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Volume Two, Number One --- February 2003

Volume Two, Number One --- February 2003

  • Towards an Anti-Authoritarian Critique of Marriage by Priscilla Yamin
    Review of Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation by Nancy Cott, The Wedding Complex: Forms of Belonging in Modern American Culture by Elizabeth Freeman, and Unmarried to Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller
  • An Anarchist Terroir by Rebecca DeWitt
    Review of Food Nations: Selling Taste in Consumer Societies by Warren Belasco and Philip Scranton (editors) and Slow Food: Collected Thoughts on Taste, Tradition and the Honest Pleasures of Food by Carlo Petrini with Ben Watson and Slow Food Editore (editors)
  • Towards a Vibrant & Broad African-Based Anarchism by Ashanti Alston
    Review of Post-Colonial African Theory and Practice: Wole Soyinka’s Anarchism by Joseph Walunywa and African Anarchism: The History of a Movement by Sam Mbah and I.E. Igariwey
  • Latin American Anarchism by Chuck Morse
    Review of Cronica Anarquista de la Subversion Olvidada by Oscar Ortiz and Contribución a una Historia del Anarquismo en América Latina by Luis Vitale, Anarquismo y Anarcosindicalismo en América Latina by Alfredo Gómez, and Anarquistas en América Latina by David Viñas

(Copy editors for this issue: Matt Hoffmann, Erin Royster, Matt Stoner, Shanti Salas, with help from Paul Glavin and Nur Yavuz)

  • Volume One, Number Two --- June 2002
  • Globalization and its Discontents by Randall Amster
    Review of The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations by Janet Thomas and Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy by Jeff Ferrell
  • Theory of the Anti-Globalization Movement, Part II by Chuck Morse
    Review of On Fire: The Battle of Genoa and the Anti-capitalist Movement by Various Authors and The Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization by Eddie Yuen, George Katsiaficas, and Daniel Burton Rose (editors)
  • Water/Power by Lex Bhagat
    Review of Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit by Vandana Shiva, Reflected in Water: A Crisis in Social Responsibility by Colin Ward, and Ripples of the Society: People's Movements in Watershed Development in India by Prem Sharma
  • Agriculture and Resistance by Erin Royster
    Review of Sustainable Agriculture and Resistance: Transforming Food Production in Cuba by Fernando Funes, Luis Garcia, Martin Bourque, Nilda Perez, and Peter Rosset (editors) and Urban Wilds: Gardeners’ Stories of the Struggle for Land and Justice by Clea (editor)
  • Insurgent Mexico by Chuck Morse
    Review of Mexico under Siege: Popular Resistance to Presidential Despotism by Ross Gandy and Donald Hodges and Homage to Chiapas: The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico by Bill Weinberg
    En español: México Insurgente (traducción por Libertus Radix)

(Copy editors for this issue: Randall Amster, Lex Bhagat, Cindy Milstein, Caroline Sharkey)

Volume One, Issue One --- November 2001

  • The Police/Prison Edifice by Lex Bhagat
    Review of Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis by Christian Parenti and The Perpetual Prisoner Machine by Joel Dyer
  • Two Prison Anthologies by Rebecca DeWitt
    Review of A Field of Broken Stones by Lowell Naeve (with David Wieck) and Doing Time: 25 Years of Prison Writing by Bell Gale Chevigny (editor)
  • Theory of the Anti-Globalization Movement by Chuck Morse
    Review of Naming the Enemy: Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization by Amory Starr and Globalization from Below: The Power of Solidarity by Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello, and Brendan Smith
  • The Panther Insurgency by Paul Glavin
    Review of Liberation, Imagination, and the Black Panther Party: A New Look at the Panthers and their Legacy by Kathleen Cleaver and George Katsiaficas (editors) and All Power to the People: The Black Panther Party and Beyond directed by Lee Lew-Lee

(Copy editors for this issue: Paul Glavin, Erin Royster, Greta Schwerner)

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