Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

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Vol. 3 - No. 2
Fall, 1999

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El Zaguan Libertario

El Zaguan Libertario is a libertarian socialist and Magonist-Anarchist meeting space in Mexico City. Four different collectives, Acriminia, CACTO, CREAR and the Jean Vigo Film Archive meet at El Zaguan Libertario to pursue individual and joint projects. 

The collectives collaborate to publish a newspaper, Autonomia, and they have already released five issues so far. Autonomia is a forum for debate on radical ideas and the diffusion of information about activities, actions, and updates on campaigns.

A publishing project has also been started with one title on Magonism published so far. In addition, El Zaguan Libertario has dedicated its space to participatory lectures and workshops on a critical, non-academic basis.

The Contemporary Library of Critical and Radical Alternatives also located in the meeting space offers extensive material for the study, investigation, and praxis of contemporary issues.

The Jean Vigo film archive was created for the renewal and revitalization of a radical and social cinematographic culture. Films are regularly shown at El Zaguan Libertario and are also lent out to other groups.

For information on the collective and its projects contact:
El Zaguan Libertario
Calle Zapatecos num.7,
Planta Baja Col. Obrera,
068000 Mexico DF.

For subscription information about Autonomia send an e-mail to

~ Eva García