Quick! Write down your thoughts while they are fresh in your head. We want big-picture critical analysis of the WTO resistance. We would like to focus on writing relevant to building a more effective movement for liberation (resisting global capitalism, statism and other systems of domination). Of course we also want exciting, empowering, funny, and/or totally-fucked, gas-choking stories from the front-lines of WTO direct action too!


--The significance of the Seattle Round collapsing: how it happened and the delegates story from inside

--Working in coalitions while maintaining political integrity

--Liberatory process: facilitating resistance without rulemaking

--Direct action tactics: avoiding stagnation & staying creative

--Engaging with police: when? Where? Why?

--Mainstream media: why bother?

--Property Destruction: was it worth it? What is property?

--The cult of non-violence: triumphant or dangerous?

This Journal will be edited from an anarchist perspective, as mentioned above. To ensure this, it is currently autonomous from the "N30 Reflections" publication mentioned in the DAN action packets. owever, we are not opposed to combining the projects if there are no compromises.

Please mail submissions to:

WTO Analysis, POB 1415, Eugene, OR 97440; wtoanalysis@visto.com

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