The Anarchist Writings of Daniel Guerin

The Anarchist Writings of Daniel Guerin

"Be realistic, do the impossible"

Libertarian Marxism?
2 essays focusing on a synthesis of anarchism and Marxism.
(xerox pamphlet) most likely printed around 1970
Anarchism; from Theory to Practice
Introduction by Noam Chomsky, translation (from French) by Mary Klopper.
Perhaps the best introductory book on anarchism, with a strong Marxist flavour. Excellent both on the intellectual substance of anarchism, and its actual practice, fromt he Italian Factory Councils to workers' self management in Algeria.

Chapter 1, section 1 is titled "A Matter of Words" and speaks of where the term "anarchism" came from.

Also available online from "Anarchism": Anarchists, Bolsheviks, and Serge

Publisher: Monthly Review Press, NY, 1970
$9 from AK Distribution

Fascism and Big Business
The classic study of the development of fascism in Germany and Italy, and its relationship with the ruling capitalist families there.
Translation: Frances & Mason Merrill

Publisher: Nomad Press for the Anchor Foundation, dist. by Pathfinder
$19.95 from AK Distribution

Neither God, Nor Master
A monumental four volume anthology of anarchist writings.
To be published by AK Press

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