap to an art form instead of understanding its obvious negative effects.

You seem to place great value in not losing one's wallet in the red light district! Is that how you spend your time and money Watson? I have known many whoremongers who could get maximum value for their £20 though I never held them in particularly high regard! More they were prepared to exploit very vulnerable and degraded, abused women in order to satisfy their own perverted urges, or 'instinctual drives' as you call them. As it happens, I could have had any number of nubile whores at well under London prices, in the very early stages of their career, long before such monsters as yourself get your hands on them, but such sexual monetary transactions always made me want to puke!

What a brand of Marxism is yours to elevate such behavior as virtuous! Whore-mongering may form a considerable portion of the aging male (and female?) Marxist's outgoing expenses, but very few have the gall to celebrate it in print as you just did! I have read numerous Marxist analysis which show prevalence of prostitution as a very simple indicator of alienation and degradation i.e. a severe worsening of social conditions. You seem to argue 'don't throw the baby out with the bathwater' - a quite insane proposition when it comes to the enslavement and degradation of women!

What a disgrace you have no interest in bulldozing the whorehouses and red light districts with me, as I would quite happily demolish them under any pretense.

Freemasonry and anarchism is what it is, an insight into the authors mind, a summary of Eugenicist aims, source material on masonry and the occult, information on masonic cover-ups etc etc etc. Some is concretely referenced, some less so, and some strictly my own speculations. It was never meant to present itself a thing of pleasure or a joy to own, more a short compendium of real life horror and abuse and an indication of where we are heading in very plain speaking terms. It offers no way out other than to urge the reader to research it's horrific conclusions.

John Carpenters 'Halloween' and 'Halloween 3' are works of pure black magic, full of codes and references to those with the eyes to see. Rather than holy-wood scriptwriters delving into the same preoccupations as myself the films reek of sickening satanic 'in-jokes' and proof of an utterly diabolical campaign of psychological warfare on the profane. Romero's (Eros of Rome) cinema is equally loaded with masonic lore, especially his racist depiction of whites in his dead trilogy.

I am more than above being tempted by scarlet nymphets of age 13 and engaging in such activities would no doubt condemn oneself to a prolonged period of buggery behind Jail doors, though I have had my share of propositions; 19 year old scarlet nymphets might be an altogether different kettle of fish (or sadly, more likely in this day and age - diseased and rotting fish), but not a suitable subject for writing.

Regarding 'Freemasonry and Anarchism' I would quite agree the formatting is a mess, however upon reading your letter and your comments, and viewing the format of your own text, I am constantly reminded of Trotsky's words regarding revolutionary and 'centrist' positions.

"The misfortune is that the leaders of the PSOP have not broken ―courageously with social patriotism, for they have not broken with Freemasonry, that important reservoir of imperialist
patriotism. The other day I received the excellent pamphlet of Pierre Bailly Yes, Freemasonry Is a Danger. Rejecting all psychological and philosophical hogwash, which hasn't the slightest value since in the course of its entire development Freemasonry has contributed nothing either to science or philosophy, the author approaches the question in a Marxist manner, that is, from the class standpoint. On the basis of the documents of Freemasonry itself he has irrefutably demonstrated its imperialist, reactionary and demoralizing role.

Bailly's pamphlet is, incidentally, the best proof of the fact that in contrast to all other factions and groups our comrades know how to approach a complex problem as proletarian revolutionists. Even the minor fact that Nikolitch's pamphlet, hollow and loaded with bourgeois sentimentality, is very well printed while Bailly's serious work is mimeographed illustrates well enough the social position of centrist and revolutionary ideas. Trotskyism and the PSOP, Leon Trotsky, 1939.

Freemasonry and Anarchism might sit on the shelves of Rare and Racy for a while, but as the blog itself attracted tens of thousands of readers hungry for information on freemasonry, the same will no doubt be true on a much smaller scale of its hard copy version, no matter what form of scorn you or others wish to pour on it.

An idea for a film: I would get one of my Jamaican (or 'underclass' as you call them) friends to beat you senseless with a big old King James bible, though being such a deviant you would probably enjoy it, no doubt claiming the psychosomatic emotion resonating through the ectoplasm represented the symbolic dying gasp of Christian heterosexual normality - or some other such gibberish! Time for another mad pride march Watson?

Or perhaps you might omit a few trips down to the whorehouses in favor of purchasing a copy of Suttons Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917 - 1930? Then you might actually start to educate, rather than entertain yourself - instead of proposing that one is a substitute for the other.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:27 am

I was unfortunate enough to attend the premiere of the remake of George (Gorge) Romero’s (Eros of Rome) classic 1978 Horror ‘Dawn of the Dead’ with the aforementioned Marxist tri-sexual Ben Watson. We did not make it through the premiere as I wanted to smoke reefer and Watson was gagging for a can of his favourite “gut rot beer” so we left about halfway through.

We both concluded that the remake was a poor substitute for the original, but despite the relentless and exploitative use of violence, there was one short scene in the movie which left my erstwhile ‘nice but dim’ Marxist fuckwit squirming in his seat.

I refer to the criminally underrated (black) actor Ken Forees short cameo as a preacher who delivers a scathingly politically incorrect denouncement of apocalyptic America.

Watson’s metrosexuality was visibly shaken - he could handle the cannibalism and gore and splatter, but this short burst of homophobia horrified him.

I mention this not just to provide extra information on Watsons poisoned and perverse personality but because the cocksuckers at Channel 4 have expunged the ‘beef’ of Forees sermon and made it ‘Ben Watson friendly’.

Not that I think anyone else has actually noticed, or is even bothered, but for the record:

While Channel 4 deem the cannibalism, S&M sex, and grossly gratuitous and exploitative violence of Zack Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” acceptable to the British viewing public, Ken Forees dialogue was censored by ‘Film 4’ both on 17/06/12 and 18/08/12 on the grounds of political incorrectness.

The politically correct Channel 4 ‘Ben Watson friendly’ version:

“How do you think your god will judge you?
Well friends now we know.
When there is no more room in hell - The dead will walk the earth”

The politically incorrect ‘Ben Watson un-friendly’ version, which Channel 4 censored:










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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:12 am

“Christian civilisation established upon the ruins of the licentiousness of paganism had kept European society pure. Vice, when it did appear, had to hide its head for shame. Public decency, supported by public opinion kept it down. So long as morality existed as a recognised virtue, the revolution had no chance of permanent success; and so the men of the alta vendita resolved to bring back the world to a state of brutal licentiousness not only as bad as that of paganism, but to a state at which even the morality of the Pagans would shudder. To do this they proceeded with caution. Their first attempt was to CAUSE VICE TO LOSE ITS CONVENTIONAL HORROR, and to MAKE IT FREE FROM CIVIL PUNISHMENT. The unfortunate class of human beings who made a sad trade in sin, were to be TAKEN UNDER PROTECTION OF THE LAW, and KEPT FREE OF DISEASE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE STATE. Houses were to be licensed , inspected, protected, and given over to their purposes. The dishonour attached to their infamous condition was, so far as the law could effect it, to be taken away. That wholesome sense of danger and fear of disease which averted the criminally disposed from sin was to disappear. The agents of Alta Vendita had instructions to INCREASE THE NUMBER AND SEDUCTIVENESS OF THOSE UNFORTUNATE BEINGS, while the state, when revolutionised, was to close its eyes to their excesses, and to connive at their attempts upon the youth of the county. They were to be planted close to great schools and universities, and wherever else they could ruin the rising generation in every country in which the sect should obtain power. “

“Then literature was systematically rendered as immoral as possible, and diffused with a perseverance and labour worthy of a better cause. Railway stations, newspaper stands, book shops, and resteraunts, were made to teem with infamous productions, while the same were scattered broadcast to the people over every land”. P67 Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked as the Secret Power behind Communism, George Dillon, The Britons Publishing society.

Dillon Gave the lectures which formed the basis of the book in 1884, though he could have gave them yesterday.

As male and female monogamy has formed the basis of all worthwhile civilisation, and as a decent god fearing Christian woman (and where are you gonna find one of those?) is the biggest threat to the organised forces of Satan simply on the premise of 'where the women go the men follow' i.e. lots of Christian women = lots of Christian men. If it might be possible to turn every woman into an insuperable whore outside of the sphere of vice a far more damaging philosophy than simple promotion of whoredom would need to be employed. Here we turn to:

John W. Parsons (1914-1952) was a Rocket Scientist, occultist and member of Agape Lodge of Aleister Crowleys Ordo Templi Orientis. In 1989 a collection of writings by Parsons dating from the 1950s was released from the OTO under the title “Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword” (Oriflamme 1, Falcon Press in association with OTO), read today the book is strikingly prophetic regarding the abominable condition of women and human sexual relations in the early 21st century. A better analysis of the Feminist-Marxist-Fruedian “all women are whores”sexual liberation Theology in occult terminology you are unlikely to find. The text reads as a sickening catalogue of lies (the vast majority of which fall to pieces under the most basic types of common sense reasoning).

So without any further ado, sick buckets at the ready……. Mr Filthy Freemason, take the stage.

“Happy are the parents who, as a result of sexual experiments, are well mated; who take joy in each others passion, in their bodies, in each others nakedness, who do not fear to expose these bodies or the bodies of their children; who do not shame or inhibit their childrens joy in sex-play”

No Mr Freemason, DIVORCED are such parents, and degenerate are their children, though it has taken over 50 years for the fruit of this lifestyle to truly come into season .

Anyone Familiar with Alan Watts broadcasting over the years cannot fail to be aware, in the early part of the 20th century old Bertie Russell (Ruse-sell) was chartered to experiment with children, encouraging them to engage in pre-pubertal sex and noting that later on in life they were incapable of bonding in any significant way.

Promiscuious sexual behaviour in childhood leads to sexual dysfunction in adulthood in much the same regard as child drug addicts take their addiction into later life i.e. what is known as a vicious cycle - the victim is kept in a chronic sex fixated state where the satisisfaction of the lower regions take precedence over any over considerations such as family, religion, employment and friendships and most notably fighting tyranny. The cost in human terms (STD’s, the misery of the betrayl infidelity inflicts upon the individual and single parent families (and the fall out which follows), is incalculable.

“The frenetic hatred of Jews and negroes (symbols of illicit sexual freedom) and the lust toward the blood and fire baths of war, are the very abattoirs of sexual frustration, the nightmares of souls in a hell of guilty desire. They labour over their instruments of destruction in order to kill the world and die in the holocaust. It is only in the unobstructed exercise of the sexual function, by a generation trained from youth in contraception and the technique of love, that it will be possible to come to a mature sexual relation”.

“In this childish folly of sexual possession each man and each woman hates and fears every other man and woman as the potential despoiler or inhibitor of his sex life.” P30-31

Regarding “The frenetic hatred of Jews and negroes (symbols of illicit sexual freedom)”never mind the fact there are examples of monogamous and degenerate sexual relations in all cultures, it is obvious some would wish to unite the blacks and the Jews against the whites and mohammedeans, some would wish to unite the mohammedeans and the blacks against the white man and the jew, some would wish to unite the black and white and mohammedeans against the Jews. Parsons belongs to the first category though there are endless variations of divisions and alliances proposed (how many within what could be called the ‘patriot’ ‘movement’?).

War is an act of (homo)sexual domination, not heterosexual repression - conquerers are not exactly known for sexual restraint or chastity. Parsons solution to the ‘childish folly of sexual possession’ (those who object to adultery) is essentially a public orgy. So just sit back and be a good little metrosexual faggot and turn the other cheek while your missus jumps into bed with every Tom, Dick and Ahmed as her fancy might take her – you wouldn’t want to be seen as ‘possessive’ now would you?

“The sexual revolution will not produce any instantaneous paradise, nor will it be accomplished without tears. The way to racial maturity is long and painful, and we children and savages all, cannot imagine its end.”P68

Remember their definition of “racial maturity”

To repeat:

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state now with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our control commissions will in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disapeer, for mixing the dark and the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of 10,000 years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable usto retain mastery over a world of dark peoples" Rabbi Rabinovich, quoted in P106, Pawns in the Game, William H Carr, CPA Publisher

“Formal Christianity has distorted, perverted and misinterpreted the teachings of Christ. Mankind can only find happiness by rejecting the false doctrines of sin, guilt, fear, hatred and intolerance; and in accepting the gospels of love”

And remember their definition of “love” is entirely different to ours.

“Brotherhood in Christ is attained by the practice of unattached love in all human relations” P69

Keep taking the medication Freemason.

“The breakup of the home and family, the confusion in problems of morals and behaviour, the frustration of the individual need for love, self-expression and freedom, and the immanence of the total destruction of western civilisation all indicate the need for a basic re-examination and alteration of individual social values.”

“Mature investigation on the part of philosophers and social scientists have indicated the existence of only one force of sufficient power to solve these problems and effect the necessary changes, and that is the force of a new religion…”

No prizes for guessing what kind of religion

“We are the Witchcraft”

“We sang the first hunting songs, we made the first crops to grow; when man stood naked before the powers that made him, we sang the first chant of terror and wonder. We wooed among the Pyramids, watched Egypt rise and fall, ruled for a space in Chaldea and Babylon. We sat among the secret assemblies of Israel, and danced the wild and stately dances in the Sacred groves of Greece.”

“In China and Yucatan, in Kansas and Kurdistan WE ARE ONE. All organisations have known us, no organisation is of us; where there is too much organisation we depart. We are on the side of man, of life, and of the individual.”

“Therefore we are against religion, morality and government. Therefore our name is LUCIFER,”

“We are on the side of freedom, of love of Joy and laughter and divine drunkenness. Therefore our name is Babalon”.

“BABALON the beautiful, the great whore BABALON, riding the star beast and DRUNKEN ON THE BLOOD OF THE SAINTS, Genetrix – Matrix – Mother of Stars – what an image of fear and wonder. Scorn not – mock not – for the cup that she beareth is the Holy Grail, and the name whore is also holy.”

“This glorious whore called woman, behold her chanting a war cry, riding a steed of the sagas – semiramis, vicingtonx – Brunhild. Is she not admirable?”

No she’s not Mr Freemason, she’s a stinking AIDS ridden ho.

“It was she who sat at the temple gate by the waters of Babylon and gave herself to a stranger. Not to one man did she give herself in that rite, but to all men, and therefore to god. “

Pass the sick bucket.

“Let the adept meditate upon that demon woman Lilith that devoureth her own children, Kali, avatar of destruction, Venus the whore averse, and let him likewise blend that shape to his dream. And let him look upon the goddess that is the body of the stars, and let him perceive that all these are one. Then with the serpents venom in his blood, and the lust unconquerable in his heart, let him invoke BABALON, yea, let him invoke BABALON.”

“Now there is another mystery concerning BABALON that has been made known to me by my magical studies , and that is this, that BABALON is now incarnate on earth in the form of a Mortal woman. I do not know in whom or where she is incarnate. I do not know where or when she will manifest… “

“Beyond this it is abundantly evident that the spirit of BABALON stirs in the woman. The demand for increased freedom, the rejection of both the tyrannical husband and the child-lover, the increase of feminine polygamy and lesbianism, all indicate the development of a new type of woman who will have a whole man or none.“

And there is no prizes for guessing what constitutes a 'whole man'. What constitutes ‘none’ on behalf of the women will vary but usually involve:

-a vastly overpaid job in education or social services or government which creates no real wealth and adds nothing to the economy.

-a tackily decorated squalid crumbling flat in a tenement block.

-furious and frequent unsatisfied alcohol and female Viagra induced gropings with Tom Dick or Ahmed on a Friday night, which are usually forgotten by the next morning, or in the very worst case scenario taken care of by the morning after pill, or the abortion clinic.

- A big black bisphenol leeching plastic dildo stamped ‘made in china’.

- Frequent visits to the clap clinic

- A guard-ass-ill injection

- Sterility by 25

- Mobile phones

- Reading Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, the vagina monologues etc etc

- HPV ridden lips and sex organs

- Sex and the City box-set DVD

- A facebook account and a hundred odd male ‘friends’

- And of course, a CAT usually figures somewhere in all of this, Modern Woe-of-man being the prematurely haggard WITCH that she is.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:56 am

Elucidation of the process of bureaucratisation of Trade Unions may demonstrate a very important problem in the advancement of anything which might be able to challenge the New World Order.

There has been more than enough talk of the weaknesses of the followers of the patriot movement, why not spend a little time discussing the weaknesses of the leadership? If there is a symbiotic relationship of ‘the masses’ complicity with ‘the system’ then there must also surely be a symbiosis of complicity of the leadership of the patriot movement and its followers.

In early days of the industrial revolution workers gathered together to combat the oppressor - the exploiting boss and selected the most militant and outspoken of the toilers to represent them - The Union Official. The Union Official garners considerable support and strikes fear into the heart of the employer, wins minor victories and as a consequence finances and support for the union grows. The union garners enough funds to employ its officials full-time and house them in a cosy office with a comfortable arm chair. They are now wined and dined by the employer who wishes to garner favour, and no longer at the sharp end of the employers abuses (unlike his former colleagues), the Union Official realises he has a good deal. The workers at the factory might be still suffering intolerable abuse but the reps have never had it better. The union continues to gain strength and immense funds and at this stage the Union begins to adopt a position of conciliation, or peace with the factory regime and its system of compromises, dialogue and negotiations, knowing that to upset the applecart would bring him back down to the same level as his former brothers in arms. At the same time, though he no longer has any natural empathy for, he realises that to denounce his former brothers would destroy support in the union, so he still talks militant but to those that know better, he somehow sounds like a hollow rehash of words which once inspired fear in the exploiters mind (and hope from his supporters). Whereas he once led from the front, he now leads from the rear, talking tough, but unable to match his actions with his words he leads others to the precipice screaming (to use the dialogue of 300) FORWARDS from over the telephone in his bunker, while all his former colleagues fall screaming into the abyss, or run the other direction crying BACKWARDS from the front. The rep sits back in his armchair, unharmed and unwilling to take responsibility for the suicidal actions his words inspired in others, counts his gains and losses and moves on to the next campaign.

The internet shortwave superstars turn my stomach at times. They are the proverbial corrupted Union Rep, armchair philosopher and ‘brave man at the end of a telephone/computer/microphone’ all rolled into one. Unwilling to involve themselves to any degree and get their own hands dirty as somehow God (or their handlers) forbid anyone should actually try and organise people against the New World Order! They give us a merry-go round of never ending horror stories. They encourage us to ‘take action’ and inform us that ‘talking about it won’t change things’ all the while neglecting that the sum total of their own input amounts to nothing more than talking (or shouting) themselves! Talk about leading by example, or lack of it!


They want to lead from the back and flog us their merchandise at the same time. They preach how it’s a deviant financial system, then gloat how easily they can make money from it, and how ‘suck-cess-full’ they are in business and finance - much the same as the bank robber lecturing the poor on not stealing. They have a well-established affluent contact base who keep each other afloat (while you sink).. Some even list Hollywood celebrities amongst their aquintences….. Corrupt old boy net work? Private Members Only? I thought that’s what we were supposed to be against!

Jesus, as they say, wept…..And doesn’t it appear in the slightest bit odd, that for a movement which whines and chirps on about democracy so often, that nobody ever voted for the leadership of the patriot movement!

Much like the elite in the real world, they are utterly self-appointed, and unlike the early Union Reps who did actually often arise from amongst the ranks of the oppressed, the leadership of the patriot movement is singularly formed from those who have in one way or another made a killing from the deviant system, amassed great fortunes (in relation to the rest of us), enjoyed all the deviant perks that success offers in the psychopathic system, and in fact, the more you look into them the shadier it gets!

As much as I might hate Marx (The X-Ram) and all that he was responsible for, he postulated a great many fundamental truths, one of which was:


Here is where the armchair is of particular relevance to the issue. Understanding that we are on a sinking-ship is a fairly widespread sentiment. Trying to get off it and help others is not helped by sitting floating in said chair amongst those knee deep in water and constantly reminding us of the fact, either whispering, talking or shouting, that the ship is sinking!

We know the ship is sinking! In fact we knew it long before you decided to turn up and tell us!

What none of them are offering is a way off the boat, because even if they had one, they know its realisation would shatter their cosy reality, and their cosy position at the top of the patriot ghetto forever. Sorry to disappoint, but the patriot and activist community, like any ghetto, is riddled with pimps and predators, who somehow claim to represent the interest of the community but simultaneously one way or another - bleed it dry.

In short, if they ever had the courage of their words and their convictions they would be stood with and amongst us and not in their bunkers and hideaways! Yes we know you are ‘right behind us’ as we ‘take action’, six hundred miles behind, well out of the way of any incoming ammunition!

In most things in life there is one rule for the rich and one rule for the poor. They talk out and shoot their mouths off and tear into the system and gain more support and finance - you try and talk out and end up victimised and jobless and blackballed, in fact you will be lucky if you don’t end up on the streets.

So in reality, we have seemingly managed to achieve a level of philosophical understanding of the world situation which is at once highly liberating on a personal (individualist) level but singularly the most useless and the most irrelevant when it actually comes to changing anything in the real world – congratulations are very surely in order, though to whom I am not quite sure!

Though the shortwave superstars quite rightly tear into the Trotskyites, in organisational terms the Trotskyites piss all over them. The Trotskyites never would have accepted such self-aggrandisement from its leadership as the patriot movement do, and always demanded leaders led from the front and got involved before allowing them a platform. Not by releasing another book or dvd or cd but by leading and co-ordinating and winning mass campaigns. That way agitators led from the front and a position informed by philosophical concerns but tempered in the experience of involvement with the general public and actual real life rather than an armchair philosophers version of it.

For this reason I would much rather a commentator was amiss in his philosophical analysis if there was an actual positive effect of their actions (rather than words). As after all, we all know ‘talk is cheap’ and ‘actions speak louder than words’.

In other words, to return to the sinking ship metaphor, we can all stand around gazing at the hole, discussing its dimensions, postulating the structural fault of the hull where the hole is located, how much water we are taking on, whether the hole be of Jew, or Yankee, or English, or Eastern origin, and what might be an appropriate strategy to patch up the hole, and at the same time, take financial contributions from the others for our infinite hole analysis skills.

A few idiots, not realising the entire boat is rotten and riddled with such holes, desperately attempt to patch up the hole. All the while as the boat develops more and more holes and takes on more and more water, perched on your shoulder, like an annoying parrot, the armchair philosophers continue to inform us the ship is sinking.

Those who simply want off the boat as they realise it was severely structurally unsound to begin with are trampled underfoot by those furiously engaged in patchwork, or drafted into helping patching the hole. And up to our necks in water, patching away, after a while we start repeating the philosphers chant of “the ship is sinking”.


The overwhelming majority of ‘news’ for the patriot/activist/dissident community revolves around the shock of the victim to the reality that the world and its peoples isn’t really the fantasy zone they so thoroughly thought it was.

Each ‘news item’ reveals how yet another aspect of private/political/public life has fallen to the monolithic masonic system. Commentators have gone to great lengths, using meticulous referencing, to document causes and effects, guilty parties etc etc. Depending on the level of focus and analysis each part of the system has potentially hundreds or more constituent parts. Mathematically then, there are an endless supply of such ‘News Items’ which can be spun in a million different directions.

Such ‘news items’ lead to causes eg Anti-CCTV, End the Fed, 911 Truth, End Wall St, End Chemtrails blah, blah, blah. As anyone who has actually involved themselves with campaigning (on the ground) over a sustained period of time knows, after a while existentialism sets in, in knowing that the net total and result of such causes is the equivalent of an aspirin for a brain tumor, sticking plaster for a severed limb, or a drop in the ocean. Here we are back to the metaphor of patching a single hole on a boat riddled with holes.

In other words, the Isis Temple will throw up as many ‘causes’ as the idiots will consume, knowing any victories on behalf of the campaigners will never amount to a serious challenge to the system and can be easily offset in other ways. Don’t want fluoride in your water? No problem, increase the fluoride content in the chemtrails or the food. Always with such campaigns, what is gained on one hand is taken away from the other, at the same time as pacifying the victorious campaigners.

To be brutally ‘Frank’ the simple depressing fact is that most of the men and women involved in the patriot movement are there for all the wrong reasons.

A word to the wise, if you are looking to get pussy - many other youth subcultures and pastimes and social-clubs contain a far higher proportion of women than the patriot movement – don’t waste your time.

And of those women committed to patriot politics who have swapped, in the words of the great Frank Zappa “Sucking cock, in order to get a pass to see some big group – for free”, for the patriot chat-rooms of the internet and campaigns in local politics and lecture halls, I would suggest the backstage areas of rock festivals, heavy metal gigs, and hip-hop shows would be a far more rewarding (and lucrative) venues to ply your very dubious trade.

The late prophet William Cooper remarked he had spent much of his life amongst the patriot community watching them “get high and try to get in each-others pants…” - a depressing, but truly accurate prognosis of the ‘movement’ today.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:12 am

Here lies a cautionary tale regarding:


Which is a Marxist forum trading off the back of the mass misery unemployment has created.

To save you wasting time attempting to root out the barely veiled leftist Marxist ‘apolitical’ bullshit which is at the heart of http://www.unemploymentmovement.com let me give you the one sentence in the whole forum which is worthwhile:

If you are unemployed in the UK and referred to the Nazi Work Programme, request a subject access request under the data protection act and withdraw your consent to allow any information to be shared with 3rd parties.

So here is a summary of the posts with supporting information before I was banned by the cretin “TerraTech” or TT (Titty) the supposed neutral administrator of the forum.

http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/w ... -programme

First post, made in all innocence.

“I am very grateful of finding this information here, and my sincerest thanks to the person who organised this forum.
As a graduate with two post grad qualifications and 7 hideous years teaching maths behind me I find myself enlisted on the Nazi Work Programme administered through the notoriously corrupt and incompetent A4E (assholes for evil).
In my last teaching appointment I was suspended as a result of malicious allegations which the management of the institution sided with, rather than my version of events. Despite having the most absurd allegations levelled against me I was consequently cleared by the independent safeguarding authority, but effectively blackballed due to the in my opinion criminal actions of the management of unnamed institution.

Though having either worked and had perfect work references (and paid significant taxes) or studied (and incurred considerable debt) my whole life I am now viewed as a scrounger and fit for the Nazi work programme.
Having given account of my situation over the phone to the Nazi who rang the other day from Assholes for Evil re my employment history, suspension etc yesterday I find an envelope has arrived telling me I must attend a ‘group session’ and must bring ID and CV.

I am particularly annoyed as the 99.99% of education providers do not require CV but filling applications. Places of educational employment specifically state they do not wish to receive CVs.

Do these cretinous morons even have any idea of the concept of professional employment procedures?

The glossy bumph they sent with their gibberish letter could appeal only to an idiot, it has incensed me incredibly and appears to be in complete disregard of everything we spoke of over the phone.

As far as I am concerned the people who take a paycheck from A4E are the worst gutter trash scum imaginable and the “only doing my job” JC+ counter workers who are quite happy to refer the unemployed to the work programmes as equally dangerous.

As I am located near the heart of the satanic Assholes for Evils headquarters in Sheffield I think it would be an especially good idea to do an action in protest. Collate the “survival on the work programme info” collected here, with the other information relating to the failure of the work programme, its numerous breaches of data protection, the criminal activity of providers such as Assholes For Evil, and most importantly the overwhelming similarity with the tactics employed by the Nazis and other associated evil doers. Collate this information into a pamphlet or information leaflet which could be handed out anywhere the unemployed may congregate. If anyone wishes to take part in such a protest or strategically done organised leafleting of Job centres/Work Programme providers in South Yorkshire please let me know. Protesting over the internet and in court is very good but the best protests are made on the streets.

The vile abuse of human dignity which is the Nazi Work Programme can only exist because of the complicity of everyone in the chain, the sooner more are prepared to stand up and say no the better.

They really picked the wrong person to fuck around with but like the zombified morons that they are they really don’t know any better and can’t help themselves. Why are no political groups mobilising around this issue?”

This first post was followed by thanks and words of encouragement, and a suggestion to take some of them out if I ever decide to end it all, which I never would. I wrote in return:

“That’s exactly what they want, I was thinking a leafleting campaign, not a kamikaze mission!

More seriously though, they say “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church” so unless people are prepared to self-sacrifice and oppose them (in a non violent and legal peaceful sense) the whole situation will get worse and worse for the unemployed. They are already half way there with the psychology of the terminology they employ.

WORK PROGRAMME, how similar is that to WORK CAMP?

The whole NAZI WORK PROGRAMME is part of a larger movement of Eugenics, at its heart is the doctrine of weeding out and exterminating those deemed inferior types by the ruling fascist elite.

Jobcentre+, Assholes for Evil, etc and the morons they employ, who will turn a blind eye to anything as long as their paycheck (for sitting around on their arses) keeps coming in, are simply playing their part in a long term scheme to Euthanise the poor.

The absurdity of it is that none of these inbred desk jockeys would even be in work were it not for the vast army of unemployed, talk about biting the hand that feeds them!”

Next post:
“Thanks for the information Brian, and thanks for the encouragement from the other posters.

Quiet man you are quite correct, the unemployed in this country could represent a serious revolutionary force, god knows it is time for their satanic system to come down. However the degree of zombification of the majority of claimants, and their willingness to ‘go along to get along’, drug problems, alcohol problems, prostitution problems, pornography problems, racial divisions etc etc etc prevent them from uniting. The hope of the unemployed smashing the system has to be counterbalanced with an understanding of the incredible divisions and misery they have managed to foister amongst the poor, and also the incredible dumbing down.

I too confess I was employed on the New Deal for Disabled People Programme for DWP for 6 months as an Admin Clerk, my job was to process registrations, that was payments made to the usual suspects, A4E, W2W, G4S and other associated cretins simply on the basis that they managed to bully disabled people into short term temporary contracts, and of course those contracts never became permanent, as after the work placement finished they could be re-registered and the toads could then claim another payment.

As I was involved with administrating a conference for them I actually got quite up close to the chief execs of all the Work Programme providers and what a disgusting bunch of podgy fingered, old boy (and girl) networking degenerates they were. Some of them had a very definite air of Jimmy Saville about them if you know what I mean!

To the other poster who told of his job centre workers comparing themselves to monkeys, I find this quite an insult to monkeys and apes who are lovely creatures and a hell of a lot more dignified in nature than any JC+ worker I ever met.

JC+ workers display classic cockroach characteristics, shine the light in their direction and they scuttle off into the dark looking for the next most senior cockroach, who will then in turn scuttle off to the next most senior cockroach who will then scuttle off and ring up a more senior cockroach in cack-ston House to be told him what to do.

Of course I wasn’t referring to any mainstream political groups but legal direct action protest groups such as anarchists, liberty groups, human rights activists groups etc etc the kind of thing Jabberwocky described. Many years ago anarchists did sit ins at JC+ centres in protest at their Naziism.

I’ll have a bash at a leaflet over the next couple of days. This site is a serious beacon of hope in a sea of despair, congratulations to the administrators and posters for making it what it is.”

Clearly, in this last sentence I am talking out of my arse. Someone then wrote that not all the government people were bad and I responded:

“I wouldn’t be dealing with the pimps if it wasn’t for the chronic indifference of the “only doing my job” JC+ counter worker zombies. And let’s be honest these work programmes have been around for quite some time long before A4E and co came on the scene, from what I have been able to ascertain they were always a miserable degrading affair.

You should be aware many of the top DWP brass were share-holders in the Work Programme providers, at least when I was involved with them that was the case. Therefore the blame must rest within the civil service and government as they were the ones who opened the door to the public private sector, though it was always there anyway.

If they know there are exemptions to WP why the hell are they not letting claimants know? Because they are quite happy to send us to our doom as long as their pathetic little salary keeps rolling in.

The other poster was correct, the “only following orders” mentality of the JC+ workers is pure Nazi psychology though I disagree there is no killing involved, they are killing our spirit, our dignity, our professionalism our integrity, our self-worth. And they are also killing us literally!

I highlighted the importance of the similarity of the NAZI terminology WORK PROGRAME and WORK CAMP for good reason. The only difference is the slave labour is now done ‘in-house’ rather than in a concentration camp. Exactly the same method employed by the Nazis though they obviously feel they don’t need the barbed wire anymore as most will happily go along to the work camp, sorry work programme of their own free will without being marched in by the gestapo.

I do more work around the house than they do in that office. Most of the time I see them they are stood around arrogantly talking shite, and I always have to wait at least 25 minutes to sign. Of course if I am 25 minutes late I face sanctions but no-one ever threatens them with loss of wages for keeping me waiting in that stinking office. Despite the fact that everyone knows the economy has collapsed, we all have to go through some ridiculous face saving routine where they ask us what we are doing and we give them some bullshit in return.

Are they human? To me it appears these are people who have entirely lost their humanity. “

Then, causing large amounts of froth to start to spew from Titty, I had the audacity to write:

“Also important to remember they wrote about this situation we face today over a hundred years ago.

"While the new republic is gathering itself together and becoming aware of itself, that other great element, which I have called the people of the abyss, will also have followed out its destiny..To the multiplying rejected of the white and yellow civilisations there will have been added a vast proportion of the black and brown races, and collectively those masses will propound the general question, "what will you do with us we hundreds of millions, who cannot keep pace with you?" P107, HG Wells, Anticipations of the reaction of mechanical and scientific progress upon human life and thought, Chapman and Hall Pulishing, 1904

Alexis Carrel of the Rockerfeller Institute, New York, answered this question very succinctly when he wrote:

“We have already referred to the vast sums at present spent upon the maintenance of prisons and lunatic asylums in order to protect the public from ANTI –SOCIAL and insane persons. WHY DO WE KEEP ALL THESE USELESS AND DANGEROUS CREATURES ALIVE? In Germany the government has taken energetic measures against the multiplication of inferior types, and insane and criminals. The ideal solution would be to eliminate all such individuals as soon as they have proved dangerous….Philosophic theory and sentimental prejudice are not entitled to a hearing in such a matter.
Man the Unknown (Harpers publishing 1939) P59-60 quoted in MH Papworth, Human Guinea pigs –
Experimentation on man, Routeledge Publishing 1967

As the good doctor remarks in protest at Carrel ‘…at what point on the road to ‘elimination’ do
we call a halt? or in other words how can we define the anti-social and inferior types? Those who do not wish to go along with the system are always described as ‘anti-social‘, those who do not favour Cainite Competition are always ‘inferior‘.

One can picture oneself as a bit player hoping for ‘redeployment‘ in Zappa‘s musings of obsolescence – ‘The Orchestra question’ as he stated it in 200 Motels. The subject of Zappas dialogue is only ostensibly orchestral, he is referring to all outsiders and groups who have had their day.

Ringo Star (dressed as Frank Zappa) 27min 20 seconds into 200 Motels

“Hello there. When you go on tour with a musical group it‘s possible that any town can seem like this. Whether it‘s large or small, or busy or if there‘s nothing happening in it. The reason for this is quite simple. A musician if you consider the normal pattern of modern civilized life is on the outside of it all. He dosnt build things, he doesn‘t work regular hours like a decent god fearing citizen. And the life he leads, in many ways, seems useless and irrelevant to those of us who prefer a quiet evening in front of the television and a bottle of beer.

Amazing as it might seem to some of us, musicians have basic physical needs, just like real people. Many of them study for years, learning to play the violin for instance, only to be rewarded with a humdrum job in the fourth row of a symphonic string section.

That‘s why the government have constructed at great expense this experimental re-orientation facility. To find a way, perhaps, to retrain these useless old musicians with their brown fiddles and little horns. Give them a trade, a reason to exist in the modern world. A chance of a happier more productive life.

Some will enter the military, some will learn shorthand, and some will DISAPEAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ON A SPECIAL TRAIN THEYRE SENDING IN. It‘s the only way really, to bring about a final solution to the ORCHESTRA QUESTION.”

By this time the Titty TerraTech began to foam uncontrollably at the mouth, in realising I was several orders of magnitude more intelligent than his/herself. The snidey little bitch then started up a thread deliberately addressing the points I made in my thread, and attempting to denigrate anyone advocating peaceful lawful protest and campaigning. http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/tactics/4587-how-we-should-fight-back?limitstart=0

Still attempting to be diplomatic, I posted in this thread:

“I think it is a very very difficult subject and each tactic has its own merits and demerits. I think we have to embrace every form of tactic listed here. Ultimately I think that each person has to do what they can as Jabberwocky stated, and as one who has also got the T-shirt when it comes to protesting in a radical fashion I am looking to approach this issue in a more tactical manner.

If I remember correctly the occupations of the JC+ centres in Sheffield were in response to sanctions and they were a success, in that the Jobcentre backed down and lifted the sanctions because they were afraid of further embarrassment. You won’t be able to escape the surveillance cameras wherever you protest, unless of course you ‘mask-up’ and then you are into a whole load of cloak and dagger type business, agent provocateurs, and of course the elitism which such quasi- paramilitary action brings.

So many people are being drafted onto the NAZI work programme the mood is ripe for a mass rebellion, what form that may take is very difficult to predict, that is if it happens at all. No doubt a rebellion which involved those generally uneducated in matters of the New World Order would throw up different forms of organisation and tactics none of us would have anticipated. “

Then followed the attack and denigration from Titty of myself and of anyone supporting my side, and suspicious of his/her quasi Marxist paramilitary fuckeries. I then wrote:


Are you suggesting that the Work Programme does not have a direct similarity and comparison with the system of work camps in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, is that your definition of the word emotive?

And if this is the case why did you need to start a thread to address this question without directly addressing it in my thread?

Personally I think this is the strongest argument against the work camp programme, but some are so ideologically wedded to certain politically correct definitions of words such as NAZI that they panic when people have the nerve to call the beast by its name, yet at the same time as claiming they dont have an agenda!? That argument may wash with some but not I.

Who are you to decide what constitutes a valid means of fighting back for individuals who wish to take some form of action? If a small group of men/women wish to stand outside a service provider and hand out leaflets to those who have been refered to the the WP, stating in the leaflet how exactly they can make things very difficult for them, are you seriously suggesting this is a waste of time?

Similarly, even a letter to an MP may be a very good idea if only to provide a record of their indifference, and also to provide a lesson to the writer of said letter that they are, of course, a waste of time.

I think what does need to be concretely adressed is the idea of creating actual groups who have come together amongst common lines, particularly in opposition to the Work Programme, if you are insisting others must sign up to your notion of a glorious utopia, and curious tactics before they can join your political campaign against the WP I can assure you you will alienate far more than you will convert.

So what we need is an Unemployed movement London, Unemployed movement Lancashire, Unemployed Movement Yorkshire etc, an actual physical group of people which meets in person to discuss exactly what we are going to do outside of the gaze of the internet security services.

Forums such as this serve a double purpose, the good is that certain key bits of valuable
information can be transferred very quickly, the bad is that we give our enemy all the fruits
of our wisdom and thinking for free!

I personally don’t care if those who wish to take whatever actions they deem appropriate against the WP are Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Nationalist, Internationalist, Socialist, anarchist, racist, homophobic, religious bigots, potheads, whoremongers or whatever, at the moment I am happy to agree to disagree in the hope we may put aside our differences and unite in our disgust and hatred of the Work Programme with the immediate aim of getting rid of it, and then if successful, deciding what to do next.

So are we on the same page here?

Many of us have been involved in protests over many years and we have all developed what we feel is the best approach using as we feel the most appropriate language and tactics.

I mentioned that spontaneous tactics and forms of organisation will arise, and my hope is that now these protests and forms of struggle will be independent of any existing protesting factions precisely because those factions have a habit of destroying any genuine potential for real change
with their mindless and petty sectarianism and insistance on obscure political dogmas etc...

What was the phrase a friend of mine stated many years ago?


At this point the froth which was bubbling out of Titty’s mouth fell onto the keyboard and manifested in a hate filled message of spew which it is not necessary to repeat here. At this point I realised the ban could not be far off and posted the following.

“What was the phrase “pot calling the kettle black”?

Almost everything in this world is POLITICAL, when you state you want an end to unemployment, in itself you are making a POLITICAL statement, when you advocate tactics to end unemployment to take us closer to your glorious socialist republic you are describing what constitutes a CAMPAIGN.

Funny though whenever the Marxist/Anarchist types get anywhere near to power they seem to like the concentration camps and workhouses and starving the poor as much as any other government!

To you the Work Programme is a minor issue in the overall scheme of unemployment, I beg to differ.

You accuse me of using emotive language and terminology and arguments without substantiating what you are saying, yet have a big graphic of a concentration camp on the front page of your site, do you understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy?

You deliberately started this thread to address the points I made in my original thread and denigrated those who had the decency to offer me their compassion when I did contribute here. If I was actually involved with some kind of protest with you on the street exactly how long would it be before you were sticking the knife in my back again?

This is the reason, if you are not capable of understanding, why I stated that my hope is that now these protests will arise independently of persons such of yourself, precisely due to your ability to sow division and denigrate others who advocate tactics and arguments you do not personally agree with.

Are you even actually unemployed? Or are you simply sitting in some cozy ‘equal opportunities’ job and looking for an opportunity to further your own ‘non-political’ agenda?

The tactics that you are advocating really will ensure that none of us ever do actually work again if we get involved with the kind of stuff you are advocating, which, according to you, should all be done over the internet and mobile phones thereby leaving a perfect evidence trail (as was exactly the case during the horrific riots in London) for the police. Agent Provocateur much?

Personally I think twitter and facebook are the biggest threat to privacy ever invented. Tell me dear readers if they started up a site called ‘fuckwitter’ and told you it was cool would you all go and sign up for it? If the answer is no then don’t be a ‘twit’ and stay away from twitter.

Unemployment is a nightmare, but it is especially intolerable due to the NAZI WORK CAMP PROGRAMME, and I get the impression for many of the contributers here the NWP (Nazi Work Programme) was the straw that broke the camels back.
As the other poster stated, actually defeating the work programme would be a massive victory and would actually force A4E employees and their kin to practice what they preach as they would be out of work themselves and actually have to find a job in the real world. It would also actually restore a tiny amount of dignity and humanity to the JC+ counter workers, who I am told by some are actually human, though I have seen very little evidence of this.

Gisajob, of course it’s catharsis, it also supplies the JC+ bods and policy makers with all the information they need to plan the next attack on us.

I am not expecting civility now I understand the politics and motivations of TT. I am, however, prepared to tolerate his/her idiocy in order that we may unite and organise against the diabolical NWP. “

I then dared put the cat amongst this scabby pigeon and posted my “An incomplete list relating to American Freemasonry and October 1917” and “Masonic Movers and Shakers of WW2” together in a New Thread in the “Writing” section of the forum under the title “The History They Dare not Teach in Schools”. As both these wrintings are deliberately designed to cause maximum psycological damage to the Marxist and Nazi mentality, of course such an action triggered Titty to push the ban button quicker than you can say

“Im a Marxist Agent Provocateur Piece of Shit rich kid masquerading as a champion of the unemployed”.

And of course he/she purged the thread. According to this blithering moron God (Marx) forbid we actually understand the historic and economic and political and social and religious motivations of the system which gives us the systems of NAZI WORK CAMPS CURRENTLY EMPLOYED IN THE UK.

Terratech, the administrator of http://www.unemploymentmovement.com, you’re a fucking moron and an Agent Provocateur. Your site is shite, and now all the fine visitors of "Freemasonry and Anarchism" can read it for themselves.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:08 am

As a follow up to the previous article, in their defence, I must state “Action for Employment Ltd” have so far proved to be 100% more straightforward, polite, honest and helpful to myself regarding this unemployment nightmare than Jobcentre+.

Though I am aware of one single Jobcentre+ worker who is human (and well versed in matters of the NWO), the remainder of JC+ staff display a chronic indifference to logic and reason.

I hand delivered my Subject Access Request under the data protection act and withdrawl of consent for information to be shared on Wednesday last week, was informed the manager of the Jobcentre would ring me on Friday. Well Ms Manager I waited by the phone all day Friday and as Frank Zappa would put it “You didn’t try to call me” a single time. I then rang the centre Monday morning, and was told I would be called back but alas, again, “You didn’t try to call me” so I rang JC+ back on Monday 2pm. After negotiating the cyborg who answered the call informing me as there was no record of my query on the computer she was unsure how to proceed and what I was telling her did not compute, I finally received the phone call from the manager of the Jobcentre.

The reason she didn’t try to call me, was apparently because, as I type this, the lawyers down at Cacks-Town House were still chewing parts of it over.

Much as I stated over at www.unemploymentmovement.com online forums and the information contained within serve as a font of information for those who wish to plan their strategy against us.

As though something as trivial as the Data Protection Act might stand in the way of slave labour.

Terratech, you’re a funny guy/gal, not only an Agent Provocateur, but paranoid too! After the posters who have very sensibly argued the point I put forwards on the how we should fight back thread, you now insist that contributers must forget about the work programme and only concentrate their discussions on what campaigners would do after we defeated the Work Programme, in blatant ignorance of the fact that the Work Programme is alive and kicking (the life out of us). This on top of starting several threads to supercede the original “How we should fight back” which was originally formed in response to my own thread, more chronic obfuscation Terratech. Not only that but your paranoia has even turned the “How we should fight back” thread into a personal attack on your humble writer the largely innocent Frank Zappa! Well thanks for the link Titty but do you realise I often get more hits on Flag in a day than any of your threads will get in a week!

In other words while the line of influence is in your hands at www.unemploymentmovement.com over here on my thread the line of influence is in my hands Titty.

You call it lunacy Titty, it is a lunacy which is shared by millions in one way or another. And funny this ‘lunacy’ served as the basis of the article Henry Ford Can a Freemason be an Anti-Semite, edited by Henry Makow Phd (inventor of the board game ‘Scruples’) and proudly sits at the top of the “Henry Ford Freemason” google search (much to the chagrin of Freemasons (and Nazis), and the lunacy formed the basis of two very important broadcasts by Alan Watt, and much paraphrasing by many respected commentators.

I say it again Terratech, if you are unprepared to allow your readers an insight into the historic and economic and social and religious motivations of those who are currently implementing a system of work camps in the UK I can only suspect your own personal motives, and the tactics you advocate confirm my suspicions.
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