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Vol. 7 - No. 1
Spring, 2003

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IAS Grant Updates

Lorenzo Komboa Erwin has completed the rewrite of his book, Anarchism and the Black Revolution. He has not yet secured a publisher for the revised work, but several Left and anarchist publishing houses in the United States and United Kingdom have expressed interest. Lorenzo is now moving onto his next project, which will be an autobiography entitled Years of Struggle, Years of Death. Lorenzo lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was awarded $2000 in July 2002.

Will Firth has completed his Russian-to-English trans-lations. The first piece is entitled “Russian Capitalism and the Global Economy” and second piece is a series of biographical essays and frag-ments on Nestor Makhno (tied together with a foreword). Will lives in Berlin, Germany with his son. He was awarded $500 in January 2001.

Ramor Ryan is making excellent progress on his upcoming book, The Revolt of the Globalized (originally titled Globalization and its Dis-contents). The book is comprised of stories of resist-ance to capitalism based on his political experiences and travels over the past 15 years. They chart the development (and short-comings) of anti-imperialist struggles for nation-al liberation and stories of revolt, revolution, and freedom. He writes with a personal voice that expresses solidarity, compassion, and humor.

Residing for the past five years in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Ramor has completed all but the introduction and the final chapter. He plans to finish the approximately 200 page book shortly after the September 2003 ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun (material from this protest will be incorporated into his work). Ramor was awarded $2000 in July 2002.

Andres Perez and Filpe del Solar have recently finished the second part of their book entitled Chile: Anarchist Practices Under Pinochet. The first chapter, running 81 pages covers the 1970’s and political developments including anarcho-syndicalist activities, anarchist involvement in the student movement and counter-culture, and armed anarchist action. The project has been expanded to include a chapter on anarchist practices in the 1990’s. The project has been very exciting for the IAS to support, given that this research has never been done before and will assist in illuminating how anarchists have struggled under extreme authoritarian con-ditions. The project is expected to be completed in April 2004. Filipe is a university student currently completing his studies and Andres is a journalist who is a regular contributor to political magazines in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Germany. They were awarded $2000 in January 2001.

Fernando López has nearly completed his work, The FACA and the Anarchist Movement in Argentina, 1930–1950. This piece is a study of Argentina’s Federación Anarquista Comunista Argentina (FACA). It examines the growth of the FACA from 1935 and into the 1940s and then its decline in the late 1940s and 1950s. Nine chapters of this eleven chapter work have already been written. The two remaining chapters will cover the impact of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) upon the FACA as well as its activity in the labor movement in the 1930s and 1940s. The work will also contain an extensive biographical appendix and bibliography. Fernando lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his daughter. He was awarded $2200 in June 1999.

Murray Bookchin has nearly completed the third and last volume of his The Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era (Continuum Publications). Bookchin was awarded $1000 in January 1997 to write the second volume of his The Spanish Anarchists, but material that would have comprised that book has been incorporated into the Third Revolution. It is anticipated that the work will be available by the end of this year or the beginning of the next. Murray lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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Perspectives on Anarchist Theory - Vol. 7, No. 1 - Spring 2003