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EU summit protests in Seville - June 2002 - Reports on the Seville protests

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International Solidarity In The Light of Global Resistance
Chiapas has been a good training ground for anti-globalization activists, and an inspiration for organizing and strategic thinking. Ramor Ryan argues that it is time to renovate existing models of solidarity.


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Fighting Global Capitalism

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  • Who are the IMF, G8, World Bank, WTO etc
  • The anarchist economic alternative to globalisation
  • Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism
  • The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement
  • Reviews of No LOGO and Globalise This!
  • Anarchism & the Anti-Globalization Movement

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After the massive protests at the EU Heads of Government meeting in Barcelona March 15th 2002) involving between 250,000 (Police estimate) and up to 600,000 people(indymedia estimate) (here's an account from a Mexican paper about how activists in Barcelona would not play the authorities at their own game.

Details of other forthcoming protests including Oslo can be found here

Some info about the protests at the WEF in New York in February can be found on the recent page


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Indymedia - read the accounts of protesters and see their pictures and video as the events happen

Other Irish pages on the issue


Chiapas revelaed


Chiapas Revealed,
Issue 1
The Zapatistas and globalisation


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