Mayday 2000 A Festival of Anarchist Ideas and Action

Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May 2000 MayDay 2000 will be a 4-day gathering of revolutionaries to be held across London. MayDay 2000 is a maverick wild child, conceived at the Bradford 98 conference and born at the exhilarating action on J18.

MayDay 2000 will blow the roof off the Millennium Dome!!! a weekend packed full of activities : social, practical and political, MayDay 2000 guarantees to be the event of next year. There's plenty of time to include your ideas of what you would like to happen, but we can already reveal : activist workshops, high profile speakers, into-the night discussions, writers and artists, stalls, a bookfair, film festival, art exhibition, footie tournament, tours of revolutionary London, a MASSIVE Critical Mass bike ride, plans for a permanent social centre, top gigs, parties, a May Queen event with a twist, maypoles, mayhem and a MASS ACTION in London on Monday May 1st to celebrate our diverse struggles against capitalism, exploitation and the destruction of the planet.

MayDay 2000 will coincide with an international call for action by the People's Global Action and we would like to hear from groups and individuals interested in joining us in co-ordinating the weekend of activities.

Spread the Word

This will be the most exciting and far-reaching attempt to spread our ideas EVER, but for it to work we need your energy, ideas and enthusiasm. If you can't come to us the May Day 2000 Roadshow can come to you! We've got rabble-rousing speakers on offer if you can organise a meeting in your town or city. We also need donations to fund this extravaganza, so why not organise a benefit gig for MayDay 2000, dish out leaflets and spread the word.

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