International of Anarchist Federations / l'Internationale des Federations Anarchistes (IFA)

The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF or IFA) was founded during an international anarchist conference in Carrara in 1968 by the three existing european federations of France, Italy and Spain as well as the Bulgarian federation in french exile.

To counter the internationalisation of state and capital powers that are developing their influences ever rapidly on a global scale the IFA has aimed since to build and improve strong and agile international anarchist structures. The federations associated to IFA belive that such an organisation is necessary to co-ordinate their international work and co-operate on their mutual aims efficiently. To further improve the quality of exchange and co-operation IFA also keeps close contact to other anarchist organisations, such as the IWA (International Workers Association, an international association of anarcho-syndicalist organisations). The principles of work within IFA are that of federalism, free arrangement and mutual aid.

To improve the co-ordination and communication within IFA as well as open contact adress for the public and other anarchist groups and organisations, an International Secretariat (C.R.I.F.A. - Commission of Relations of the International of Anarchist Federations) was set up, which irregularly rotates among the IFA federations. It is currently based with Italian FAI, the current CRIFA address please see under IFA Contacts, as well as the International Secretaries of the other affiliated federations. FAI publishes an anarchist newspaper called "Umanita Nova". Most other federations also produce regular publications such as the "Le Monde Libertaire" in France and "Tierra y Libertad" in Spain.

Thanks to the German "Initiative fur eine Anarchistische Foederation in Deutschland (I-AFD)" (Now known as "FdA - Federation of German Speaking Anarchists" (Foederation Deutschsprachiger AnarchistInnen)) (E-mail: for help setting up this web page!

WARNING: Do not trust any e-mails you might get from the address "" promoting web sites at "" or "" claiming to represent the IFA. The person behind such messages and web sites is a single individual with no connection to any anarchist movement and is simply claiming to represent an international organization of thousands whom he does not even have contact with. See the article about "ANORG" below.

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