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Postby bdberserkers » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:25 am

When did someone give you the right to decide what is best for me? When did "By the people, for the people." Change to "By

you, for you."? You give us this illusion of choice, something that you think will sate us, something you believe will calm

the masses. You aim to keep us from seeing the truth. The reality is, you decide for us, you choose for us. You tax us,

bill us, claim us. No man should have the right to charge another man for simply existing. You tell us exactly how we're

supposed to live, so we can support your lifestyle of gluttony and hubris.

I'm here to say that I've had enough. I have taken a look at your ivory towers, your golden thrones, the wine you drown

yourself in, the drugs that fill your veins. I have opened my eyes and seen the bodies piled on one another, these dead

build your towers, their bones line your thrones, their blood is the wine in which you drown yourselves, and their tears

are the drugs that fill your veins.

You tell us that everything will be okay, but it's not. Nothing is okay.

I am a human being, and I will stand by my right to exist as such. I am not cattle, I am not a worker ant, I am not your

toy. So heed my word and know that you have no control over me, you have no control over any of us.

We are scared, we are cautious, we are ignorant. Just know this, we are losing our fear, shedding our doubts, and we are


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