Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 3 - No. 2
Fall, 1999

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Centro de Documentacion e Investigacion 
de la Cultura de Izquierdas

Horacio Tarcus, director of the CeDinCi

The Centro de Documentacion e Investigacion de la Cultura de Izquierdas en la Argentina (CeDinCi) is a radical archive located in Buenos Aires containing a broad selection of material from the Argentine Left. It was founded in 1996 when an old militant died and left all the magazines, newspapers, bulletins, books, correspondence, and documentation that he had gathered since the 30s to Horacio Tarkus, the present director of the archive.

The CeDinCi was established as a space of reference for the reconstruction of the Argentinean Left and as an archive for use by radical researchers whose work focuses on new perspectives of the Argentinean left after the military dictatorship.

A self-managed organization relying completely on volunteer labor, the CeDinCi has consolidated a large amount of information for public use, free of charge, and they are currently working on a comprehensive catalog. CeDinCi also publishes a political and cultural magazine, El Rodaballo, twice a year. In addition, they have started a publishing project, El Cielo par Asalto, which has already produced thirty titles.

They also offer seminars, lectures and workshops where radical intellectuals can gather to discuss issues. Funding for any radical project is always limited, and perhaps more so for Argentina, and CeDinCi welcomes any fundraising advice.

For information, please contact CeDinCi at: Calle Sarmiento 3433 (CP1196) Buenos Aires, Argentina or e-mail:

~ Eva García