General Morelos and General Vicente Guerrero

April 9, 1999.

To the National and International Press:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The communiques are off. One on the recovery of the Seat of the Peace Dialogue, another calling for its defense and another concerning the 80th anniversery of the death of my general. Didn't I tell you, if these zapatudos haven't even realized that they are now weak and demoralized. Why don't they tell Croquetas Albores to take his walk in the San Andres municipal seat? Perhaps the more than 3000 zapatista tzotzil indigenous that are there want to "desert" and join the ranks of those who "are returning to institutional life and to the state of law?", no? I hope so and it's chicle. The photos would turn out well. But, if not, they may not be turning in weapons or ski-masks, but they'll certainly be leaving him a bone. Right! Even if it's not in a helicopter...

What are we going to do if they dislocate us? Then we will "re-locate" ourselves.

Vale. Salud and, in case anyone is in doubt, Zapata Lives!

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante insurgente Marcos Mexico.
April of 1999.

PD. Zapatista.

"No yolo pahpaqui ihuan itech nin mahuiztica, intoca netehuiloanime tlatzintlaneca, ihuan nan mech titlanilia ze palipaquiliztica-tlahpaloli ihuan ica nochi no yolo ni quin yolehua nonques altepeme, aquihque cate qui chiihuazque netehuiiliztle ipampa melahqui tlanahuatli"

("My heart is made happy and through that, with dignity, in the name of those who are fighting under us, and to you I send a salute with joy, and with all my heart I invite those peoples, those who will make the struggle for honest leadership.").
Emiliano Zapata, Manifesto in the Nahuatl Language.

P.S. THAT DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE UP SLOGANS. - "No, no and no! No to the privatization of the

What? It doesn't rhyme? But it can be understood

electrical energy! Yes, yes and yes! Viva the SME! What? It doesn't rhyme? But it can be understood? No?

P.S. SKEPTICAL. - Could it be that they realized that Mario Villanueva was a criminal just a few minutes after he stopped being governor? Go on, then no one will believe them about anything...

P.S. THAT REITERATES HIS LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. - With that stuff about daylight time and setting the clocks ahead an hour: does the day have 23 or 25 hours now?

P.S. THAT RECOUNTS A HISTORY FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE STATES OF MORELOS AND GUERRERO THAT THEY WROTE FOR US; THE ZAPATISTA CHILDREN. - They say that history tells that once there was an insurgent General (during the time of the war of independence) and a man appeared to him and told him he wanted to fight for the independence of Mexico. The General told him that was good and he gave him a paper naming him general, alone. The man asked: "And the troops?" The General showed him the people that could be seen from the top of the mountain and he told him: "There they are, you only have to recruit them." The man then asked: "And the weapons?" The General looked at him and responded: "The enemy has those." The man went and recruited a group of indigenous, and, armed with sticks and stones, they ran into some real troops at nightfall. And that is how that man obtained their first weapons. They say that they tell that the General's name was Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon and that the man was called Vicente Guerrero. They tell that they say that this Guerrero wrote "Live for the Patria or Die for Liberty," and that he wrote: "Understand that nothing would be more degrading than to confess to being a criminal, and to accept the pardon that the government is offering, whom I must be opposed to until the last breath of my life ~" (Letter to Iturbide, January 20, 1821), in addition to the fact that, with him, Mexico's independence was taken away, the same betrayals as those today who are trying to privatize the electricity industry. The state of Morelos is called Morelos because of General Morelos, and the state of Guerrero is called Guerrero because of General Vicente Guerrero. And because of Morelos and Guerrero (and because of many others like them), you and we are Mexican children.

Vale once more. Salud and Land and Liberty!

The Sup, humming that one that goes, "Vuela, vuela, palomita..."

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