Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 1 - No. 1
Spring 1997

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Grants Awarded

The IAS awards a total of $6000 annually in grants to writers whose work is important to the anarchist critique of domination, who exhibit a clear financial need, and whose piece is likely to receive wide distribution. On January 11, 1997, the IAS Board of Directors awarded the first IAS grants to the following individuals:

$1000 to Murray Bookchin for the completion of his book, The Spanish Anarchists. This new book will complement the first volume, which chronicled the Spanish anarchist movement from 1868 to 1936, by exploring the period from the outbreak of social revolution in 1936 to Franco’s victory in 1939. It will conclude with a discussion of lessons to be drawn from the entire Spanish experience.

$1000 to Alan Antliff for his book, The Culture of Revolt: Art and Anarchy in America. This book will clarify the pivotal role played by anarchism in the development of modern art in America. It will explore both turn-of-the-century debates about the relationship between art and politics and the development of discourses that cast anarchism in the arts as part of a larger revolutionary culture. It will demonstrate that anarchist artists and art critics formulated their artistic practices and criticism to further radical programs of social transformation.

$500 to Kwaku Kushindana for his essay, "Avoiding New Forms of Repression: An African-American Reply." This piece will examine the rise of conservative tendencies within African-American politics. It will begin with an analysis of the black liberation struggle of the 1960’s, which will set the context for a critique of contemporary black leaders and a concluding discussion of the black tradition of anarchy.

$500 to Paul Fleckenstein for his piece, "Civic Space and the Anarchist Dream." This essay will use Burlington, Vermont, as a case study for a critique of contemporary municipal development policy and practice. It will explore the market’s transformation of images of civic space, the structural dependence of the municipality on the international market and the nation-state, and the implications of these developments for an ecological, anarchist politics.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please click here.