Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 6 - No. 1
Spring, 2002

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Grant Updates

Kevin Doyle has finished his three-act theater play, Orange Fire, about the life, beliefs, and struggles of Irish activist Captain Jack White (1879-1946), who strongly identified as an anarchist. His is currently working on finding a venue for his play. He was awarded $1000 in June 2000.

Mike Staudenmaier has finished his project, Towards a New Anarchist Theory of Nationalism, which has taken the form of two essays: “Towards a New Anarchist Theory of Nationalism”, published in issue #3 of Arsenal: A Magazine of Anarchist Strategy and Culture (Winter 20001) and “Nationalism: Definitions and Clarifications”, to be published in the March 2002 issue of Onward. In addition, he is working on a new piece about the theories of Bakunin, Landauer, and Rocker, which he hopes to have done this summer. He was awarded $1500 in January 2000.

Jessica Lawless has finished her article and documentary, “Racializing Anarchism Then and Now.” He documentary is available for viewing upon request. She was awarded $15000 in January 2001.

Andrés Peréz and Felipe del Solar have complete an 81 page draft of the first chapter of their book Chile: Anarchist Practices Under Pinochet. This chapter covers the 70s and political developments including anarcho-syndicalist activities, anarchist involvement in the in the student movement and counter-culture, and armed anarchist action. This information is especially interesting since it has never been studied before. The chapter also provides information on various anarchist organizational initiatives as well as the relationship between anarchists and other members of the left. They were awarded $2000 in January 2001.

Carlos Fernandez and Jena Cephas are working on their two-part project The Quilombo Project (originally titled Anarchists of Color). They have received many responses to their initial survey and have set up a web site, which features their work in progress as well as other people’s writings. Several interviews are in progress and they expect to have both parts of the project (interviews and analysis) done by the end of this summer. Visit their website for me frequent updates, More resources and links relating to their project can be found at http://www.illegalvoicesorg/apoc. They were awarded $2000 in July 2001.

Lucien van der Walt continues to working on his “Anarchism and Revolutionary Syndicalism in South Africa, 1904-1921”, which expands upon a project previously funded by the IAS. Currently, he is working on the question of race, examining how the South African movement sought to weld the struggles of the multi-racial working class to the struggle for a post-segregation, stateless, and self-managed South African society. Material from his project has been presented at numerous conferences, and articles have appeared in Direct Action (Australia) among other periodicals. He was awarded $1000 in June 2000.

Fernando Gustavo López Trujillo has completed the introduction and six chapters of his project, The FACA and the Anarchist Movement in Argentina, 1930-1950, and is almost finished with an additional two chapters and three appendixes. He was awarded $2000 in June 1999.

Joe Lowndes is currently researching and writing on the crystallization of the racial anti-statism on the right in and around the 1964 Goldwater presidential campaign for his piece, Anarchism and the Rise of Rightwing Anti-statism. His project has evolved into a larger, book project and this summer will see the publication of a shorter, focused article on conservative anti-statism for an anarchist audience. He was awarded $1000 in June 1998.

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory - Vol. 6, No. 1 - Spring 2002