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Archived locally:

rlib-cat.gif - French Radio Libertaire cat.
flagworld.gif - Anarchist flag on top of globe
iafd.gif - I-AFD symbol
klara.gif - Spanish radio station KLARA 104.4 FM
radlib.gif - Spanish "Radio Libertaria" 101.8 FM
sprayp.gif - someone spraypainting a circle-A
enemies.gif - "These Are Your Enemies", anti-fascist image.

Archived at

bakunin.gif - 288x400, 72 DPI - Mikhael Bakunin
berkman.gif - 1.5MB, 1064x1518, 300 DPI - Alexander Berkman
berneri.gif - 920K, 1014x1096, 300 DPI - Marie Louise Berneri
chomsky2.gif - 312x400, 72 DPI - Noam Chomsky
decleyre.gif - Voltairine DeCleyre, 880K, 952x1274, 300 DPI
durruti.gif - Buenaventura Durruti, 300dpi
durruti2.gif - Buenaventura Durruti, 385K, 338x1064, 300 DPI
durruti3.gif - Buenaventura Durruti, 1.4MB, 1136x1364, 240 DPI
godwin.gif - William Godwin, 230K, 972x1135, 300 DPI
goldman.gif - Emma Goldman, 328x400, 72 DPI
goodman.gif - Paul Goodman, 630x783, 300 DPI
kropotkin.gif - Peter Kropotkin, 830x1217, 150 DPI
kropotkin2.gif - Peter Kropotkin, 320x400, 72 DPI
kropotkin3.gif - Peter Kropotkin
magon.gif - Ricardo Flores Maghon, 752x1227, 200 DPI
makhno.gif - Nestor Makhno, 024x1436, 200 DPI
malatesta.gif - Errico Malatesta, 872x1170, 240 DPI
michel.gif - Louise Michel, 852x1180, 150 DPI
parsonsl.gif - Lucy Parsons, 888x1152, 200 DPI
proudhon.gif - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, 792x1487, 300 DPI
richards.gif - Vernon Richards, 1046x1242
sacvan.gif - Sacco and Vanzetti, 1068x1008, 300 DPI
thoreau.gif - Henry David Thoreau, 617x784, 200 DPI
wolfe.gif - Lilian Wolfe and Marie Berneri selling "Freedom" (Called "War Commentary" during WWII)
condors.gif - 300 DPI - Spanish Civil War era photomontage - "Madrid 1936" (Madrid menaced by fascists)
grenade-throwers.gif - 150 DPI - Grenade-throwers of the Durruti column
marcos.gif - Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, 240dpi
marcos2.gif - Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, 200dpi
montseny.gif - Federica Montseny of Spain, 300dpi
womens-militia.gif - A Spanish woman's militia unit, 150dpi
zapata2.gif - Emiliano Zapata, 300dpi
guerin.gif - 607K, 1726x1588, 300 DPI, (scanned image was split) - Daniel Guerin
anarchy-bee.gif - FAUD's Anarchy bumblebee
cap-race-cartoon.gif - Cartoon from SLP
fakers-cartoon.gif - Cartoon from SLP
maximoff.gif - Gregory P. Maximoff
rocker.gif - Rudolf Rocker
slp-logos1.gif - old Socialist Labor Party logos
slp-logos2.gif - old Socialist Labor Party logos
slp-logos3.gif - old Socialist Labor Party logos - Includes Industrial Workers of the World label
sobrera.gif - Cover of Spanish "Solidaridad Obrera"
tucker-150dpi.gif - Benjamin R. Tucker
faure.gif - Sebastien Faure
ferrer.gif - Francisco Ferrer
goldman2.gif - Emma Goldman
sorel.jpg - Georges Sorel
sorel2.jpg - Georges Sorel
woodcock-tomsmith.jpg - George Woodcock drawn by Tom Smith

Images from Other Locations

michael.gif - Mikhael Bakunun, from the Anarchy page of driese AT Dries van den Elzen.
chomsky.jpg - Noam Chomsky, from the Spunk Press archive.
Chomsky.gif - Noam Chomsky, from the Radio Free Maine - Noam Chomsky tape page.
chomsky.gif - Noam Chomsky, from the Noam Chomsky (MIT) Page.
chomhead.jpg - Noam Chomsky, from the Noam Chomsky GeekGirl electronic 'zine Interview.
zapata-1914.gif - Emiliano Zapata, from the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) web page.

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