Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 6 - No. 1
Spring, 2002

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6 Years and Over Twenty-Five 
Projects from Six Different 
Countries: The IASís 2002 
Fundraising Campaign

Five years ago, the IAS was created by committed activists who believed in the necessity of supporting their comrades in the face of incredible resistance to radical change. The resistance part hasnít changed and thatís why weíre still here. What has changed is that the IAS has now supported over twenty-five projects by authors from six different countries, projects that might have been put on the back burner due to financial difficulties. Weíve funded contemporary research, Spanish language pieces, historical studies, and even a play.

Itís been a great five years and weíre looking forward to many more! Most importantly, because of our generous supporters, many more years of IAS funded projects is a reality. And, the IAS needs your continued support to achieve this. We must raise $13,000 by January 2003 to continue awarding grants to radical writers and publishing Perspectives.

Your contribution will help the IAS meet its 2002 fundraising goal and thus make the following contributions to the development of anti-authoritarian social criticism:

  • The IAS will award $8000 in grants to writers struggling with some of the most pressing questions in radical social theory today. IAS grants help radical authors take time off work, hire childcare, purchase research materials, pay for travel expenses and other things necessary to produce serious, thoughtful works of social criticism.

  • The IAS will publish Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, our biannual newsletter. Perspectives is a unique source of interviews, publishing news, and commentary pertaining to anarchism. It helps keep people informed about anarchist scholarship and encourages dialogue among those interested in this work.

Please make checks payable to the
Institute for Anarchist Studies
and mail them to:

Institute for Anarchist Studies
73 Canterbury
D.D.O., QC

H9B 2G5

Donors giving $25 or more can select from this list of great books.

IAS Supporters over the Past Five Years

Frank Adams
Hamish Alcorn
Randal Amster
Anonymous I & II
Jerry Askeroth
Alison Bailey
Sandy Baird
Jon Bekken
Espiritu Beothuk
David Berberick
Marc Bernhard
Phil Billingsley
Matt Black
Craig Bolton
Jon Buell
Manuel Callahan
Eric Chester
Dan Chodorkoff
Jesse Cohn
Tom Copeland
Cindy & Katy Crabb
Deema Crassy
Roger DeGaris & Carolyn Francis
Daniel Dewees
Rebecca DeWitt
Dr. James Dick
Maura Dillon
Chris Dodge
John & Jolene Dubose
Peggy Dye
Miranda Edison
Bree Edwards
Howard Ehrlich
David Eisen
Elizabeth Elson
Paula Emery
Salvator & Deborah Engle-Dimauro
Tony Epiceno
Richard Evanoff
Colin Everett
Manuel Ferreira
Steven Fischler
David Freedman
Harold French
Frank Gerould
Grace Gershuny
Craig Gilmore
Michael Glavin
Paul Glavin
Brian Goldberg
Bret Goldin
Audrey Goodfriend
Tom Goyen
Ian Grimmer
John Gruchala
Luz Guerra
Cindy Haag
Greg Hall
Dennis Henke
Matt Hern
Brian Herbert
Julie Herrada
Blake Howe
Alison Jaggar
Lawrence Jararch
Thomas Johansson
Qayyum Johnson
Peter Kalbera
Jerry Kaplan
Jenifer Kinkele
Richard Kostelanetz
David Koven
Andrew Lee & Elizabeth Wolf
Elaine Leeder
Alison Lewis

Robin Lloyd
Mike Long
Joe Lowndes
Peggy Luhrs
Susanna Martin
Enid Mastrionni
Michelle Matisons & Gardner Fair 
Peter McGregor
Patrick McNamara
Bob Melcombe
Gabe Metcalf
Andrea Miksic & Peter Burns
Cindy Milstein
Caroline Morse
Chuck Morse
Lynn Olson
Sandra Opdycke
Casey Orr
Sue Ostfield
Charles Perrone
Fernanda Perrone
Joan Peruga
John Petrovato
David Porter
Wayne Price
Matt Quest
Margareth Rago
Megan Reynolds
Rachel Rinaldo
Eugene Rodriquez
Stanley Rosen
Bruno Ruhland
Cate Sandilands
Ron Sakolsky
Jack Schlessinger
Sonja Schmitz
Milly Schoenbaum
Richard Schram
John Schumacher (RIP)
Jon Thoreau Scott
Michael Seidman
Marc Silverstein
Gary Sisco
Julia Smedley
Sidney Solomon & Clara Solomon (RIP)
Bob Spivy & Beverly Naidus
Patti Stanko
Peter Staudenmaier
Peter Stone
Rose Sterling
Liza Sutton
Elizabeth Sullivan
Gabriel Thompson
Brian Tokar
Dimitri Troaditz
Anthony Walent
Dana Ward
Yvette West (RIP)
Laura White
Diva Agostinelli Wieck
Dave Witbrodt
Priscilla Yamin

Blackout Books Collective
Bound Together Books
Guelph Social Ecology Working Group
Jura Books
Kate Sharpley Library
Love & Rage (NY)
Moviemiento Libertario Cubano
Pacific Street Films
Rainbow Books Coop
Social Anarchism

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory - Vol. 6, No. 1 - Spring 2002