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Vol. 7 - No. 1
Spring, 2003

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The IAS’s 2003 Fundraising Campaign

Promoting Critical Scholarship on Social Domination and Radical Social Reconstruction

Since the IAS’s inception in the spring of 1996 we have worked hard to support radical, anti–authoritarian scholarship on contemporary social contradictions and the possibilities of meaningful social transformation. Although the anti-authoritarian Left has become an increasingly important presence on the streets, radical theoretical work is just as important now as it was seven years ago. We need to clarify the anarchist alternative, deepen our critique of the present society, and study the victories and dilemmas of our movement if we are to build upon its accomplishments. The IAS is a means toward this goal.

Over these past seven years we have given grants to nearly forty projects by writers from around the world, including authors from South Africa, Nigeria, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, Canada, as well as many other countries. We have funded movement research, translations, historical studies, and even a play. Many of these projects would not have been completed without our support.
The IAS has been able to keep fighting for all these years thanks to the generous support of our comrades and allies around the world and we need to ask for your support once again. Specifically, we must raise $21,000 by January 2004 in order to keep awarding grants to radical writers, continue our publishing efforts, and cover administrative expenses.
Your contribution will help the IAS meet its 2003 fundraising goal and thus help us make the following contributions to the development of anarchist studies:

  1. The IAS will award $8000 in grants to writers struggling with some of the most pressing questions in radical social theory today. IAS grants help radical authors take time off work, hire childcare, purchase research materials, pay for travel expenses, and other things necessary to produce serious works of social criticism.
  2. The IAS will publish Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, our biannual newsletter. Perspectives is a unique source of interviews, publishing news, and commentary pertaining to anarchism. It helps keep people informed about anarchist scholarship and encourages dialogue among those interested in this work.
  3. The IAS will rework its web presence so that it becomes a more valuable resource to the milieus that we serve.

It has been a great seven years and we are excited about the future of our work! Please help make this work possible by sending a donation today. To donate online, click the below link. Alternatively, mail in your donation using this form.

2002 Fundraising Campaign

The following individuals made the IAS’s 2002 fundraising campaign a great success. Their generous contributions enabled the IAS to meet its fundraising goal and thus continue to give grants to radical writers, publish Perspectives, and create a community of people interested in deepening the anarchist vision. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Ashanti Alston
David Berberick
Tom Copeland
Miranda Edison
David Eisen
Elizabeth Elson
Melissa Forbis & Cale Layton
Harold French
Emily Gardner & Randall Amster
Michael Glavin
Greg Hall
Julie Herrada
David Koven
Jerry Kaplan
Andrew Lee
Brooke Lehman
Cindy Milstein
Caroline Morse
Chuck Morse
James Mumm
John Petrovato
Richard Porter
Eugene Rodriguez
Bruno Ruhland
Jon Scott
Patti Stanko
Peter Stone
Walter Richard Wheeler
Diva Agostinellie Wieck
Michael Winslow
David Witbrodt

Thank you for
your generosity!


Perspectives on Anarchist Theory - Vol. 7, No. 1 - Spring 2003