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How to Apply for a Grant

If you are interested in applying for a grant, you can now get an IAS grant application from this site. You should print this out and mail it to the IAS by or before one of the grant application deadlines. Please click here to get the application. You may also acquire a grant application by writing to the IAS's postal box (if you write for an application, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Note: if you live outside of America, please enclose $1 in international postal coupons).

Who is the IAS

IAS Board of Directors:
Ashanti Alston
Dan Chodorkoff
Alexis Bhagat
Rebecca DeWitt
Paula Emery
Paul Glavin
Brooke Lehman
Cindy Milstein
Chuck Morse
Darini Nicholas
John Petrovato

General Director:
Michael Caplan

The IAS is a nonprofit,
tax-exempt organization.


IAS Allies:
The Institute for Anarchist Studies depends on the contributions and support of comrades around the world. In addition to IAS staff and donors, there are individuals who may have never donated to the IAS or worked in any formal capacity with the organization, but whose assistance has been indispensable: they have helped us translate documents, conduct legal research, fold and copy-edit publications, and carry out countless other tasks. We are indebted to them. 

Some of these individuals are: Diva Agostinelli, Rhonda Alphonso, Lexis Bhagat, Laia Canals, Michael Chapman, Dominque DeWitt, Eirik Eiglad, Eva García, Will Firth, Brian Wells Hay, Qaayum Johnson, Guido Lagomarsino, Sveinung Legard, Johny Lenaerts, Olivia Vega-Leyva, Fernando López Trujillo, Akinori Mitachi, Rahmi Ogdul, Margareth Rago, Chris Robinson, John Schumacher (RIP), and Greta Schwerner. 


To Contact the IAS

Institute for Anarchist Studies
73 Canterbury
D.D.O., Qc

H9B 2G5
  -  Canada

Phone: 514-421-0470
E-mail: info@anarchist-studies.org