This page is prepared in memorial of Boncuk. A little greenfinch. He was the most brilliant and the most beautiful bird in the world. It is so sad to say "was" when talking about him. He died suddenly a night not so long ago and he left a great emptiness. Birds are so brilliant and sensitive, everyone who gets close to birds can understand it.

Below is a page prepared for Boncuk when he was alive:


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Boncuk is a Greenfinch, a Carduelis Chloris. In scientific definition 13-14 cm long, 25-27 cm wingspan; feathers olive-green with rump green-yellow and wings and tail more yellow. They feed on the ground, pick grains or devour buds on trees and shrubs. It is known that they love sunflower seed and hempseed very much. You can look at the pictures on the left to see how he looks like.

After living in a small cage for 13 years he is now free. He has a room.

When he is in a good mood he plays games, bites lips when someone whom he loves get too close to him. Maybe he thinks people should be afraid of him. If he is not in a good mood he just turns his back and looks at a certain point at the wall. At those times it is impossible to play with him. If someone gets close to him he just flies away to another place.

He is very old but still very energetic. Also he is very smart (smarter than most of the people). When he wants to sleep he goes in his cage. His eyes tell that "Turn of the lights, I'm gonna sleep". He is the owner of the room. The lights get turned off and he gets sleeping soon.

By the way, he is so jealous. Noone can take care of another bird near him. The penalty is high, Boncuk turns his back at you for more than one week.

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