Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 2 - No. 2
Fall, 1998

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The Centro Studi Libertari/Archivio G. Pinelli
by Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

Named after a famous anarchist martyr*, the Centro Studi Libertari/Archivio G. Pinelli, was founded in 1976 to document anarchist history and develop opposition to the dominant ideology. The center has organized international meetings, research programs, art expositions, and other activities to foster a contemporary reconceptualization of anarchism through historical analysis. Many of these discussions and debates have been published and are available through the Archivio.

The center’s library contains more than 8,000 titles, including rare books and pamphlets, and more than 1,000 periodicals. Most of the collection is in Italian, but there are works in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Though incomplete, a catalogue is available on the Internet.

The center’s biannual publication, Bollettino Archivio G. Pinelli (Lit. 8,000, ca. US $4.50), includes news of the anarchist movement, historical articles, bibliographies, and contact information. There is no deadline for article submissions (which may be accepted in English). The center’s primary language is Italian, but readers may be interested in the English edition of an anthology entitled Thinking as Anarchists, derived from various meeting papers. To contact: Archivio G. Pinelli, cas. post. 17005, 20170 Milano, Italy. Ph: 02 28 46 923 Web:

Giuseppe PinelliNote: Giuseppe Pinelli, secretary of the Anarchist Black Cross, was thrown through a window to his death by Milan police in 1969. Source: Albert Meltzer, I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels (San Francisco: AK Press, 1996), p. 381.