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Freemasonry and anarchism

Criticisms of anarchism, anarchist vs. non-anarchist debates & anything generally antagonistic towards anarchism. Guest posts welcome.

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:05 am

The Sandy Hook (or claws (clause) Nightmare before X-mas must have been years in the planning.

The audacity of the American and International MASONIC establishment to pull such a stunt so close to the one time of year Christians try and sit down and relax for two minutes has turned my stomach.

The Sandy Hook Mass Massacre, is as far as I can ascertain, a Hoax (of sorts). Yet another Masonic Murder suicide mass trauma Mind Control Programming event.

The Term “SANDY HOOK” has been deliberately employed to cause confusion and trauma in the subconscious mind of the non-awakened person.

The SAND-MAN is yet another metaphor for SATAN, a mythical character who cast SAND into the eyes of children to send them to SLEEP. It is also the mythical Michael Myers type BOOGIE MAN which THEY CREATED.

A HOOK is a catch, an imposture, to snatch, to steal, to pilfer.

They say they killed 27 and how they love to keep flashing that number at us. 27 is 3 (the trinity) cubed (3x3x3), in Kabbalah the number means wept, mourned, and also a parable or RIDDLE. Reverse the 27 we get 72 their number for GOD or the seventy two names (DEMONS) which compose it.

Reverse the HOOK we get KOOH or when spoken COUP (a telling or decisive blow, a successful move or piece of strategy, or revolution, or to be overturned).

The whole thing stinks of yet another mass staged MASONIC MURDER, with implications they hope to be as far reaching as inhumanly possible.

Think this does not affect you Anarchist? Then think again, the Supposed Shooter labelled himself an ANARCHIST COMMUNIST and considering how elastic that term is in meaning every Anarchist should take this matter as an issue of deep concern. They are not just after the gun owners (those who may be able to physically oppose them) but the Free thinkers (those who may be able to ideologically oppose them) such as YOU and I.

Video clips freely available on the net depict supposed parents laughing prior to being interviewed, other interviews are so stilted and wooden as to be obviously staged. Other video depicts the school staked out as a movie set, Fire Engines Trucks and Ambulances were stationary and totally Jammed in. There were according to reports 3 not one perpetrator.

The whole STAGED EVENT stinks of the place where it has surely emanated - FROM HELL.

They are SACRIFICING CHILDREN for their SICK CONQUEST of the human spirit, the life of a child means NOTHING TO THEM.

Please focus your thoughts to those murdered children, but please dear reader, know in your heart and mind it is THEY who have orchestrated this unutterably sick satanic christmas charade at this usually peaceful time of year.

Obama is a disgusting crocodile tear stained WORM, such an obvious agent of SATAN, and the blood of the children lay on his hands. May god send his abominable soul to BURN IN HELL.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:51 am

Following the Sandy Hook false flag mind control scam America now stands to lose the right to bear arms.

Of course, the sand (in your) eye Hook (imposture) is the latest in a very long series of such Prozac fuelled Mass Murder shootings all designed ultimately to remove the guns from the hands of the American populace, by increment.

First Assault rifles, then handguns, then hunting rifles, then crossbows, then knives up until you are finally at the point where you will exist like us English, that is, restricted to carrying nothing other than a non-locking sub 3 inch bladed knife (and given time they will be fully outlawed).

How is it that Americans are letting an English person, that thoroughly noxious walking corpse of a man, and crony and sycophant of the abominable Obama, that snot nosed bastard, Piers (piss) Morgan set the tone of the debate?

Let us say it again, in harmony, Piss Morgan is (as Alex Jones so succinctly put it) a SNOT NOSED BASTARD.

We English don’t want him, You Yanks don’t want him, I suggest the American and English authorities reach a suitable compromise and drop the toad Bear Gryls style slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, give the fucker a raft made of US dollars and UK pounds and an oar made of credit cards and leave him to survive the savage sea.

Piers Morgan is something inbetween a latter day Rasputin the Mad Monk and a true wandering Jew condemned to bring blight and pestilence wherever he may roam.

And while I mention the word JEW, American patriots, at exactly the time you need to UNITE and face the Obama NAZIS down over the right to bear SUCH ARMS AS MIGHT BE APPROPRIATE TO DISPOSE AND REVOKE A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, you are allowing those Scottish Rite Freemasons of the patriot movement to tear any opposition apart with its incessant and obvious attempts to sow division through its endless jibber jabbering on about Jewery, the illuminati Jew cabbalists, and those pesky Jew bankers.

You know who are, you read this, I have promoted many of you for free, if I ever thought you would turn out the way you have, I’d have never mentioned your names, except to call you the fucking idiots and plants you have turned out to be.

Here’s a little hint for these revolting ultra homo-erotic Jew bashers, don’t bring Bill Coopers name into this, as you’d never be sat typing and spewing your Scottish rite fuckeries were he still alive, hed be verbally skinning each and every last one of you alive.

Another subtle message to those who read this, stop beating about the bush with the words and names you are using to describe yourselves, you’re a bunch of sick Nazis, masquerading as Patriots and Christians, have the decency to call yourselves what you actually are, you disgusting people – NAZIS.

The jury was in on Jones (for some) a long time before the interview even aired, and had Jones sat quietly and politely Mad Morgan would’ve treated him with exactly the same mocking and distain he meted out to Larry Pratt previously.
Jones deserves acclaim for having braved the DIARRHOEA SPLATTED WALLS of the CNN backstage facilities alone!

Jones, I think, wisely took the opportunity to get in that horrible skeletal face and give out basic information regarding 911, Prozac, low crime rates in high gun ownership areas, the fact that government is arming itself to the teeth against its own populace, democide, the fact that England has the highest violent crime rate in Europe and is a prison camp hell hole who those with the money want to get the hell out of, and more.

Due to the aforementioned Nazification of American patriotism, and its willingness to drop and diminish anti-masonry in favour of jabbering on about Jews, I no longer bother with nor associate with it.

However, I salute and offer Alex my congratulations from across the water for a Job well done.

What would have made it better?

As the camera panned away at the end of the interview, I would really like to have seen Alex slap Piss Morgan in the face hard, or in the very least he should’ve pushed him off his chair.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:08 pm

Is this a New World Order researcher you once respected?

The insufferable HORSE MANURE that continues to emanate forth from the (shall we say) 'unscrupulous' arm of American patriotism continues to turn my stomach with an ever increasing degree of anguish and alarm.

I see a once proud, vibrant and inspirational movement descend to what can only be described as a very, very, very bad episode of South Park.


Why should it be any other way? The current Patriot demographic of male 20-35 year olds has been force fed a diet of rancid anti-semitism via that intollerable hive of the cretin South Park for the last 15 years.

Strange that very large swathes of the patriot community insist that the No1 taboo is “ANTI-SEMITISM” when the cumulative viewership of South Park must stretch into the billions, and has introduced more to the JEWISH QUESTION and gutter Anti-semitism than any other propaganda piece since Mein Kamph, yet we are constantly told by these lunatic space cadets that anti-semitism is taboo!

Not only that, it is an obvious fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any information amongst American Patriotism which does not spin the issues off into Jewery and Israel the Caballah etc etc

Perhaps they have access to some very excellent weed which I am not previously aware of, the side effects of which include an insane and incessant desire to spew endlessly about Jewery. I was once told by a very wise man that there is a weed for every state of mind so such a state of affairs is possible. The weed I am smoking is, was, and always will be ANTI MASONRY ALL THE WAY!


Perhaps though (for them) the best part of a lifetime spent hawking their intellectual wares amongst miracle cures and snake oil salesmen and magic energy generators has rubbed off on them, because the “IT’S THE JEWS” HOGWASH is surely the biggest MIRACLE CURE ever hawked in the history of American Patriotism.

So for the moment forget the fact that the religion of the Egyptians which colonised the world was thouroughly universal long before any historical notions or conceptions of Jewery.

Forget the fact that slavery and usary in a million different forms (money only being one of) existed and was prevalent long before any historical notions of Jewery.

Forget the fact that Rothchild simply means RED SHIELD and of course forget the fact that banks have investors and share holders who are non-jews.

Forget the obvious fact that the most prominent anti-semites were Freemasons.

Forget the fact that the religious books which are never at pain to tell you IT’S THE JEWS all emanated from a single source.

In fact, forget these and a great many other incredibly pertinent facts because didn’t you know?




Ladies and Gentlemen, this multi-million strong army of Eric Cartmans has grown up
-in a chronic state of illiteracy
-in a chronic state of innumeracy
- with a chronic lack of father figures
- with a chronic fear of reading anything which does not flicker from the vidiscreen at a hypnotic rate
- with a chronic zombificating diet of glucose-fructose syrup, MSG, Aspatamine, Soya, faeces fertilised genetically modified food, rapeseed, bisphenol plastics, fluoride etc etc etc

This South Park generation 'now come of age' possess a chronic normalisation in attitude towards, and ability to celebrate, and venerate, the facile and banal and idiotic.

By any objective assessment, the modern American citizen has a chronically malformed retarded brain which is objectively chronically incapable of rational analysis.

And against this backdrop you wish to stand on a stage and spew JEW? I say go and plug yourself into your magic electricity generator JACKASS.

Have a little consideration for the consequences of the things you are saying, I know its not going to happen though as obviously orders have been sent down to wratchet up the Anti-Semitism a further notch.

I never had any interest in Anti-NWO research from the perspective of Neo Nazism, and I am sure I am not alone in this matter. In fact, I believe precisely the reason for the resurgence in the Anti-NWO movement was its ability to present the information in a neutral manner, and explain that all sides, black and white, left and right and even (shock horror) THE JEWS were controlled by that all powerful capstone.

Such enormous U-Turns, I believe, constitute a deliberate and quite sickening BREACH OF TRUST and betrayal and exploitation of the naivety of the followers of these U-turners.

We only need compare their output 10 years ago to today, the change in content is in some cases incredible.

In some the change to neo-nazism has occurred gradually over the last 3 years, and some are obviously better at smelling the wind than others, and like the good little psycopaths that they are, are more than prepared to prostitute their intellects to the Neo-Nazi cause.

I smell the wind too fellas, but it sure as hell SMELLS LIKE SHIT to me from where I am standing.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:13 am

As of sometime on 09/02/2013 any direct link to flag was vamooshed from google. For example
search terms of "freemasonry and anarchism" now yield no direct link to flag.

Search term "flag blackened net" yields no direct link in google.

Search the terms in webcrawler and the search result appears as it used to on google.

How can such a state of events occur, is this a literal purge of flag from google or is there
a simpler technical explanation?
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:00 am

And now flag shows at the top of the google search again – how odd. One of the results of flags temporary purge from google was stumbling across this classic nugget from the vile scat monger Ben Watson.

“I was down in Vin Mags on the corner of Great Windmill Street and Brewer Street in Soho the other day, looking for an old issue of Hustler magazine — issue 10 (April 1984) to be precise, because it contained an obscene photo shoot of tableaux from Thing-Fish, Zappa’s ‘off-Broadway’ musical.”
http://www.unkant.com/2012/10/frank-zap ... music.html

Of course Ben, I believe you!

Observer: Pray tell Marxist Freudian, what the hell are you doing in this crumbling, smelly, greasy windowed porn shop?

And furthermore, pray tell Marxist Freudian, what on earth are you doing in this godforsaken ‘afternoon rentals’ motel room with a tub of Vaseline, a Darth Vader costume, a vacuum cleaner, a primitively constructed enema administration device, a looped minidisc recording of the Monkees “I’m a believer” and a particularly ugly, down at heel prostitute?

Watson: ISN’T IT OBVIOUS WHAT I'M DOING? I’m looking for Zappa’s Thing Fish Hustler collage, issue 10. 1984, TO BE PRECISE. Strange though, TWENTY YEARS IVE BEEN LOOKING and still I haven’t managed to find it!

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:06 am

Several posts have been re-edited becuase the picture links keep dying, the content of the posts never changes except for the odd spelling mistake and I have not added or subtracted any content. Its only cretins like Ben Watson who do that, and while Im on the subject, here is another little chapter in "The Alternative Biogaphy of Ben Watson".

Chapter 6

From Zappa to the Crapper – The never ending story of the moral and intellectual decline of Ben (Napoleon) Watson.

There was no getting away from it, shit was his bread and butter and there was very good reason for Watson to think this way.

“…..those beautiful brown baubles had been my ‘stock in trade’ from a very early age.”
P67, The Scatsi Sozi – Questions and Answers for Scatological Socialists, Ben Watson, 1978

Benedict Emanuel Nigel Napoleon Yanni (Benny) Watson was conceived during a ‘love-in’ at a nudist Fabian Socialist Morris dancing Festival on the Orkney Isles in 1945 (he frequently lies about his date of birth).

As was right and proper for such Marxist-Freudian ‘immaculate conceptions’ five of the twelve men present drew straws to determine the parental responsibility, and the five names which form the abbreviated B.E.N.N.Y begrudgingly contributed £5 each in old money (a veritable fortune in those days) to Watsons mother, a certain woman by the name of Constance Effingham Smitesworthy Mop.

As Watsons Grandfather was also present at the ‘love-in’ and was an actual blood relative of Mop, researchers of the Watson family tree have concluded that Watson is currently co-habiting with his half-sister, and his children are simultaneously both his aunties and his nieces, or something like that, It’s all very confusing (and rather disgusting).

Watson was kept in isolation in the basement of the Watson family home till the age of 13. His only reading companions were German language volumes of Marx, Desade, Freud and “Proper Toileting for Respectable Young Men” on which he was tested every day. After the correct recitation of a paragraph (usually Desade) Watson would receive his daily rations: half a crumpet, a tin of sardines or pilchards, and a glass of an admixture of Mead, Stout and Goats milk, later named by Watson as “gut rot junior – the drink of champions”.

Such a harsh regime meant Watsons German language skills, toilet manners and knowledge of Freud, Marx and Desade were second to none. However it also produced a number of unintended side effects, for example, Ben Watson never feels alone when he has a tin of fish and can often be found in the tinned fish isle of Camden TESCOS shouting passages of Marx and DeSade, then delightedly loading his basket to the brim with dozens of tins of pilchards in tomato sauce, then legging it for the door and insisting to the security guard that the fish is his sole property under ‘common law’.

His first friends were hand sculpted, from his own feces. ‘Leniny-poo’ was a scale model of Lenin striking a revolutionary pose and ‘Marxy-poo’ a dazzling reproduction of a bustiere of the very handsome Karl Marx. Watson learnt how to throw his voice (in German) and in next to no time was hosting riveting ‘round-robin’ discussions on the nature of dialectical materialism, the historical process and the necessity of keeping the price of tinned fish accessible to the working man in a future socialist society.

His only encounters with the outside world were his organised day outings to Camden Public toilets. There he would lock himself into the communal commode, sniff the air and record the farting and plopping noises on his ‘phonettograph’, while trying to contain his laughter.

The ‘phonettograph’ was a primitive audio tape recording system which utilized IBM-Nazi technology to punch holes into a six inch wide roll of paper mounted in a wooden cassette approximately the size of a house brick. When recording the hole punching mechanism meant the ‘phonettograph’ sounded like a very noisy typewriter and the noise of the recorder was frequently much louder than any noise it was meant to record. While this might appear a serious drawback to any normal person, those familiar with Watsons rhetoric will know it is exactly the kind of thing he gets off on.

After a day’s fun recording the hustle and bustle of the public privy, he would play the tapes back to his endless amusement in the basement, picking out the toilet noises amongst the ‘clickety-clack’ of his trusty ‘phonettograph’.

Watsons first foray into popular music in 1959 was a complete disaster. Available only on phonettograph tape “Camdens Comodal Cacophany (in Kraut)” was 35 minutes of Watsons recordings from the Camden public lavatory with him ranting passages of Marx and Desade over the top in a ‘jazz style’, in German.

Watson republished the Advert which featured in the back pages of ‘Sounds’ magazine issue 54 on page 697 of his Magnum Opus, “The Scatsi Sozi – Questions and Answers for Scatological Socialists” A translation of the original German language advert reads.

“That brown sound of Camden town sure do get around! Treat your ‘phonettograph’ to the hi-fidelity sounds of the high street lavatory. Jazz poetry by Ben Watson. The next ‘big thing’. Spoken in German, the only ‘true language’. Exclusive to ‘phonettograph’. Five shillings and hapence a copy, two Farthings for P&P. P.O.Box 30, Camden Town, London.”

Following the horrors of the Second World War, Watsons outrageous overtly pro-German sentiment sparked storms of protest and the advert was immediately withdrawn. His dreams of all the tinned fish he could eat, and of launching himself and the ‘phonettograph’ to international recognition were quashed in an instant.

At the age of 13 Ben Watson was unceremoniously ditched at the gates of “Humpty Dumphries School of Atonement for Boys – The Dumping Ground for the Unwanted Offspring of the Inbred Upper Middle Class”.

Watson took to the boys school like a fish to water. He loved the Desadian excesses of the House system and many a new boy, or “greenhorns” as he called them, were by lured to a whipping or spanking from the older boys by Watson with his promises of free chocolate. He would sit on the other side of the door as the new boys were ‘broken in’ and cackle with laughter recording every second of the abuse on his trusty ‘phonettograph’.

“Oik bashing” was a noble tradition, and a very necessary ‘safety valve’ for the boys of Humpty Dumphries. They would all pile onto the school coach with their hockey sticks, then prowl the suburbs of London looking for homeless people, and once a suitable victim was found, beat him to a bloody pulp. Ben Watson loved the purity of “Oik bashing”, especially the thrill of the chase, but most of all the pining pitiful pleads of the pathetic proletariat. The boys would work themselves into quite a frenzy and bloodlust through the chant of “Rah, Rah, Rah - Were going to bash the Oiks” which was repeated faster and louder till it built to an orgasmic crescendo. Watson became so excited and breathless during this incantory chanting that he would often wet himself and pass out. “OIKS! OIKS! BASH EM!” he would scream, shaking uncontrollably as the matron tried to change his trousers. While the older boys dished out the horrific beating Watson would stand at the back of the crowd licking his lips and recording the precedings on his trusty ‘phonettograph’, which he would later transcribe and use to produce his “Oik Bashing Monthly” column in the school newspaper. When he was sure there was no chance of a retaliatory kick or punch from the helpless victim he would approach and begin what he called “the closing benediction”. He would poke the bloodied man with his hockey stick or “prod the pleb” as he later called it and shout “Where is your Christian god now”? and “Soon you will be with Jesus”!

Terrance Gunther Hoeten Floeten was a pure blooded German, a dazzling trumpeter, but also had a chronic flatulence problem - Terry the Trumper or Gassy Gunther the other boys would call him. Watson felt an immediate kinship with Hoeten Floeten, as already by this time Watsons digestive system had packed up and he couldn’t fart, while Terrance on the other hand couldn’t stop farting.

“We were dialectical opposites, but united by our love of tinned fish, fine Trumpetry and the German language. Perhaps in the back of my mind I had also hoped Hoeten Floetens flatulence somehow might rub off on me”. P564,The Scatsi Sozi –
Questions and Answer for Scatological Socialists, Ben Watson, 1978

Watson and Hoeten Floeten graduated from Dumphries in 1969 and together they set off for Cambridge University on a “Tri-cycle made for two” (they tried a regular 2 wheeler tandem but Watsons extremely poor sense of balance meant he would instantly fall off).

While most of their Cambridge contempories were content to smoke an awful lot of cannabis and chill out to the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, Benny and Terrance were having none of it. Together they would rise at 5AM, take a cold shower together and then down a few tins of pilchards, swilling out the tins and drinking the juice to ensure they got every last drop of that “pilchardy goodness”. Then they would say a little prayer to Marx, dress themselves in their Cambridge tom finery topped off with a very dapper straw boater and off they went.

“We would rocket off on our tricycle, find an old abandoned barn, read Kant and Swift, Terrance would play his trumpet for me as I sat downwind and savoured his anal air, and as those long summer afternoons drew to a close we would snuggle up under the hay and whisper sweet nothings to each other, in German of course!” P101 The Scatsi Sozi, Ben Watson, 1978

Then one evening as they sat loitering in the House Masters bedroom after having consumed what can only be described as an ‘industrial’ quantity of pilchards in brine, Watson, in a delightfully 'Marxist Fruedian' moment, asked Terrance if he might stick his trumpet up his arse.

Terrance thought for a moment, then replyd yes being a good German he would like that very much. Watson inserted the trumpet up Terry's ass, Terry farted, a note sounded from the trumpet and in the next 10 minutes the infamous scourge of the hippy underworld of Cambridge in 1970 that was “Ben and Terrys Top Trumps” was born.

Their act (though it was never performed in its entirety) went as follows. Ben and Terry would don a heavy disguise of hippy wigs (they were both virtually bald), tie die shirts, fake hippy beards and moustaches, beads and lashings of patchouli oil. They would enter the stage, Terry would turn his back to the audience, whip down his trousers, bend over, stick the trumpet up his ass and blast out an earth shuddering rendition of “God Save the Queen” while Watson would fill in the rhythm parts with his kazoo. Second on the set list was a free form jazz kazoo / ass trumpet ‘face off’ in which Terry and Watson would try to outdo each other with their dizzying solos. Finally, The 'piece de la resistance' was a full length rendition of Stravinskys “The Rites of Spring” painstakingly rearranged for ass-trumpet and kazoo.

Universally “Ben and Terry’s Top Trumps” struck a hideously literal ‘bum-note’ with their audience. Two or three hours after having consumed 50 micrograms of LSD the last thing any man or woman wished to see was the sight of a man playing a trumpet through his arse, and if Terry’s ass trumpetry did not trigger a case of the screaming abdabs then Watson’s kazooing would finish them off forever.

Though to this day Ben Watson persists in insisting his kazzooing “bridged the conceptual gap between John Coltrane and Zoot Horn Rollo” his audience were far less convinced. In fact Watsons Kazooing was so close to the sight and sound of a man strangling a duck, the audience believed that Watson was actually torturing a duck on stage. Amongst the fainting and screams of panic cries of “hey maaan leave the duck alone!” “that duck never hurt you maaan” and “you murderer” were heard from the crowd.

MI5 are frequently charged with the accusation of dumping many batches of LSD on the Cambridge Campus in order to ruin the minds of the rising generation, but for the record let it be said that far more cases of incurable catatonic despair and terminal unutterable hallucinatory horrors were triggered by Ben Watsons kazooing than any batch of ‘bad acid’.

The headline in the 'Cambridge Chronicle' the next day said it all.

"MAN KILLS DUCK IN THE NAME OF ART - Twenty Hospitalised by Performance Art Duo.

Police are seeking to talk to two men, one of whom it has emerged, killed a duck onstage at the Cambridge Pavillion, the other is said to have performed an obscene act with a trumpet. The men are described to be of hippy appearance, one with a German accent, the other is distinguished by his abnormally small eyes “the one who killed the duck, well he had funny small eyes a bit like a pig” another witness told “he had eyes like piss holes in the snow”."

Ben Watson was outraged that his Kazooing had been compared to DUCKICIDE. His response to his drubbing in the press was somewhat over the top, and would forever cement the humble DUCK in his demented psyche as the cause of so many of mankinds woes, or what he would later term his own personal unshakable “DUCK-EX-MACHINA”.

He vowed to exorcise his critics by actually strangling a duck and recording the noise on his phonettograph. “If its ducks they’re after” he snorted “then a strangulated duck I shall give them.”

The Desadian excesses of strangling a duck appealed to Ben Watson enormously. At no small expense he procured a live duck in a small cage from Cambridge china town and took it back to his lodgings. He set his trusty phonettograph into recording mode and put the caged duck on the table, he took a deep breath, attempted to steady himself and released the catch on the cage door. His heart pounded in anticipation.


Was this some super charged vampire duck? Had he unwittingly purchased ‘Count Duckula’? The duck flew viciously out of the cage making a hideous hissing noise, flapping its wings in a horrifying billowing fashion. Watson screamed in terror “MUMMY HELP ME!” but it was no good. He froze in fear crying and cowering in the corner. The duck rose and towered over Watson in an unmistakedy “Christian” fashion, then raised its bill and delivered a series of vicious pecks to Watson’s lips and duly flew out of the window.

Ben Watson lay with his lips in bandages in Cambridge Mental Hospital, the throbbing pain was incredible. His lips became infected and swollen and within the space of a few days, Ben Watsons lips began to resemble a ducks bill. Upon examining Watson the doctor cried in exclamation “HE GOT A BIG OL DUCK MOUTH!” and turned away laughing hysterically.

Watson never fully recovered from this episode and goes to great lengths to avoid “those asinine aquatic aviators” to this day. He later extended his obsessional fixation to include all varieties of GEESE and SWANS summarising his feelings quite succinctly on the matter on P333 of “The Scatsi Sozi” stating:


As a live act 'Ben and Terry’s top Trumps' was finished. Their efforts were equally futile in the field of recording but that little story which concludes this particular chapter of this very sad biography will wait for another day.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:16 am

Words don't do '13' justice, I've loved Black Sabbath's music for 24 years, and I know that the great
Frank Zappa himself is sitting in heaven and enjoying this album as much as the rest of us.




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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:42 am

JC+ counter workers are increasingly taking a wage to harass and bully the most vulnerable in society. These inbred Jobcentre Plus desk jockies who get a little uglier and a little fatter and a little more repugnant every time I have to look upon their twisted gurning faces.

Unlike many, I’m not taking anything out that I havnt put in, whereas I ask you, Jobcentre plus workers when did your taxes justify the wages you are paid to sit on your arses and harass the unemployed. We are both paid by the government, only the share you take from the common good in comparison to I is grotesque.

Without the unemployed, you, you Jobcentre plus cockroach, would be out on your permanently seated lazy arse, and like the rest of us, looking for a job in the real world. In other words your own pitiful godforsaken livelihood is a direct consequence of mass unemployment, so shut your mouth and leave the unemployed alone, you owe your livelihood to them.

Some of you are harassing the unemployed because you are terrified of disobeying those cretinous underlings you call management and your spinelessness to challenge those that order you to harrass should be a crime in itself. But many of you fucking cockroaches who are taking a wage to sit on your arse for Jobcentre Plus are increasingly taking a sadistic pleasure in harassing the unemployed.

I had the delight in encountering one of these such fucking cockroaches the other day, and what a delight to behold she was. Obviously never done a real days work in her life but suggesting I, should consider a job in a call centre?

Ill consider slashing my fucking wrists first.

You didn’t have the deceny to admit what you said did you? You claimed you used a call centre as an 'example' didn’t you?

I look through the fucking jobs you government cockroaches are pushing the unemployed into. Heres some news for you Government - they arnt fucking Jobs. Telesales is crime, marketing consultants and trainees are telesales renamed and youve invented a thousand different fucking names to try pushing this same con.

If you work in telesales here’s a little bit of free advice for you. Stop pretending what you are doing is ‘work’ and go and buy yourself a packet of razorblades, or go and stick your head in the oven, or go and take a walk off the edge of a cliff and do us all a big favour.

And amongst these adverts for jobs for call centre cockroaches, I find adverts for strippers , nude models and ‘escorts’, endless 'fundraising' scams, ‘earn cash from home’ etc.

Take away the scams, telesales, pornographers, pimps and all the other useless occupations from all the adverts you don’t have any real jobs to advertise, so shut your fucking mouths ‘government’ and leave the unemployed alone.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:58 am

'Marxist-Freudian Gastronomy for Beginners' is one of Ben Watsons terser works of the 1970’s.

Though full of his characteristic vitriolic attacks on “the repressed” and ”Christians”, it was in reality a sneaky underhand anti – duck propaganda tract aimed at luring its unsuspecting readers into eating duck, and thereby assisting Watson in his campaign of duckicide.

95% of the recipes collected in the pamphlet were duck, in fact such was Watsons slavish dedication in collecting every god forsaken duck recipe on the face of the earth into one source, the pamphlet is still considered a classic amongst French duck chefs today. Curiously though Watson does not eat duck himself, calling it “the blandest darned meat I ever tasted”.

What then, does Ben Watson eat? Let us take a little look at page 47 of “Marxist Freudian Gastronomy for Beginners”

“Are you repressed? Got a libidinal problem? Are you a frenzied Christian masturbator? “No” I hear you cry. Then I, Ben Watson ask you. Why arnt you eating raw slugs?"

"Yes, You heard me, live…… raw……. fresh……slithering…”

“Raw slugs are delightfully chewy, and though best served in a bed of dead rats innards, are perfectly acceptable dining fare without any such accompaniment”
P47, Ben Watson, Marxist Freudian Gastronomy for Beginners, Socialist Looney Publications, 1975.

Over the years Watson has developed many slug breeding programmes to satisfy his “sexually mature palette”. His favourite, simply titled ‘slug racing’ involved taking a handful or so of raw live slugs and placing them in the centre of a large plate. The idea was that the slugs that made it to the edge of the plate first would be saved and selected for bigger and better things, whereas those slugs unable to master the new conditions of life on the plate would be eaten there and then. At the start of every race he would warn them, “You snooze – you lose”, but often though he would become exceedingly bored of the whole affair and simply slurp down the whole plate of slugs before they barely had chance to move.

Dead rats innards is a firm family favourite on the Watson family dining table to this day.

Ben Watson first ate dead rats innards at the age of 11.

Picture the scene if you can, a dimly ‘pilchard oil candle’ lit Victorian era basement, leaky water pipes perpetually dripping away, a six foot pile of empty pilchard tins, a makeshift mattress of old damp copies of ‘Fabian Socialist Weekly’, a dog eared poster of “Cliff Richard-Living Doll” turned blue green with mould stuck to the wall, a large desk stacked with his German language editions of Marx, Desade and Freud next to which sat his ever at the ready ‘phonettograph’. Across the floor were strewn a dozen or so rat traps, many of which had sprung and contained dead and decomposing rats.

In the centre of the room , like some prehistoric shrine, stood his very own fecal Joachim Boaz in the form of ‘Leniny Poo’ and ‘Marxy Poo’.

The smell was like a sewerage pipe had backed up in a fish mongers.

It was the great post war meat shortage of 1953, Constance had to reduce Watson pilchard rations to one tin every two days, Ben Watson was starving.

“Mummy I need meat! Or fish! Or some kind of animal protein! I’m starved!!” He shouted from behind the locked basement door.


Ben Watsons cries from behind the basement door were not audible to Constance, who sat entertaining a group of assembled aristocrats and Freemasons in the parlour.

“Ooohh I’m game for just about anything!” Constance smuttily replied to a rather disgusting proposition from the assembled dignitaries. She stood up and did a little solo charleston over to the Gramophone and put on her favourite dixieland Jazz 78’. She lifted up the hem of her skirt and started to roll down her stocking, the assembled men began to cheer and whistle as Constance began to strip off.

Watson heard the cheers down in the basement and sighed.

“It’s no darned good, no pilchards for Benny today…………..”

He glanced around the floor dejectedly and looked at the five or six dead rats, he really ought to remove them as Constance would receive half a farthing per tail at the local rats tail exchange, but he felt their presence added a certain ‘deliquiesence’ to the ambience of the basement.

His gaze shifted to a headline on an old copy of “Fabian Socialist Review” laying on the floor, it was an old WW2 propaganda piece from 1944.


He picked up the paper and started to read.

“Its official! Guts make great stew."

"Government scientists today announced that animal offal, which is commonly discarded, is actually far more
nutrious than regular cuts of meat........”

He threw the paper to the floor, “What piffle” he muttered to himself, as he leant down to pull a dead rat
from its trap.

Wait a minute………hold up a second………perhaps……..perhaps………..perhaps he might rustle up a hearty little
goulash of dead rats innards for himself and the boys and save the day after all.

He took a shard of pilchard tin from the basement floor and sliced the rats bloated stomach open, then he stuck
his tongue out and gave the exposed putrified rats guts a tentative lick.


There was no stopping him, he put his hand into the rats stomach and scooped out a good handful of putrified rats
innards and placed them in a dirty jam jar, the guts making a horrible ‘shlupping’ noise as they slid to the bottom
of the jar. Every rat in the basement got the same treatment and within a few minutes Ben Watson had three dirty
jam jars full of dead rats innards. He walked over to Leniny Poo and Marxy Poo.

Ben Watson – “I’ve got a little treat for us fellas…. We deserve it don’t we?”

Marxy Poo – “Ohh Yesss…….”

Leniny Poo – “Yesss................What have you got for us Benny??”

Watson stepped over to Leniny Poo and Marxy Poo and placed a jam jar of dead rats innards at their sides.

Ben Watson – “Gentlemen, might it be appropriate to suggest a toast?”

Marxy Poo – “Depends entirely on the quality of the beverage, in this case I think it entirely appropriate!”

Ben Watson (lifting his jam jar to his mouth and preparing to drink) - “Gentlemen TO SIGMUND FREUD,
without whom none of this would’ve been possible”

Leniny Poo “Ill drink to that!”

All – “To Sigmund Freud!”

They all took a hearty swig of dead rats innards.

Marxy Poo – “Mmmmm........................Stringy”

Leniny Poo – “Mmmmm........................Sinuey”

Marxy Poo – “……It’s warming and nutritious”

Leniny Poo – “Oh Benny………..with these dead rats innards you are really spoiling us!”

Watson went to reply, but broke the cardinal rule of social dining and spoke with food in his mouth, the rats
innards spilled from his mouth and onto his chin as he spluttered:

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby elexie » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:32 pm

frankzappa wrote:While most of their Cambridge contempories were content to smoke an awful lot of cannabis and chill out to the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, Benny and Terrance were having none of it. Together they would rise at 5AM, take a cold shower together and then down a few tins of pilchards, swilling out the tins and drinking the juice to ensure they got every last drop of that “pilchardy goodness”. Then they would say a little prayer to Marx, Women's Dresses themselves in their Cambridge tom finery topped off with a very dapper straw boater and off they went.
Terrance thought for a moment, then replyd yes being a good German he would like that very much.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:28 am

Ben Watson does not need the link you supplied here as because Dolly and he are of almost identical size and proportion they usually try on each- others clothes before buying, although this has presented many problems in the changing rooms of the Camden Primark where they shop for discount clothing.

You are entirely wrong spammer, although Ben Watsons is ‘gay for pay’, and an actual bona fide ‘Toilet Trader’ who sells his arse in London’s public lavatories to try and recuperate the financial losses incurred every time he self-publishes a new book, his cross dressing did not start until 1985.

After listening to his new “Echo and the Bunnymen” LP, Ben Watson declared to the Camden Socialist Workers Party at the local Thursday evening branch meeting that he was both man and woman, both gay and bisexual, and that he reserved the right to be referred to as “Sweet Benrietta” at any given time. Watsons comments provoked outrage amongst the more conservative ‘Camden Barrow Boys Collective’, and the ‘Amalgamated Association of Jellied Eel Producers’ who accused him of attempting to ‘split the branch’.

Watsons only support during this tender ‘coming out’ phase came from the top in the form of the then branch secretary Michael, an American Francophile, who immediately declared his solidarity with Watson and changed his name to Michelle. In honour of the French Michael never washed, defecated standing up, and pissed in the streets. Michael/Michelle had struggled with his feelings towards Men for quite sometime.

‘Michelle’ and ‘Sweet Benrietta’ soon came to dominate the Camden SWP branch meetings. They would sit at the front wearing miniskirts facing the assembled communists and continually crossing and uncrossing their legs and noting the audience reactions as they gave them a view of their anatomy in instalments. Any SWP member who dared to look away in disgust or revulsion was immediately expelled from the SWP, forever branded as ‘transphobic’ and a report was promptly filed with the police informing them that a ‘hate crime’ had occurred.

This “Triffic Tranny Tyranny” as Watson later called it, continued until Michael/Michelle moved back to New York, and turned one hundred and eighty degrees, taking up a position on the neo-con ‘shock jock’ circuit. Michael / Michelle makes a very good living to this day calling for all homeless and unemployed peoples to be interned in concentration camps, and for all pot smokers to be instantly executed, but if you listen carefully enough to his voice you can still hear the whines of a cackling old fag hag barely buried beneath the surface.

Anyway, you made me digress, come the day of the ‘great cleansing’ spammer you will take your exalted position amongst the telesales workers, marketing consultants, teaching profession, charity fundraising scammers, much of the police, government, lawyers, pimps, social workers, politicians, union officials, feminists, pedophiles, bankers, a very large proportion of the Health Care System, smack dealers, religious extremists of all persuasions, Freemasons, multiculturalists, abortionists, the British Broadcasting Corporation, climate change scaremongers, sustainability consultants, anti-smoking campaigners, Ben Watson, Corporate Agribusiness Farmers, a very large number of American ‘Patriot’ Radio Talk Show hosts, and a great many more.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:01 am

Very good broadcast with some excellent Francophobia starting about 25 minutes in.

Sept. 18, 2013
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:
Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 18, 2013:
The Perfected Citizen:
"Kind Governments Posing as Our Saviour,
Using Our Taxes to Change Our Behaviour
By Peer Pressure, Guilt and Shame,
Helping Save Money for Government Game,
Adopting New Normals, You will Reform
Opinions and Attitudes and So Conform
To Be a Quality Approved Product, Standardized,
On Hearing Up is Down You're Not Surprised,
Discard Sensibilities and Own Conclusions,
When 2+2=5 There'll Be No Confusion,
Everyone's the Same and No-One's Wrong
When Authorized Opinions Prattled by Throng"
© Alan Watt Sept. 18, 2013
* Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 18, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/ ... 182013.mp3

Topics of show covered in following links:
Government and Behavioural Economics
Behavioural Insights Team
France to Ban Sexualised Child Beauty Pageants
Sweden Rules Public Masturbation Legal as Long as it Is Not Directed at Anyone Specific
Turning Cities into Living Laboratories
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:00 am

Taken from Marxist Freudian Gastronomy for Beginners by Ben Watson

"Traditional Marxist Freudian Wedding Feast – Serves 10 Hungry Marxist Freudians.

- 5 dead cats - ask your local Chinese or Indian restaurant.

- 20 Dead Rats - Londoners are never more than a few metres away from a rat take advantage of this and collect this ingredient - for free!

- 40 Large Frogs or Toads, during warmer months collect them from the banks of waterways in the dewey undergrowth, failing this, get them from a pet shop.

- 160 Slugs, you can collect yours, but I breeds em FOR TASTE.

- 1 Kg Live Maggots, see the ‘Fish Preparation’ section on P23, or buy them from a fishing tackle shop.

- 1Kg Rancid Duck Fat

1 – Gently ‘saute’ the maggots in the duck fat at 90 degrees Centigrade for at least 12 hours in a ‘Bain-marie’. Strain off the fat and keep it to baste the dish during cooking. Congratulate yourself, you have just produced ‘Uncle Bennys Long Grain Maggots”

2 - This next step takes patience, but is worth it. Gut the slugs with a sharp knife, making sure you resist the temptation to slurp down those juicy slug guts. Stuff the slugs with the maggots then wrap the slugs guts around itself to ensure the maggots are safely enclosed within this provocative little ‘Portefeuille’.

3 - Gut the frogs/toads. Again, resist the temptation to eat the frogs guts. Keep the guts to one side. Stuff the frog with the slugs (4 slugs per frog).

4 - Gut the rats, mix the rat guts with the frog guts and refrigerate for a tasty beverage. Stuff the rat with the frogs (2 frogs per rat). Add a good sprinkle of ‘Herbs de Provence”.

5 - Cut the cats legs off, cut its head off, come on don’t be squeamish, you’re not repressed are you? Then gut the cat, and stuff the cats carcass with the rats (4 rats per cat).

6 – Finally, wrap the cat with its own guts, and spit roast over the embers of a bonfire of copies of Socialist Worker, Morning Star, Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian and Le Monde.

Don’t overcook it! The idea is that the flavours will simply ‘warm through’ this ‘Blanquette’ of a dish creating the rich and challenging taste sensations your guests palettes have come to expect from you. Eating the dish is a symbolic act likened to eating the soul of Marx and Freud and in eating this dish you are breaking laws and taboos with the indifference of an Emperor. Best served on the ruins of a demolished council housing estate.

C’est Marx-Freud! C’est tres magnifique! Bon Appetit!"

P54, Marxist Freudian Gastronomy for Beginners, Ben Watson, 1975
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:46 am

No dystopian vision of the future ever said anything about Nose Telescopes?! The twisted imaginings of Zappa and Burroughs combined could never have conceived anything quite as bizarre and outlandish.

What kind of a lunatic could stand around in the middle of the road with a telescope strapped to their nose(!) hoping to catch a hint of a whiff of weed smoke?

"Police are using 'nose telescopes' to map the smell of cannabis across the city of Denver.

Colorado has legalised the drug, but a new law means they can charge people with an environmental offence if their smoking causes an unreasonable smell. Unlawful stinkiness carries a fine of up to $2000 (about £1247).

Police have started using a 'Nasal Ranger' - a type of olfactometer, which measures the ratio of smell to clean air - to map areas with an offensive smell of marijuana. Fines can be imposed for anything beyond an 7:1 clean to smell ratio.

Retail sale of cannabis is set to become legal on 1st January 2014. While most smell complaints are currently about home grown weed farms, police expect an increase in smokers being reported when the drug is more freely available.

Denver City Council president Mary Beth Susman told the Denver Post: "It's hard to legislate odour.

"I wonder if people will get used to the smell and the dislike of it now may change over time."

Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news ... z2ktvYfrzZ
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sun Dec 15, 2013 3:06 pm

Strictly for entertainment purposes.

The mighty Black Sabbath played probably the best set of this years '13' tour in Sheffield last night at the packed out Motorpoint Arena. I was lucky enough to be in attendance at this historic concert and now that my hands are a little less sore from clapping so hard, I present the following for your listening and viewing pleasure. God bless Black Sabbath, last nights concert was the best.

Black Sabbath - War Pigs - Sheffield 14/12/13

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - Sheffield 14/12/13

Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots - Sheffield 14/12/13
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