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ASSACIA: A Semi-Social Anarchist Collective in Action

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ASSACIA: A Semi-Social Anarchist Collective in Action

Postby KirLog » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:50 pm

I just recently began working towards creating a near-anarchistic collective with a free economy that encourages personal gain and private property, while also encouraging that all members give whatever they can spare to the community, but how much, even if it is nothing, should be for the individual to decide. It is tentatively planned to be located on several acres of land in western PA [about an hour from Pittsburgh] on July 4th, 2014. I just really kicked it into high-gear yesterday and am trying to make as much money as I can and recruit as much support and members as I can as fast as I can. I've already created a group on Facebook[bleh] and written several pages on the ideals I would like to see in the community and a plan of how to go about getting it started, and I have probably 100 more to write, but that's why it needs more members: it is to be a collective, and I only cannot, and will not, base it solely on my own opinions. Any form of a functional Anarchy needs the input[and contributions] of the entire collective. So please, check out the group ASSACIA at:


Read the files I have uploaded so far on the suggested ideals and plan, and if you like what you see, join us, because we need every intelligent and hardworking person dedicated to the cause we can muster. If this community is a success, we will change the world! Nations will realize that the best gov't is the smallest gov't and their citizens will be free and prosper.

Below is a short description to hopefully spark some extra interest, but there is much more in the group.
Thank you, and Love, Peace, and Anarchy to all!


ASSACIA is currently only in a philosophical stage, but within 1-3 years I intend to put the philosophy
into practice, most likely in western Pennsylvania. ASSACIA will be a commune based on a combination of Social Anarchistic ideals with the understanding that while Anarchy is a utopia that we all should strive for, as it stands now society at large is not capable of governing themselves- thus rules, or guidelines will be necessary. To create the nearest thing to a functioning Anarchy I suggest only three:

--==THE RULES==--
No theft.
No violence.
No acts that threaten the well-being of the entire society.

Aside from that, do as you please, but harm none.

All of these are up for interpretation by the group and will be handled by the group as a whole. Also, I would like to see punishment handed out as done by the Zapatistas: Extra communal duties for minor, even moderate offenses and exile for only the most major[murder, rape, chronic offenders, harming the collective, etc.].

Again, the idea is to be as self-governing as possible, so these are only the suggestions I intend to start it off with, and may, and most likely will, change with time as the group sees fit.

--==THE PLAN==--
STAGE 1: Staking Our Claim [location]
Again, this group is the first step to what I hope will someday become ASSACIA, and hopefully after that a model the rest of the world can learn from.

As it stands now the first step involves money: I intend to earn and save as quickly as possible so that I[with the guidance of the group] can buy a small chunk of land[~1-2 acres] in western PA, most likely about an hour from Pittsburgh, or possibly Altoona. This is so that we can stay connected to the outside world while protecting our own way of life. Also, I hope to have a free economy in ASSACIA and even encourage ownership of personal property[though sharing any excess wealth is even more encouraged]. This will allow two things: one, for people to be free and decide for themselves how much to give to others and the community as a whole, and two; it will allow us to buy more land to farm and more materials to build and improve our living conditions...
[cont'd in forums]...

STAGE Ώ: THE END [the goal]
The goal of this project, this social experiment, this COMMUNITY is to prove to the world that Anarchy isn't about chaos and Socialism isn't about power-mongers like Stalin[sorry, Stalin] hoarding all the wealth while the people starve waiting in line for bread. I believe the reason so many Socialist and Communist societies failed is two-fold: One, they both had a government, and as we all know, any governing body or simple power of authority over others will lead to inefficiencies and corruption, and two; these ideals were FORCED on entire populations. That's why I believe a collective- a group of people willing joining in because of a shared goal- will succeed where whole nations- whole empires- have failed.
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