Current Projects

he Vicente Ruiz Foundation is a new anarchist publishing project based in Melbourne, Australia, formed at the end of 2001 by local Melbourne anarchists. The purpose and goals of the Vicente Ruiz Foundation are twofold:

1) To produce literature, merchandise and other materials encouraging the development of independent thought and critical analysis of the world we live in, and to foster an abiliy and desire to organise spotaneously, autonomously and collectively in a grassroots, actively anti-heirarchal manner. Otherwise to promote anarchist concepts such as collective responsibility and decision-making and libertarian, autonomous forms of working class organisation.

2) Through the prouduction and sale of such materials, to support in a financial manner local organising efforts, issues and causes as required, to the fullest extent possible.

The Vicente Ruiz Foundation is named in memory of Vicente Ruiz, Snr., a lifelong devotee of freedom and equality and a remarkable individual who contributed in ways that were perhaps not grand or spectacular but nevertheless undeniably pivotal to the development of the anarchist movement in Australia.

This website is hosted by the P.J. Proudhon Memorial Computer.

Email us at vrfoundation@hotmail.com

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