Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 3 - No. 1
Spring, 1999

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El Lokal

El Lokal is a self-managed, anti-authoritarian cultural center and meeting space located in Barcelona’s old quarter.

Founded 10 years ago, El Lokal runs a library holding more than a thousand books on anarchism, anti-militarism, sociology, ecology, feminism, libertarian pedagogy, and anti-psychiatry. It is also a resource for publications, documents, and reports from current campaigns against multinationals like Mc-Donald's, the movement against Maastricht, and other activities taking place in Catalonia. The library is open and available to the public.

El Lokal also organizes talks and debates and offers their space to radical groups in need of a meeting-place. The following collectives can be found there: Collective Against the Death Penalty and for Mumia Abu-Jamal's Freedom; the Zapatista Soli-darity Collective; and the Assembly of Barcelona's Youth who Refuse Obligatory Military Service (Insumisos).

El Lokal also sells anti-authoritarian books (emphasizing independent publishers) and produces La Lletra @, a quarterly anarchist periodical, with the Libertarian Athenaeum of Reus.

For information, please contact El Lokal at Calle de la Cera, 1 bis, ground floor, 08001 Barcelona, Spain Ph: 34-93-329 06 43, Web:

~ by Eva García