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Lucy Parsons was a respected writer and powerful orator known throughout the United States and around the world. Much of Lucy's writings appeared in the Alarm, a revolutionary syndicalist newspaper edited by her husband, Albert, and founded by the International Working People's Association, of which Lucy was a member. She also briefly published and wrote for Freedom, in which she scorned racism and lynchings, and the Liberator, in which she emphasized famous women. In 1889 she published The Life of Albert Parsons, dedicated to exposing the state's crime of executing her husband and their comrades for their beliefs in anarchism. Although she frequently wrote for various publications, Lucy Parsons was most widely known for her inspiring and moving speeches, which provoked the police to repeatedly arrest her and silence her revolutionary voice.

Unlike many of her activist associates and allies, Lucy spent very little time writing or talking about herself and her personal life. Parsons believed it was the causes she championed, the movements she supported and the struggles against injustice that were of paramount importance, and saw little purpose in publicizing her own life. As a result we are left with few autobiographical resources concerning the life of Lucy Parsons.

Unfortunately the vast array of writings, speeches and other accounts of Lucy Parsons' commitment to the movements she was a part of are also far and few between. Much of her writings for the Alarm, her personal journals, letters and other history burned with Lucy when her house caught fire and ended her life in 1942. The remaining letters, writings and other documents of Lucy Parsons were promptly confiscated and eliminated by the authorities, who considered her words too dangerous and likely to inspire future generations, and so they were destroyed. As a result we are left with very few writings and transcribed lectures by Lucy Parsons.


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