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[Daily Bleed]: aka Daily Double: 3/1 MARIE LOUISE BERNERI

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[Daily Bleed]: aka Daily Double: 3/1 MARIE LOUISE BERNERI

Postby BleedMeister2 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:14 am

. . . who kills the sun in
order to install the reign of
darkest night.

— Antonin Artaud

Daily Bleed web page updated,
with a buncha links & some pitchers.

March 1

Italian anarchist, founder of War Commentary.



Scotland & Greece: WHIPPITY SCOORIE.



1848 -- Germany: During this month Mikhail Bakunin,
the Russian anarchist, meets Marx & Engels in Cologne
& a split begins...
http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/Ency ... akunin.htm

1877 -- Milly Witkop Rocker (1877-1955) lives, Ukraine.
Exiled to London, she was an activist in the Jewish
anarchist movement among the Lower Eastside
sweatshop workers.

1890 -- Australia: The Worker, the first Australian labor
newspaper, is published in Brisbane.

1900 -- Nikolas Tchorbadieff lives (1900-1994). Bulgarian
militant & anarchist propagandist. Forced into exile, helped
found the "International Bookshop" in Paris. Founded the
French-Bulgarian review Iztok in 1979.

1906 -- US: Emma Goldman publishes the first issue of her
paper, Mother Earth.

1918 -- Italy: Marie Louise Berneri (1918-1949) lives, Arezzo.
The elder daughter of Camillo & Giovanna Berneri. Best known
as editor of "Freedom", author of Neither East Nor West & Journey
Through Utopia. Married to Vernon Richards, she died in 1949
during childbirth, age 31.
http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/Ency ... Louise.htm

1919 -- US: Man Ray, artist & photographer, publishes the
only issue of "TNT", an anarchist magazine, this month. He
illustrated for a number of anarchist publications, including
Emma Goldman's "Mother Earth".

A recent PBS documentary
on Man Ray, as one person put it, "elected to completely ignore
this important intellectual context of his work since they would
have to use the "A" word."

1921 -- Russia: 15,000 mutiny at Kronstadt against Marxist tyranny.

"We can now say... that the Kronstadt uprising
marked the end of the Russian Revolution itself."

— Murray Bookchin

1932 -- Librado Rivera dies from complications following
a car accident. Mexican anarchist, a school principal, then a
professor, & companion in the fight waged by the Magón brothers,
Enrique & Ricardo Flores.

1933 -- Speech Before The Foyle's 29th Literary Luncheon:

"When I was 15 I suffered from unrequited love, & I wanted
to commit suicide in a romantic way by drinking a lot of vinegar.
I thought that would make me look ethereal and interesting,
very pale & poetic when in my grave, but at sixteen I decided
on a more exalted death.

I wanted to dance myself to death."

— Emma Goldman, March 1, 1933

1968 -- March 1 movement. The Year of the Barricades,

Imagination is seizing power.

1971 -- US: Right Where It Hurts? Weather Underground bombs
US Capital building men's room, Washington, DC.

2004 -- US: Sidney Solomon, a long-time anarchist & painter
who lived in New York, dies, age of 92. The drummer for
an all-anarchist jazz band in the 1930s.

2006 -- France: Joëlle Aubron (1959-2006) dies of cancer in
Paris. Member of the anarchiste group Action Directe.


"It seems somewhat ridiculous to talk of revolution . . .

But everything else is even more ridiculous, since it
implies accepting the existing order in one way or

— Situationist International #1


http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/imag ... ctTape.jpg

— anti-Ridiculous 2013, more or less ridiculously

& a gentle reminder we are here. For some 16 years...

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Some related endeavors:
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http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/gall ... yindex.htm

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Re: [Daily Bleed]: aka Daily Double: 3/1 MARIE LOUISE BERNER

Postby bababa3216 » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:40 pm

Milly Witkop Rocker (1877-1955) lives, Ukraine.

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