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Books needed for a community library in South Philippines

Current events and Activist Actions

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Books needed for a community library in South Philippines

Postby mars » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:09 pm

I am with the collective running a small community library and activity space in South Philippines. Our projects include an alternative community library for all people, social space (for meetings, events & activities), a kitchen for mass feeding groups (i.e. food not bombs), and bi-monthly free school (skill & knowledge/wisdom sharing). We are also working close with grassroots alternative media group called Undangon ang Mina Network (Stop Mining Network). A group that is supporting resistant communities that are affected by corporate encroachment especially corporate mining and land commercialization/development aggression projects.

We are in a major transition and looking into getting more physical books for the community library, so we can provide more diverse ideas to the diverse community we serve. We are eyeing to collect as much as possible.

We are basically in need of more reading materials like political theory/analysis, feminism, radical history, vegan/vegetarian cookbooks, D.I.Y. manuals, multi-media materials and anything which you may think would be a great help. I was wondering if its possible for you to spare us any of the above materials. we'd be really grateful if you can help us in this transition.

You can have a look at our website here:

Kinaiyahan Unahon Collective (New):

Undangon ang Mina Network:

You can also download the 1st Issue of Eco-Defense! Journal (A yearly Journal Publication of the Undangon ang Mina Network), here's the post:
http://unitedmedianetwork.wordpress.com ... l-out-now/

Hope those links will somehow be useful for you. Please let us know if you can spare something.

Much thanks!
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Re: Books needed for a community library in South Philippine

Postby franciscamitchell » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:49 pm

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Re: Books needed for a community library in South Philippine

Postby Shirleyjohn » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:01 pm

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Re: Books needed for a community library in South Philippine

Postby Guest » Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:07 am

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