Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 2 - No. 2 
Fall, 1998

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IAS Grant Updates

Paul Fleckenstein has completed and will publish his piece in the Burlington, VT, based magazine 05401 as two articles in the September issue. They are titled: "Most Livable Carnival" and "Filenes, Felines, Felon, Foe: Who Decides Which Way This Town Will Go?" He was awarded $500 in January 1997 for these pieces (which were initially titled) "Civic Space and the Anarchist Dream."

Matt Hern and Stuart Chaulk have completed four chapters and the introduction for their book The Myth of the Internet: Private Isolation and Local Community. The introduction appeared in the Journal of Family Life and another piece from their book is coming out in the next issue of Growing Without Schooling. They were awarded $1200 in January 1998.

Zoe Erwin and Brian Tokar have collected a third of the submissions for their anthology Engineering Life: A People’s Guide to Biotechnology and have begun the editing process while also searching for a publisher. They were awarded $1000 in June 1997.

Murray Bookchin’s work on the Spanish anarchists will appear in Volume 3 of the Third Revolution (anticipated publication date: 1999). He was awarded $1000 in January 1997 for the second volume of his Spanish Anarchists.

Allan Antiff is finishing his book, The Culture of Revolt: Art and Anarchy in America. A chapter from the book, "Interpellating Modernity: Cubism and ‘La Vie Unanime’ in America," will appear this fall in a Peter Lang publication, American Modernism Across the Arts, edited by Justin Edwards and Jay Bockner. He has also submitted three other chapters to various journals. He was awarded $1000 in January 1997.

Melissa Burch has completed the sections on Chiapas and Nicaragua for her piece "Autonomy, Culture, and Natural Resources in the Neo-liberal Age," and will complete the section on Vermont in the fall. She has also published part of her piece as "Bringing the Struggle Home: Zapatismo in my Backyard," in Dark Nights Field Notes (No. 12/13). She was awarded $800 in January 1998.

Chris Gunderson is conducting extensive historical research for his book, Anarchism and the Zapatista Revolution, focusing on the history of the EZLN and the revolutionary left in Mexico as well as the older traditions of indigenous autonomy and resistance. He was awarded $2000 in January 1998.

Peter Lamborn Wilson’s introduction to the re-publication of Freedom - My Dream: The Autobiography of Enrico Arrigoni continues to take shape, enriched by the recent discovery of a previously unknown manuscript by Arrigone about his life. He was awarded $250 in June 1997.

Mark Bonhert and Richard Curtis have collected promising interviews for their book project, Post-Industrial Resources: Anarchist Reconstructive Efforts & Visions in the Upper Midwest, and continue to pursue additional interviews. They were awarded $250 in June 1997.

Frank Adams continues historical research for his piece, The Educational Ideas and Management Practices of 19th and 20th Century Anarchists in Labor-Owned Cooperatives. He was awarded $500 in June 1997.