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The New Formulation is a biannual journal that contains comparative book reviews examining the value of recent publications to the development of a contemporary anarchist theory and politics.



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June 26, 2003:

El Estado a Marcha Forzada: Los Estados Unidos después del 11 de setiembre
Reseña escrita por Paul Glavin (from February 2003 issue).


May 31, 2003:


February 2003 issue in PDF format.
May 30, 2003:

An Anarchist Terrior by Rebecca DeWitt (from February 2003 issue).


May 26, 2003:


The Writer as Freedom Fighter, The Freedom Fighter as Writer by Ramor Ryan (from February 2003 issue).
May 23, 2003:

Anarchism and the Argentine Labor Movement: Two New Studies by Fernando López (from February 2003 issue).


May 21, 2003:

Towards an Anti-Authoritarian Critique of Marriage by Priscilla Yamin (from February 2003 issue).


April 30, 2003:

Latin American Anarchism by Chuck Morse (from February 2003 issue).


April 29, 2003:

(Interview) Resistencia Libertaria: Anarchist Opposition to the Last Argentine Dictatorship by Chuck Morse (from February 2003 issue).


April 27, 2003:


Towards a Vibrant & Broad African-Based Anarchism by Ashanti Alston (from February 2003 issue).

April 22, 2003:


Chasing the Tornado by Uri Gordon (from February 2003 issue).
March 13, 2003:

The State in Hyper-Drive: the Post-September 11th U.S. by Paul Glavin (from February 2003 issue).


March 7, 2003:

German introduction to the New Formulation


February 15, 2003: Turkish introduction to the New Formulation (NF Hakkinda)
Table of Contents of February 2003 New Formulation