FreeBSD How-To's for the Lazy and Hopeless

No heavy theory here folks. If you are using these pages to set up your FreeBSD, you are using the shortcut. This means you are either truly busy or unable to comprehend man pages. Either way, you won't learn too much doing things this way, but...

Setting up TCP Wrappers (TCPD). Setup info for a 'mostly open' system. 'Mostly closed' examples are being considered.
Adding Virtual Consoles. Enable more than the stock default of four virtual consoles.
Setting up Dynamic IJPPP. Includes stuff for -auto.
Also be sure to check out this shell script for configuring PPP
Configuring Sound under FreeBSD.

Links you need to check out:

Official FreeBSD Install Guide
The FreeBSD FAQ. Stuck? Start here first!
The FreeBSD Handbook, Go here second.
Good set of FreeBSD setup instructions for beginners.
The FreeBSD Handbook pages on how to modify/rebuild your Kernel.
The PPP Setup page in the FreeBSD Handbook.
FreeBSD's CVSUP page.
Info on the 3.1 FreeBSD Splash Screen Saver.
Luigi Rizzo's FreeBSD Page has the latest FreeBSD Audio Drivers and PnP Code.
Annelise Anderson's Unix for Beginners tutorial.
A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD.
A page full of S/Key Calculators
Setting up Anonymous FTP services from the Cert Coordination Center
LUnix - the most amazing Unix-like OS for a personal computer.

JKH wrote a nifty script for those of you who want to use cvsup without having to learn anything. This script will install cvsup and will update your /usr/src/* tree to either the 2.2.5-STABLE or 3.0-CURRENT tree.


For those of you who only want the kernel source for 2.2.5-STABLE, try this instead. It's not as robust as JKH's version but it will only give you what you need to build your kernel: