Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 1 - No. 2
Fall 1997

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The Kate Sharpley Library

The Kate Sharpley Library is an extraordinary archive. Named in honor of a WWI anarchist and anti-war activist, it holds what is probably the largest collection of anarchist material in England. Their collection includes several thousand pamphlets, books, newspapers, journals, posters, flyers, un-published manuscripts, monographs, and essays in over 20 languages, covering the history of the anarchist movement over the last century.

For example, the KSL possesses detailed reports from the IWA (AIT/IAA), the Anarchist Federation of Britain (1945-50), the Syndicalist Workers Federation (1950-79) as well as records from anarchist publishing houses such as Cienfuegos Press, ASP, and others. Newspapers include near complete sets of Freedom, Spain and the World, Direct Action, Black Flag, and countless others dating back 100 years. The Library also has a sizeable collection of libertarian socialist and council communist material.

You can help the KSL expand their collection. Please add them to your mailing list if you are active in an anarchist group or publish anarchist material. Also, please consider donating any suitable material you might have. It will be welcome and can be collected.

If you would like to use their facilities or donate material, please contact the KSL at: Kate Sharpley Library, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Their web address is:

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Kate Sharpley