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greek anarchists

Current events and Activist Actions

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greek anarchists

Postby ambi-flu » Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:20 am

latest is that the cop has been arrested and charged with murder.
among other targets, a ford dealership was destroyed.

Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:47 pm

Thousands of youths enraged by the fatal police shooting of a teenager rampaged through cities across Greece on Monday, attacking police stations, firebombing stores and battling with authorities in a third day of massive riots. (Dec. 8)

Protesters continue to clash with police in a third day of violent riots in Athens, Greece. The riots were sparked by the fatal police shooting of a 15-year-old.

Riots broke out Sunday in the Greek capital and the northern city of Thessaloniki as demonstrators protested the fatal police shooting of a teenager in Athens the previous night. (Dec. 7)


Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:24 am

Massive riots cripple Greece's main cities

ATHENS, Greece – Greece's interior minister says the massive protest riots in cities across the country are "unacceptable" but insists that police are doing all they can to protect people's lives and property.

Thousands of youths are rampaging through Athens, the northern city of Thessaloniki and several other cities in the third day of riots Monday after police shot and killed a teenager on Saturday.

Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos spoke after the Greek government held an emergency meeting Monday night.

In the center of the Greek capital, hooded and masked protesters are throwing Molotov cocktails at riot police, who are responding with tear gas. Dozens of shops have been burned or smashed and looted.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Gangs of youths smashed their way through central Athens and Thessaloniki on Monday, torching stores and buildings after the fatal police shooting of a teenager sparked Greece's worst rioting in decades.

Dozens of shops, banks and even luxury hotels had their windows smashed and burned in a night of lawlessness as youths fought running battles with riot police. Black smoke rose above the city center, mingling with clouds of tear gas.

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, whose increasingly unpopular government has already faced a growing number of sometimes violent demonstrations in recent months, called an emergency Cabinet meeting Monday night.

In Athens, rioters torched the capital's massive Christmas tree in central Syntagma Square. As the hooded youths moved on, some protesters posed for photos in front of the blaze, and others sang the Greek version of "O Christmas Tree."

The windows of two of Athens' luxury hotels, the Athens Plaza and the Grande Bretagne on Syntagma Square, were smashed. A hotel guard at the Athens Plaza said its guests had been evacuated.

A lone man with a bucket of water struggled to extinguish a fire in the ground floor of the Foreign Ministry, opposite Parliament. Fires were also reported in the building of an airline and a Greek bank, as well as in tens of other stores in most of Athens' major central streets.

Rioters, meanwhile, set up burning barricades across downtown streets.

Scenes of destruction also unfolded in Thessaloniki, where hundreds of masked and hooded youths hurled rocks and molotov cocktails at storefronts and riot police, who responded with tear gas.

The fire departments of both cities rushed to respond to the widespread destruction. In Athens, rioters surrounded one small fire truck as it tried to extinguish a blaze, smashing the truck's windows before setting it alight.

Elsewhere, rioters looted a store selling hunting weapons and swords.

Greek media also reported fires and destruction in the central city of Larissa.

Massive riots first erupted Saturday across the country, from Thessaloniki in the north to the island of Crete in the south, after 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was fatally shot by a police officer in Athens' often volatile Exarchia district.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear, but the two officers involved have been arrested; one has been charged with murder and the other as an accomplice. A coroner's report shows the boy was shot in the chest.

Schools were to shut Tuesday in mourning, while staff at universities declared a three-day strike.

The Police Officers' Association has apologized to the boy's family, and President Karolos Papoulias sent a telegram to his parents expressing his condolences.

"All the dangerous and unacceptable events that occurred because of the emotions that followed the tragic incident cannot and will not be tolerated," Karamanlis said in a live televised address Monday morning. "The state will protect society."

But his calls for calm went unheeded and the scenes of destruction are likely to further dent the government's popularity.

In an outpouring of rage, high school and university students join self-styled anarchists in throwing everything from fruit and coins to rocks and Molotov cocktails at police and attacked police stations throughout the day.

"Cops! Pigs! Murderers!" protesters screamed at riot police.

Abroad, demonstrators raised banners at the Greek Embassy in London and the black-and-red anarchist flag at the Greek consulate in Berlin.

Separately, about 10,000 protesters from the Communist Party of Greece and another left-wing party marched through the center of Athens.

With the global financial crisis hitting Greek consumers, shop owners worried the violence would hurt consumer confidence.

"It comes at a time when we have been trying so hard to establish a Christmas spirit in the market," said Vassilis Krokidis, head of the Piraeus Traders' Association. "Our challenge remains getting through the economic crisis and saving the jobs of those who work in regular businesses."

One assistant at a china shop watched in fear as rioters attacked her store.

"Nobody seems to care about the employees at the burnt shops, what will their fate be now over the Christmas season?" said the woman, who gave her name only as Eleni.

Although there is little public support for street violence or wanton destruction of property, there is a deep well of tolerance for demonstrations in Greece, where the right to protest is held dear.

Violence often breaks out between riot police and anarchists during demonstrations. Anarchist groups are also blamed for late-night firebombings of targets such as banks and diplomatic vehicles. The attacks rarely cause injuries.

The self-styled anarchist movement partly traces its roots in the resistance to Greece's 1967-74 military dictatorship. The youths tend to espouse general anti-capitalist and antiestablishment principles, and have long-running animosity toward the police.

Re: greek anarchists

Postby |Y| » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:35 am

I came to post this. <3 the greek anarchists. They fucking pwn in all ways imaginable.
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:06 am

there are some hints that elements of the middle class are joining the riots. banks are primary targets (teeeeeeheeeeee!!!)

authoritarian leftist parties are trying to take advantage, trying to use the events to get power (boooooooooooooooo!!!)

Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:18 am


welcome to greece! on your right, the parthenon; on your left....duck!!!


oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how lovely are your branches!
(reportedly, the greek version was sung while the tree burned... LOL!!!)


dance, bitch!


we love you, pepe420 :)

Re: greek anarchists

Postby Aaronmedia » Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:12 pm

The Greeks sure know how to riot.
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby Anarchia » Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:26 pm

There's good coverage of this at http://libcom.org/tags/greece-unrest

General strike starts tomorrow :)
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby Store » Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:24 am

Here is a a letter send from greek anarchists, on international mailing lists. The letter was send this sunday 7.12.2008:

New rules of engagement for capitalist police. You throw a bottle, they
shoot to kill. Resist now, or we are next.

Around 10 o'clock tonight (7/12) a police car was making its regular
runs around Eksarchia Square in the center of Athens. The area of
Eksarchia has always been a focal point for radical leftists and has a
tradition of militant political activity. Police presence in the area is

always vigilant and the cops who patrol the streets of Eksarchia are
always trigger-happy and act like they are in occupied territory.
Some comrades saw the police car and decided to openly declare their
opposition to its provocative presence in the square. They threw some

stones and a few bottles of water against the pigs and told them to
leave. The cops who were riding in the squad-car, are part of a new
elite police unit, the ?blue-suits?, which has been created for the
specific purpose of taking repressive measures against militant

demonstrators. They are specially-trained and politically indoctrinated.
Two of them got out of the car. They threw flashbang grenades against
those present in the square and one of them pulled his gun and shot in

cold blood the 15-year old in the stomach. Apparently, their orders are
to respond with full force against anything they might interpret as
?provocation?. The youngster died 15 minutes after he was transferred to

the hospital. His name was Grigoropoulos Andreas and he is the latest
victim in a long list of state-murders.
Comrades are assembling everywhere in Greece to avenge the murder of
Andreas and make the bastards pay. Athens will see no peace until his

death is vindicated.

In memory of Andreas.
Make the bastards pay!

Greece is burning, several universities occupied and turned into convergeance.
heavy protetsts all over greece actually.

time to check adresses of greece embassades....
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:14 am

some great 'insider' pics....

http://vice.typepad.com/ ... .html#more

Re: greek anarchists

Postby Crustanarchy » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:47 pm

Gotta love the ever vigilant Greek people. They know what's up with the State. I think it's time to start sending aid!
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby ambi » Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:22 pm

i read that there is still rioting going on for day 5.

i wonder, when will the USzombies will wake up and take a cue from the greek anarchists?

(oh, right, this coming summer...hehe)

Re: greek anarchists

Postby Doc Imbecile » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:09 am

Incredible. I wonder how this will turn out.

It's beautiful that so many are fighting to avenge Alexandros. I hope they're making the Greek government and their nasty pigs feel the consequences of murder. Better yet, I hope they bring that whole fucking government down.

ambi wrote:
i wonder, when will the USzombies will wake up and take a cue from the greek anarchists?

(oh, right, this coming summer...hehe)

I'm think people are going to become more radical when the recession really hits them. So your prediction might not be too far off.
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby |Y| » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:19 am

Saw this on ABC.

Greek police run out of tear gas as rioting continues for a seventh day

Greek police run out of tear gas as rioting continues

Greek police run out of tear gas

run out of tear gas

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/ ... 331547.ece


Fucking awesome.
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Re: greek anarchists

Postby |Y| » Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:52 am

ambi, maybe this will get you back on with good graces with me (even if I am a rapist). :)

http://img528.imageshack.us/ ... tovvd5.gif

Aww, it won't let me inline it, oh well.
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