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The Anarchist Vision
Anarchism emerged out of the socialist movement as a distinct politics in the nineteenth century. It asserted that it is necessary and possible to overthrow coercive and exploitative social relationships, and replace them with egalitarian, self-managed, and cooperative social forms. Anarchism thus gave new depth to the long struggle for freedom.

The primary concern of the classical anarchists was opposition to the state and capitalism. This was complemented by a politics of voluntarily association, mutual aid, and decentralization. Since the turn of the twentieth century and especially the 1960s, the anarchist critique has widened into a more generalized condemnation of domination and hierarchy. This has made it possible to understand and challenge a variety of social relationships—such as patriarchy, racism, and the devastation of nature, to mention a few—while confronting political and economic hierarchies. Given this, the ideal of a free society expanded to include sexual liberation, cultural diversity, and ecological harmony, as well as directly democratic institutions.

Anarchism’s great refusal of all forms of domination renders it historically flexible, politically comprehensive, and consistently critical—as evidenced by its resurgence in today’s global anticapitalist movement. Still, anarchism has yet to acquire the rigor and complexity needed to comprehend and transform the present.

The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS), a nonprofit foundation established in 1996 to support the development of anarchism, is primarily a grant-giving organization for radical writers. To date, we have funded over twenty-five projects by authors from countries around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ireland, Nigeria, Germany, South Africa, and the United States. We also publish a biannual newsletter, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, to cultivate community among those interested in the development of anarchism and keep supporters apprised of our accomplishments. The IAS is part of a larger movement to radically transform society as well. We are internally democratic and work in solidarity with people around the globe who share our values.

Grant Process
The IAS funds written work of any sort—including books, essays, novels, plays, video or film scripts, and translations—that contribute to a critical understanding of domination and/or attempt to draw out reconstructive notions of a free society. We award a total of $8,000 annually or an average of $4,000 at each of our biannual grant-giving sessions. Our grants help writers take time off from work, hire child care, purchase research materials, pay travel expenses, or cover other costs associated with writing high-quality, thoughtful pieces. Please note that the IAS does not award grants for production or printing costs, organizations, or demonstrations.

Grant applications are due by either January 15 or June 15 of each year. Applicants are notified of award decisions within four to six weeks of these deadlines. All application materials must be in English, although the project itself may be in any language. To obtain an application, send an SASE to the IAS or visit our website.

Funding Priorities
The IAS encourages theoretical work that develops an antiauthoritarian critique of dominant social structures, and the exclusion and marginalization they yield. We also support scholarship that nurtures the ideal of a democratic, cooperative, and ecological society, and aids in the creation of a politics to realize that vision. The IAS funds historical works insofar as they help challenge the historical consciousness prevailing in our society and renew the exploration of suppressed possibilities of social development.

We consider writers who embrace the broad antiauthoritarian and utopian views characteristic of the anarchist tradition (whether or not they describe themselves as anarchists), and whose work connects to the larger project of social transformation and the creation of a public intellectual culture. Clear financial need on the part of applicants is a key consideration. We especially encourage women, people of color, grassroots activists, and others often excluded from scholarly life to apply.

Make a Donation
The IAS is funded by generous donations from individuals and groups of varying economic means. Please consider making a tax-deductible (for U.S. citizens) contribution: your donation will help the IAS sustain and expand its work. Donors receive our newsletter, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (annual subscriptions are $5 domestically/$10 internationally). Donors giving $25 or more can pick from a selection of great books, donated by Raven Used Books in Amherst, Mass.

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