Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 5 - No. 2
Fall, 2001

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IAS Update

“Since September 11”... the news media’s singular preoccupation with the recent terror attacks does announce a compelling truth: there is a new reference point in American politics that seems to have obliterated all others. Even among anarchists the phrase “Since Seattle,” which was the point of departure for so much of activism and theory, now seems to have been trumped by “Since September 11th. This is nothing new as anarchists have always had to respond to an agenda set by someone else. However, we must respond to this agenda while continuing to pursue our long term tasks: the development of a radical vision of social change and the construction of counter-institutions that embody this vision. This makes it more important than ever for the IAS to carry on with its mission to promote and develop anarchist theory. We can be sure of one thing: the alternatives have to exist in order for anyone to utilize them.

To that end, here at the IAS, we continue to award grants and publish our newsletter and find that our services continue to be in great demand. At different times, ideas for other projects and directions for the IAS are discussed but we always find ourselves returning to the basics. In fact, our grant awards are becoming increasingly competitive due to an overall increase in the amount of quality applications we are receiving.

This Summer’s round of grants indicate the level of quality and diversity of ideas within the anarchist movement, which we strive to nurture. Carlos Fernandez’s and Jena Cephas’ project, Anarchists of Color, confronts anarchism with the often ignored issue of race and how people of color contribute to and change anarchism; Ronald Campbell’s project, The Anarchist Within: Anarchist Prisoners Building a Movement, seeks to extend our understanding of how anarchism develops in the prison environment and can be incorporated into anarchist theory as a whole; and Bill Weinburg, with his book, Pachamama Betrayed: Ecological Crime and Indigenous Resistance in the Andea Drug War, continues his thorough investigation into what the “Drug  War” is really about. These new projects, as well as all the projects we have supported, are slowly becoming part of a new body of anarchist thought.

We are infinitely pleased with our facilitation of anarchist ideas and we need to raise $20,000 by January 20002 in order to keep doing so. We are also frustrated with having to turn down deserving grants or give less money to the projects we do choose, and so I appeal to everyone to give a little more this year, whether it’s $5 or $1000, so that we can begin to increase our grant awards. We have our great selection of books for donors and, most importantly, we have another round of grants coming up. Anarchist writers are emerging just as we wanted them to do, so please help us help them!

                          ~ Rebecca DeWitt


Our Interview with Todd May (Fall 2000) has been published in the Argentine magazine El Rodaballo n°13 (Invierno 2001). Translated by Fernando Trujillo.

Our writing contest deadline has been extended to December 15, 2002. See page 13 for more details.

See our website for up to date information on IAS supported projects, past issues of the newsletter, how to apply for a grant, and our introduction in several different languages.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory - Vol. 5, No. 2 - Fall 2001