Perspectives on
Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 1 - No. 2
Fall 1997

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IAS Grant Awards

The IAS awards an annual total of $6000 in grants to writers whose work is important to the anarchist critique of domination, exhibit a clear financial need, and whose piece is likely to receive wide distribution. On June 15, 1997, the IAS Board of Directors was pleased to award grants to the following individuals:

$1000 to Zoe Erwin and Brian Tokar for the production of Engineering Life: A People’s Guide to Biotechnology. This anthology of essays will bring a comprehensive and radical perspective to current debates on biotechnology. It will emphasize the urgent need for an activist response to biotechnology and that efforts against it must also challenge larger structures of social domination.

$500 to Frank Adams for the essay, The Educational Ideas and Management Practices of 19th and 20th Century Anarchists in Labor-Owned Cooperatives. This essay will explore the practical educational efforts made by anarchists to end the exploitation of their labor by capital. It will examine their accomplishments and failures in order to enhance our ability to organize work wisely, effectively, and in accord with anarchist values.

$250 to Peter Lamborn Wilson for an introduction to Freedom - My Dream: The Autobiography of Enrico Arrigoni. Enrico Arrigoni (a.k.a. "Frank Brand") was an anarchist author and activist of Italian descent who lived in New York from 1924 until his death in 1986. His remarkable life included a stay in Russia during the early years of the revolution, participation in the Spanish Civil War, and a lifelong commitment to anarchism. Wilson’s introduction will analyze and introduce elements of Arrigoni’s life and work.

$250 to Mark Bonhert and Richard Curtis for Post-Industrial Resources: Anarchist Reconstructive Efforts & Visions in the Upper Midwest. Bonhert and Curtis will write an oral history and analysis of contemporary anarchist efforts to rebuild community in areas of the Midwest devastated by capital flight, urban neglect, and the repression of marginalized people.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the IAS. You may also download a grant application from the IAS’s web site at: