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Liberty for the People

Texts concerning the goal of liberty and freedom for the working class individual.
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The following consist of electronic texts relevent to libertarian socialist / anarchist theory, philosophy, organising, & history. Unlike many simmilar pages, this page is not simply a collection of links to other sites. Highlighted links denote local material. Because this page may someday move, please copy articles over to your own web space for your own use rather than linking directly to them at this site. Feel free to link to this home page, however.


These are specific definitions of working-class oriented libertarian theories and goals:

General Issues

These texts address issues relevent to the modern anarchist/libertarian socialist movement.


Recently right-wing, pro-free market capitalists (who call themselves "anarcho"-capitalists) have started to attack anarchism and in particular the Spanish anarchists and their role in the Spanish Revolution/Civil War. Here we present some replies to their attacks.

More Controversy

(Left) Libertarian Organisational Platforms and Principles

Libertarian Socialist organizations have been around for more than a hundred years and here are just some of the various organizations' statements of principles.

Libertarian Societies and Experiances in the Real World

Questioning & Resisting Authority

Web Pages of a Libertarian/Anti-Authoritarian Nature

Note: While many of these web sites listed below focus on real anarchism, there are some that contain a few texts advocating "drug culture", lifestylism, and even some absurdities such as the Unabomber Manifesto & the "anti-work" ideology of certain "slacker" types. Since this web site is not representative of a specific organisation, it should be made clear that such controvertial articles represent the ideas (or misconceptions) of a few isolated individuals, and not the anarchist movement as a whole.

Specifically Libertarian Socialist Web Pages

Libertarian Organisations Around the World

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